Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Romeo and Juliet

 Love and passion hit the paper on Tuesday.

Constance Marten a British aristocrat had a baby and fled from their folks in freezing weather with their new born baby Victoria. Her lover is coloured, so perhaps this is the reason why they panicked. The police found them sleeping in a tent that they bought from Argos in the freezing weather,

A couple of days later they found the babys body in a plastic bag under a pile of branches.

A situation of unbearable pain for everyone.

Today near Boston a lady sleeping in a wheelie bin was tipped into the bin lorry and crushed by the compactor.

The poor are always with us but when you see that Elon Musk wanted to pay himself over 50 billion, but it has been blocked on behalf of his shareholders.

A great bumper sticker seen on a Tesla.

I bought this car before I knew Elon Musk was mad

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The worst thing ever

Like many people we do not buy the paper, on line is so much cheaper and quicker. Today in the London Times there was a story of a father and infant son found dead in a house. 

The dad was 20 and the child was 2. 

The father had died of a heart attack and the child died from starvation and dehydration.

Social services were on the case and they went to the house on the 2nd of Jan and got no reply. They reported it to the police who gained access to the house on the 8th and found the bodies.

When I went back to check on the facts the story has been removed.

I have no faith in the police whatever. I tried to report a guy who was sexually molesting a mentally handclapped girl.

"Unless we saw him doing it there is nothing we can do."

That letter went to the Garda commissioner.

I wrote to 4 care homes in the area, none of them would reply.

Another time I had 2 guys who were looking for a guy to shoot him.

Honestly (Its in the book)

The Garda station in Tallagh told me "Don't come in here telling us fairy stories"

One last story from my past. There was a ram raid on an off licence beside the International telephone exchange on Marlborough St. One of the lads called the boys in blue. But they had skidalled before the Garda arrived. A police car waited for the owner to come.

"Thank God I have CCTV said the owner"

So long ago that they didn't know what CCTV was.

When the tape was played back the Garda car was shown to have stolen more than the robbers. 

But we all know he was just holding it for safe keeping.