Thursday, November 29, 2007

New clutch.

Perhaps the life in the open air

Something where you have fresh air and a view would be nice!

Window cleaners at work.

Well the slipping clutch will slip no more,Went to the garage.
Done in one day.
6 months warranty e507.50 Then again, I can always get payday loans.
I wonder how much it would have cost somewhere else?

Come on lets pool our knowledge here.

There was a guy,he was not much cheaper,but. "No I don't do receipts"
So I can't put it into my tax returns either.
Well I had the choice of going on a bit longer and finding myself stuck at the side of the road in the middle of the night.
Well that would have been no fun.

Met a taxi driver his second day on the job,he told me he picked up a guy on his first day and the guy said "Have you been driving a taxi long?"I said its my first day. "I thought so said the guy, get into the bus lane!"
Over here taxis can use the bus lanes.
The taxi is his brothers, he is second driver,part time.

He will have a lot to learn before Santa has got all his money.

Mike the native American indian who has a blog writes that this is the time when we should line up your blessings. Take stock of your year, your friends,your health and your life.
Not a bad idea at all.
I have almost stopped watching TV this year, theres nothing on.
If you want reality TV try driving a taxi.
I will save TV for my twilight years.
A few things have happened,one thing of worth.
I was asked by my wife to pick up some school books, just chanced to be beside a school bookshop in Blanchardstown.
So I pulled into the car park and there was a "clamped" car there. So I put 50c into the meter and put the ticket on the dashboard.
10 seconds in the shop, "no I don't have that book"
When I came back out there was a woman at the car.
"I only left the car to get some change for the meter,I put 60c into the macheine and it would not print,then a man came and pressed the eject button and took my change,
the woman in the shop had no change, so I had to go to another shop.
What can I do I have to collect my son from school?"
"Look I will bring you up to collect your son and take you back here,ring to tell the clamper guy you will be back in 20 mins or he will charge you extra for not being there"
So she had no credit and my phone was used, she was from Algeria.
Well clamping and the law is something I know about. They cannot hide behind the wall and pounce,but that is what they do.
The attendant had no note book telling what time he first spotted the car. When I pressed him to see his note book(as he had said he unclamped another car after he saw her leave the car park) he became quite agressive and questioned our right to interfere in his work.
"Look said the lady, you have been very good take 50" handing me a e100, the fare was only e10.30..No not at all. "Well look I will take 40 if you insist"
I handed her back e60.
"What are you doing man I gave you e100"

No No, she wanted me to round up the e10.30 fare and take e10.50 for the help I had been.

I will be a long time making up my e567.50!

I really have to laugh at my stupidity!!!!!!!!!

From next week I will only be posting photos of Christmas in Dublin. Other bloggers
often put the photos up, I always mean to do it but I never get around to it.
So now I have told you I will not be able to let you down.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Tis the season

Looking south towards Dalkey through a porthole window in Clontarf.

This is the Dublin corperation offices built on the site of a Viking "find".

My car Christmas tree is up!
6th year and still working.

Every time I say it,I have to say it again........................

Man charged with gun possession and INLA membership
24/11/2007 - 16:22:34

A Dublin man was charged at a special sitting of the Special Criminal Court today with having a Kalashnikov assault rifle and ammunition in the city on Thursday and with membership of the INLA.

Denis Dwyer (aged 22) a plumber, of Drumcarra Avenue, Jobstown, Tallaght was charged with the unlawful possession of a Kalashnikov-style assault rifle and 21 rounds of .223 inch ammunition at Camden St on Thursday.

He was also charged with membership of an unlawful organisation styling itself the Irish National Liberation Army, otherwise the INLA, on the same date.

Garda Terence Gleeson, Harcourt Terrace, gave evidence of arresting Dwyer at 1.50pm today on suspicion of possession of a firearm and INLA membership.

Garda Gleeson said that it was his belief at the time that Dwyer had committed scheduled offences.

The court remanded Dwyer in custody until Wednesday, when a bail application is expected to be heard.

"Well I have heard it all now"
And the next time I will be even more surprised.

Well I have been over and back all night and now on Sunday morning I am winding down,
Good night Joe public is out partying and I have 4 visitors over here at present,I hope I will meet them all.
Last time it was all Southside this week it was 50/50 But I hit on the same housing estate in Blanchartstown 3 times.
There was a bit of police action there tonight,I counted 5 police cars in the one cul de sac(What's that is in French?)
"Shere there all mad dere."
One of the guys I brought there was really crazy drunk, I had to stop the car and talk to him, he knew that he would get a smack if he carried on the way he was going.
This cowed him a little,but the need for a shop gave me a break to the situation.
While they were out of the car one of the guys said that "He's OK really, he just got a bang on the head when he was younger and he goes a bit funny "
When we arrived at his street he took off like a jackrabbit roaring!

