Sunday, March 31, 2024

Spring Forward Fall Back (Clocks)

Oh Boy. I am sure that there are a few people going around wondering why their mobile phone had the wrong time this morning. Truth be told the phone was right.
As usual a politician was on saying that the winter/summer time difference should end. It was changed a few years ago and kids were killed walking to school in the dark mornings.
America (USA) has 3 time zones from side to side. Sometimes I wonder if you have to change your watch to go from one side of the road to the other. Our phones keep us right to the millisecond.
I have around 6 watches, I don't even know where the 2 most expensive ones are, but the other 4 only cost me around €10 each !! I bought a watch in a market for £10 and after a while the battery went and I brought it to a jeweller. as he was fitting the battery I asked him if it was a good watch. No its only a cheap Chinese movement he said. Worthless. So 18 months later it stopped again and I went to the late great Tommy Cummins in Fairview.
He opened it up and told me that it had got a blow and that one of the teeth on a cog was broken. I told him to dump it so......."Are you mad? "I could repair and service that watch,  then I will issue you with a certificate of authency any if you brought it to a collector you would make in excess of £!,000. So I told him what the other guy said.    He needs to go back to watch school said Tommy. Tommy was a good man he died of Cancer RIP.

The most celebrated client I ever met was the multi billionaire Chuck Feeney (He is in my book The steering wheel university) 
Chuck invented duty free shopping and became a rich man. He wore a cheap $10 Casio watch though he gave away more than 8 billion dollars. Why would I wear an expensive watch when I could do so much more with the money.
I stayed in touch with him for more than 10 years and the contact was great, he was as wise as a fox.

He died in Jan. The world will miss him.

Thanks to him I know how to invest my future lottery winnings.

I may have told you this before. .BUT
I checked my Lottery ticket before I went to bed.
"Its a winner!" First prize €33 million.
I got ready for bed and checked it again....Its a winner....WOW
So I went to bed and at 7.30 I checked it again Still a winner.
I got the bus into the Lottery HQ and handed in my ticket and I got the biggest kick on the arse that I ever got in my life.
 "Yes you've won a ticket into the Millionaire raffle."
You see the system has to calculate the prize and we do not know until 8.00am what the prize will be.
"Could you not just say, you have won a prize?
I wrote in as I felt so badly about it to no avail.
A couple of years later I had the solution and wrote again.

Dear Sir
I am writing to you requesting that you change the wording on your website from "Its A Winner" to "You have won a prize"
I am employed with the Garda and the fire service and I try and talk down suicide victims who are about to kill themselves. I spent 3 hours with a young man on the cliffs at Howth last week, when we got him to come back it transpired that he thought that his financial problems had been sorted and he could not face life any longer when he found out that his ticket was useless.
Please Please change the wording to "YOU HAVE WON A PRIZE"

And they did it

My cousin Gordon had the best opinion about the Lottery.
This is the best thing I ever saw. 
A tax on stupidity.

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Happy St. Patricks Day

Well tomorrow will be St.Patricks day. A day to be celebrated all over the world.
There is a wealth of stories of how the Irish were sent there as slaves to work in the sugar plantations. Slavery was widespread. The singer Riana is of that stock.
I see that the Black Irish was downloaded and that song of the migrant.
The song was written by a Garda who was travelling on a bus when the song came to hin. He had a pen and note book, so he wrote it down. Bing Crosbie the famous American singer had an international hit. The royalties paid for his house. Then it features in the Quiet man movie the income put his kids through collage, then it appeared again in Stephen Spielberg's movie ET. Which paid for his retirement home in Spain.
One interesting point is that he wrote this fantastic hit song. It came just like that and he never wrote another one.
I found out that they are going to knock down an iconic Dublin pub The Brian Boru on Prospect Ave to make way for the construction of the new metro railway.
The story about this pub that is stuck in my mind concerns a pub across the way The Gravediggers. Just at the back of the cemetery. Well the story goes that one of the Dubliners folk group had died and all the best of Irish talent had gathered in the pub to celebrate his life.
The owner of the pub was (I forget his first name ) Kavanagh and he was very fixed in his ways. After a while a banjo came and when the first chord sounded the owner shouted.
"There is no music in this pub, if I let you sing today that lot over there will be singing tomorrow. And they can't sing a note" 
Everyone to a man finished up their drinks and walked over to the Brian Boru where they sang all night and nearly drank the pub dry.
By the way The Gravediggers is one of Dublin's best pubs.

The Isle Of Innisfree