Saturday, November 24, 2018

New You

 Overall it has not been a great few days, I noticed that MyTaxi took €23 out of my takings without telling me. I went into the office and dropped in my request. As I had not received a call I turned off my App. That is a mistake as well as there are no calls for work coming in any more.
Then later in the day I went out and turned on the app again and went out towards Malahide, not a bad job at all.
On the way back into town I got a job back into the city center.
When the journey was nearly over the customer said.
"I am only giving you €20 because you went the wrong way!!!!!
So they got out.
Then I settled up the Mytaxi payment and BINGO it was on credit and I had charged her another €20.
So I sent in 4 requests that they contact me and that they only credit her €15.
You know what
They gave her back the full €20 and told me to be more careful the next time !

So I am hanging up my saddle for the moment.

Drivers are nothing to the big organizations.
In really I can live without giving them 12% of every job, especally when there is a problem they won't contact me at all.

Here is something.

Look for a book called The top five regrets of the dying.
She had a blog called "Regrets I've had a few"
She worked in a hospice in Australia and spoke to the dying.
Their regrets
"Why did I not spend more time with my kids?
I was a great painter, pianist, author and I just stopped that for my for work"

If you find the blog or read the book.

There is much more to life than work.

When I was in my 20s my father accused me of taking £800 from our family business, nothing would convince him that I had not taken the money.
I went to work in England.
My mother brought in the accountant to go back through the books and  found an accounting error.
He being an Irish father never ever forgave me.

In his mind I had stolen the money, which never existed ,he was shown the error BUT.

He never went to my wedding or played with my children and in many ways we both suffered.

Forgivness is a thing that comes hard to the Irish.

So listen to the following

Tango perhaps

Tango is great !!!!!!!!1

Thursday, November 22, 2018

USA Happy thanksgiving

 While today is not a holiday here, it is quite often comes to light.
A lady going to the Gresham hotel to eat PumkinPie.
Friday is BLACK FRIDAY !!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Stress can kill

The OLD money, this was worth something

A car nut told me that this car was worth 1/2 £million

Tom Creans pub, that man had anti freeze in his veins instead of blood (look him up)

A number of years I had symptoms which have now come back.
I need to chill out.

I have pins and needles in my feet and when I walk my right leg drags on every 4th or 5th step.
The last time this happened my doctor sent me to a neurologist in Beaumont €120.
She never laid a hand on me and asked me around 30 questions.
"Why did you not just send me the questionare and I could have filled it in on line?"
(A fair Question) "Oh no I needed to see you in person" she said.

Then to the Mater private to the consulting rooms of a bigger conman.
I forget the exact time, say the appointment was for 10.30 am.
The waiting room was full when I got there and then our Hero arrived at 12.30 !

"Sorry to have kept you all waiting, I had to stabilize a patient in Blackrock Clinic and the
wind was against me as I was coming back on my bicycle."
So he had kept me waiting for 2 hours and the others for much longer.
So when it was my turn to go in I let him have it. 
What about getting a taxi back to here? 
Why did you not put your bicycle on the Dart?
Do you think so little of us all that you couldn't phone us and let us know you were running late?
He did not like this one little bit and he told me so, he was going to decline the examination, but went ahead anyhow.
35 Questions and a simple shock testing thing he reached his conclusion.
"At least you don't have multible sclorosis."
"Is that it?"
He told me there would have to be more investigations and to pay the girl on the way out. 
I told her to post me the bill as I thought that the visit was covered by my health insurance.
The bill came, and another reminder.

The week or so after this I had a very clever man in the car.
"Did any of thes experts ask you what you worked at?
Taxi driving is way up there in stress levels with an  airline pilot, more like a fighter pilot.
30 to 70 discisions a minute, to go this way or that way. It is constant and when each job ends the chase for the next job begins.
Stress can kill you John.
How many days a week do you take off?"
"I work every day, not all day, but I work between 5 and 8 hours every day" 
"When did you take a day off ? and what did you do?" he said.
"I took a day off around 6 weeks ago and I painted the sitting room"

"Take 3 weeks off, no driving at all, no painting, take a few walks with the dog, watch a few movies, 
meet a few pals for coffee, that kind of thing."
After 5 days it all cleared up.

The doctor in the Mater sent me a final demand for payment with a threat to take me to court.

I said that his competence was being called into question. 
The account was in dispute so it could not be sent to a debt collection agency and that he had wasted 3 hours of my life, time I could never get back.
Therefore I was not paying him and I looked forward to seeing him in court, if he could make it there on time.
End of story

A multi Billionare also told me that stress can kill you as quick as a bullit.

But he talked me through a few things.
Make a list of things to do.
Do 2 or 3 things every week...the hardest things first. 
Cut the people from your life who demand and contribute nothing. 

Good Night I am off to bed 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

World war 1. 100 years on

A statue to the first world soldier, from the second photo you can see that it is made from scrap metal

A first world war recrutment poster. A display in the national gallery.

Today on Sunday we celebrate the end of World war one.
On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day on the eleventh month 1918 the guns fell silent.
All the dead were gathered up and buried. The injured and shell shocked were shipped home.

What was it all for?

While the Irish who answered the call were away fighting in France a revolution took place here in Irieland we revolted against the British, the returning soldiers were not treated as heros they were treated as traitors because they fought for the British.
The whole epasode caused a great rift in Ireland and it was the biggest waste of young lives of all time in history
When you visit Normandy there are war graves which go on for miles, very emotional.

I normally only play this at Christmas I will play it now and I will give it a rest this year.

So there you have three of the best anti war songs about the first world war

Peace brother 

Monday, November 05, 2018

So Virginia got the ring

Time for Coffey in Cafe Java in Sandymount

Virginia from Brazil bought a Barn Brack and at Halloween there is a ring in it, she got the ring (She will marry soon for sure ) and went mental thinking that the baker had dropped the ring into the bread by accident.
She took some convincing for her to calm down.
4 Americans were amazed how we celebrate the festival.
"But this is a Celtic tradition not an American one"

Halloween went off with a bang.
Fireworks are illegal here so they buy them in Northern Ireland or from the dealers on Moore St.
It was like the 4th of July in Boston, with all the bangs and flashes.
My poor old dog used to go mad with the noise and the local vet used to sedate some of the more nervous dogs.

There is someone who has a shop in Liffey Valley and she asked me if I could find her someone to help her to work there.
I asked a really decent taxi driver if he knew anyone and his answer floored me.
"I have 3 sons and they are all useless, all drug addicts. The eldest lad is just out of prison again and he broke the terms of his parole, so he is going back down tonight.
God knows I did my best with them, they are 3 skeletons. no flesh on any of them"
He is a very decent hard working guy you would never think he had that kind of problem.

If everyone went to the magic table and put their problems on it.
You could view everyone's troubles.
You could take someones problems home instead.
Then you could see what problems the other people put down, you would be happy to take your own problems home.

There are a hell of a lot of Sex crimes coming to trial at the moment.
A Priest in his 80s went down and a father went to prison for having sex with his daughter from the age of 9. There was another similar case of child sexual abuse as well.
I hope there is a special hell for anyone who would destroy a childs life in  this way.

Anyhoo as they say in Canada.
Here is some simple advice from a fool. (Me)