Monday, August 29, 2022

New glasses, so what?

 So I went to the smaller opticians beside SpecSavers.

I tried to make an appointment 3 times !!!!! I think the lady in the shop doesn't like people ?

Then I got a leaflet from SpecSavers with special offers, so I went.

The smaller opticians gave me 2 forms to fill in on different occasions with no feedback.

So I went to the opposition. Name ? Address? PPS number? 2 seconds on the computer and it was Go Go Go. There were around 8 opticians working, at least that is all that I could see.

Then I picked out the frames.

A week later I was done.

The smaller optician refused to test me because I was 6 minutes late for the appointment.

She said that I would be blocking other appointments. I bought an ice cream and watched while no one came or went.Oh well you reap what you sow as they say.

Years ago I had a right royal row with spec savers.

I got new glasses and they were wrong, really wrong and they refused to look at them.

When they were first put on I said that they must have the wrong glasses, but they assured me that my eyes would get used to them. 4 times I went back to no avail. I pointed out their warranty and they would do nothing to help.

I sent a letter to Spec Savers HQ. No reply. So I sent a registered letter. still no reply.

I had bought a new pair of specs and I told a customer of my predicament.`

"You have a great case for the small claims court. See that you follow it through"

So I started the ball rolling and unfortunately I let it slip to Spec Savers as to what my intentions were.

Come in Come in and sit down. Well I have never seen this before the astigmatism on your eye has changed from right to left to left to right.

He offered me a FREE pair of glasses to replace the 2 faulty pairs.

You know I had such a time dealing with them that I took them and went.

I should have demanded my €550 back in court.

Anyhow that asshole is gone. It is a big pity that the smaller optician cant get their act together.

Friday, August 19, 2022

On the road again

 Well it all worked out in the end. A different car with all the paperwork done ready for another year.

My son David will be taking over when he passes the PSV test. It is very hard. I know a guy who let his licence lapse and he sat the test 8 times and failed it every time before giving up.

So this week was Horse show week in the RDS where the elite horse owners of the world come to compete. It is a big event and it has been cancelled for the past 2 years owing to Covid.

There are a big group of Argentian ladys who turn up every year, they wear identical hats and look very smart.(Its a small world) 

Just so you know 1/2 of America seems to be here at present. If you are coming and plan to drive a car, book it in advance and compare all the prices through a website.AND before you sign for the car turn the video on on your phone and walk slowly around the car, the video will be time stamped as well. That way they cannot say that you scratched the car on return.

The new Prius is around 4 inches wider than the old one and on the second day I went to pull in front of a stationary car and I did not notice that she had her front wheels turned outwards and put a big black mark along the entire side of my car. I know that rubbing compound will take it out and I will be more careful in future.

Schools will be back very soon and I hear that for 3 kids going back the school books can cost €400. Plus uniforms. Someone I know went to live in Sweden and all the books were supplied by the state. In the UK books are free. But one girl from S.America told me that they got a Kindle with the books loaded for the year. At least the weight of that will not cripple the child carrying it around.

So I hope to get a few days work done next week

After I do my income tax

Sunday, August 07, 2022

The long running saga is ending soon (I hope so)

When I sold my old car there was a small Japenise doll hanging from the rear view mirror.

Years ago a Japanese lady got into the car and said Oh you have a Ko keshi doll. Do you know what it means? Ko means child Keshi means deleted. If there was a famine and all of the children would not survive a child would be sacrificed and a doll would be made in its memory.

I went to Amazon last night and bought a replacement as the other on had gone in the old car.

This is a piece which I had ready to go but somehow missed.

 Tomorrow I am f going up to Northpoint to have my new meter verified and sealed.

The new rates are coming in next month. It costs the taxi driver more than €120 to have the meter adjusted, then sealed and it will take 2 weeks to win that money back.

I did an airport run the other day and I had not moved the credit card machine into the new car. After a bit of delay she found cash and I had just given her the bag when a Welsh guy asked me where the taxis were.

Look says I, jump in. He was going to the Mldron hotel which is less than 1/2 mile from the terminal building. He told me how the taxi drivers do curse at him for the short run. 

"Thats life son" You should take the good with the bad. Getting out all he had was a credit card. Look son I forgot to start the meter anyhow so just put a few bob into the poor box the next time that you are passing one. I have to go into the hotel and verify my ticket to get out. He gave me £10 sterling. He was over here because his company looks after all the helicopters for air sea rescue and air ambulance service.

There was also a Brazilian lady from Meta and I told her the tale of a guy going to the VIP area in the airport. Turns out he had his own jet waiting for him. He was trying to establish a company here with 1,000 staff to begin with. What do you make? We make nothing. We sell information.

You are spies ?.  Well sort of.

You know he was as nice a guy that you could ever meet, not like 90%of his staff

I very seldom give out my phone number I just change a digit, even though he asked, I did not give it to him.

I asked him what his company was called?

The name of the company was GOOGLE