Monday, April 24, 2023


 If you remember that you are around 70

In the good old USA the cold war was going on, fear an loathing filled the air. Castro and Breishniev were the bad guys and Cuba was the word on everyone's lips.

Unless the Russian missiles were taken out of Cuba they would be nuked. 

John F Kennedy had spoken and the world held their collective breaths.

The call would go out to children that if the air raid sirens went off they must duck under the desk and cover their heads. Then it all passed in time.

The UK did a test of a warning system last week that works through the mobile phone network. Nearly all the phones went off all over the land and a message appeared on the screen.

Duck and cover is back.

Is the was against the USSR about to expand ?.

I met an exceptional young lady from Brazil again the other day. 

She came to Ireland and worked on her English. 

Then she got an Irish driving licence. 

Then (Wait for it)

She took the taxi test and passed it first time !!!!!!!

That is no mean feat. I know a guy who let his licence lapse after driving a taxi for 20 years.

So he went for the test and he failed it. Then he tried it again 7 more times failing it each time,

sadly he had to give up, by the way he died of cancer this year RIP.

My own son has a few failed tests behind him as well.

Its a changing world.

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Another day another dollar

 Most of us give a bit of time to YouTube and Ticktock, I saw a good one the other day.

A person claimed that he had a right to property and he produced papers to the court to prove his point.But someone was not sleeping and examined the papers."So this is the paper that was signed  in 1964 giving you the rights to the property. Is that correct?"

If it pleases the court to examine the font of the document in question.

The font is Callibri which is a font which was not in use before 1971.

Its nice when the bad man gets caught.

There is an elderly (90) retired solicitor who is a hell of an interesting guy. He asked me to do jobs for him from time to time. One day I drover to his house for a 7 AM start. It was stormy and I came across a lady with a flat wheel. No jack, so I told her of a company which comes out to fix the Tyre. She wanted me to take her to Wicklow, I couldn't do it, so I brought her to a spot where there was more traffic.When I arrived at the house my man just said. "Its too stormy I have changed my mind"

He could have rung me hours before and I took the hump! I blocked him. After the job that I turned was over €40.

Two weeks later a number I did not recognize called me. Sorry to disturb you, my name is XXXXX I am the attorney general. A colleague of mine has been trying to contact you and he is very upset. If you could unblock him WE would appreciate it. "You never know when you might need us"

He was unblocked the next day.

The gems of information are priceless, points of law. Did you know? etc

He is made of great stuff, he had a heart operation and was hopping around a week later.

Hi dog walker is like a film star, another lady to clean and yet another beautiful lady to cook.

C'est la vie as they say in France.       

I am not sure if I gave you this one before.

A guy who makes his living from "Thinking of ides"

He approached a toothpaste company. 

I can double your sales figures in 14 months, with no cost to you and you will pay me £1 Million.

It will cost you nothing. The money will be held in an Escrow account, If my idea does not work you get the money back. So really they had nothing to loose.

The guy took a pair of clippers and cut 1/4 off the nozzle and Voila the toothpaste flowed with ease, doubling their sales. He got the cash and moved to the next project

I must think of something quick

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

The Tripoli Brigade (part 1): anti-Gaddafi forces enter Tripoli

Lucky Lucky me

 The sister of a friend of ours from the Philippians died from cancer. 

She had 6 kids.Aged between 7 and 16. Her husband went off and left the whole mess behind him.

If you are sick or you want to go to school you have to pay, so on top of everything her sister in Dublin and her mother are all trying to keep the ship going. Not an easy task by any means.

Just to say that I contacted a guy who was in the taxi. He wrote 2 great books.

The Russians are coming. Which is fantastic beyond belief and the second book is about attorneys in America and how they behave, that one is called Stingback, He used an ailius Geoffrey Allen

The second man was Sam Najar "Soldier for a summer" I picked him up in Portabello and was instructed to take him to the airport and no port tunnel Plus I was to stop at an internet cafe to print out his boarding pass. I nearly blew a fuse and got him to the airport in time. On the way he told me that he was meeting people to sell the film rights to his book. I asked him what the book was about. "I let the foreign brigade in the overthrow of Ghidaffi. Go to youTube and put in tv5 the foreign brigade. There he is fighting better than Rambo.

I asked him if he had an agent or legal advice? No was the answer.

They could pay you and then depict you as a drunken clown and you could do nothing about it.

We parted as pals in the end and he left word for me in the local coffee shop.

Muammar Gaddafi - The Tripoli Brigade (part 2)