Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Spring Forward Fall Back

 They tell me now that this is the last time that the clocks will change for sure, but I think that once upon a time they tried this before and children were killed walking to school in the dark.

When this time comes around I think of something which happened many years ago.

I pulled up at the Hilton on Earlsfort Terrace one Sunday morning and started to read the paper.

After a few minutes the concierge started to blow his whistle like a madman. I drove forward and he threw their suitcase into the boot and slammed it shut, an English couple jumped in and the woman shouted "Airport". Really loud with no please or thank you.

As I was 10 minutes into the journey the woman shouted "Why are we going round the houses? I didn't ask for a sight seeing tour" I assured her that this was the correct route and continued.

They were arguing like 2 dogs growling at each other.

Plan B is to turn the car off the main drag and kick them out, but I didn't

At the airport drop off point I had their change in my hand ready.

"I hope that you have given yourself enough time?" I said

"What ya taking about you stupid cunt" he replied.

The clocks ! They went forward an hour last night.

You could see his face change as I smiled that Karma had struck a blow for free speech.

With fancy phones everyone is on the ball, though it takes a while to adjust.

A quick tip for the wise. You buy a new washing machine 3 years warranty.

Great then after 2 years it breaks down and you go for the receipt.

 Wow it is just a blank piece of paper. 

If you still have the credit card receipt ?  Great 

If not you would wish that you had photo copied the receipt when it was fresh which is what I do.

Friday, March 25, 2022

BOLT is the future

 St.Patricks day came and went with an absolute bang.

We had visitors here from all over the world.

I was visiting my little granddaughter in Northern Ireland so I missed most of the action.

The day after I was back in action and it was like old times, one job after the next.

I got a run out to the airport and as I was clearing the meter a Canadian couple came over.

Their story was awful. They were flying out and checked on the internet to see what papers they might need and found nothing.So they had a covid test and the negative result was sent to them by text !

Ok so they had the all clear?. No said the guy at the check in, we don't accept texts. So they sent them down to a far off spot to be tested. While they were waiting for the result they went back to departures only to be told that they were too late.So I took them to a hotel close by to fly out the next day. (At vastly inflated prices) I went to England a few weeks and I had my Covid cert at the ready and was not asked for it once.

Today I was working the Bolt app and its hopping, very busy. One job on top of the job you're doing at present.Apps have killed the radio cabs now for sure. One fault that I find is that you don't know your pick up point and your destination, you are shown on Google maps. That is Ok but I got a job to the Hermitage clinic out beside the Liffey Valley shopping center and the Google took me off to the left just before it. Which brought me to Blanchardstown and back. Being professional I stopped the meter and absorbed 2 tolls to get him there.

I did ask him where he was going during the trip but he told me that he was going to (the name of the clinic).

Still life is an experience then you die.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

March 17

Just a short one to wish you all near  and far away 
A happy St. Patricks day

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Feed the dove and starve the wolf

 With this war going on it is very hard to see the good side of anything.

There is an American Indian saying "Inside every person there is a wolf and a dove.You must starve the wolf and feed the dove"

The body of a wonderful looking woman Bernadette Connolly was found washed up on the beach at Blackpool recently. Her poor daughter was making pleas on Facebook and social media, it is heartbreaking.

Suicide is so hard on the people who loved them. One day a guy that I knew  asked me to come and have lunch with him.Three other people were present but he only asked me. I had popped into the wholesalers for supplys and the crew were waiting on me for the gear. I congratulated him on his big promotion to European head of operations and went on my way. 4 days later I was in the wholesalers again and the boss asked me why I had not been at Rorys funeral. He had gone out to Killiney and hung himself less than an hour when we had parted company. He was married to an air hostess, owned a fantastic house and no visible problems.

Years later I had a psychiatrist in the car and I asked him.

"You friend had reached the departure gate when you spoke with him. Sad to relate that even if you were trained to look for the clues it is very hard to turn them around once they have reached that point."

I went to the Samaritans once and I asked them to produce stickers for the back of taxis, just to get the message out there. At the time they did it. But with all this madness thats going on we need more

Feed the Dove and starve the Wolf