"Jaysus mister I Don't know how you can do this job man!"

That makes 2 of us.

The rush from 2am to 4am is crazy.

Boys and girls don't stand at the ranks in the city center.

Taxi drivers in the know would NEVER go to the rank.

BECAUSE you must pick up the homicidal slobbering idiot who is standing there.
If you are a bright driver you learn you lesson the second time.
If you are really stupid you will get smacked around the head until you understand that you only pick up the WALKING dead!

SO Walk towards your home facing the incoming traffic.
let your girlfriend walk ahead alone as bait for the randy taximan!
If 4 people are going the same way split up it increases your chances,then you can regroup for the trip.
Don't smoke or have a big bag of Kebabs in your hand.
Another tip is
Try going home early to your local area pub to finish off the night.
Don't stand with your arms around, or lean against a pole, unless you are dancing!
Go to Joys in Baggott St,it closes around 5.20 and there should be a few cabs around when you come out.
Don't ever go to a casino when you are under the influence, its a REAL waste of money.

Well I told you I would go racing in a racing car.

Sorry boys and girls not working this Friday, you can waddle home like lost ducks without me (No thats too cruel). Minus 2 tonight winter is here, but in Ireland we do not get extremes of weather, we have the gulf stream bringing warmer water to our coast to protect us.
Remember Mary the hooker? I bought a coat in a thrift shop for e10, it fitted her.
At least she can't inject that.

I have added a new name to my "blogroll" Mike seems like a good guy!

Yesterday was one of the days where if you were alive you would remember what happened in Dallas Texas,This year a young catcher baseball star named Joe Kennedy dropped dead,Today Lee Harvey Oswald the suspect for shooting JF Kennedy was shot.

It is like 9/11 a moment frozen in time!

Whatever else happens I must say that we should dance more
It's the trailer Sally Potter shot to launch her beautiful movie "The Tango Lesson" (1997). The notes of one of Astor Piazzolla's masterpieces, Libertango, The chello is played by Yo-yo Ma, who also appears in the clip.
I love the music of Astor Piazzolla I bought around 6 cd's of his on cdwow.
I like other music too, but he is really good.
Just one more tango from my favorate tango dancer.But we should not forget the taxi tango driver.
Yes he is a real taxi driver who directs these shows,and runs a dancing school...His details are in a blog.
I didn't know how popular dancing with puppets was, but it is. was until now.
You tube is great fun.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Pakistani embassy a hard one to find if you don't know Ailsbury Rd Crosses over the Merrion Rd.

Cartlans thatched pub Kingscourt Co.Cavan.

Well to all you song writers I hope you said a special prayer to St.Cecelia her feast day is around now.

Happy thanksgiving to all my American readers.
Americans can't believe that this is just a normal weekend for us,while we wonder what all the whoo haa is about.

I was in the shops today,shopping is a thing I hate,its the looking.
I buy loads on line,my poor postman.
(I have just remembered when the postman was constant and like the bin men and the milk man,they all got a Christmas presents.)

Well the Dubliner 100 best restaurants 2008 is out now. A must for every taxi driver.
One of my best loved restaurants is La Cave in Sth. Anne St beside Vards the furriers.Its hard enough to get a table so I am glad its not in the guide,I want it for myself. I bet you that you would be hard put by to know where half of the places are.
So buy it for yourself and study up after Christmas.
I Just hand the book back when I am asked where to eat.

Magnum have a big coffee table book out e140! well worth a look.
Fantastic photographs.But you must remember that these guys take 1,000 rolls of film a month,still its a great great book.

The other one I bought was "Old Moores Almanack"This is an old crazey thing where he predicts the future,the advertisers sell lucky charms and claim to remove curses.
Full of Magic and if you believe any of it you would hide under your bed for the coming year.My dad used to get it at that time it and fairs and was more like a mini encylopedia

One lady today got in frantic. I am supposed to be in the Dail (parlament) at 9 it was then 10 past. I was just about to share a great joke I herd when her phone rang.
Just as well as she might have been alligned to the butt of the joke, which goes.

Pavarotti's will was read out today.

Suprisingly an Irish lady was mentioned in the will.

Yes Mary Harney was left all his clothes.

She is a lot bigger in real life.

A guy from Morocco who steered me his favorate route to Blanchardstown.
I had you before my friend and I am once again impressed by your shortcuts.
I was in Morocco 40 years ago.He said its changed so much.
He is right I should go back.

The other guy who had a strange job. He bought advertising space in Magazines and then sold it on to his clients.

Or the guy who bought and sold FUTURES. " don't buy shares in Banks or Property."
There was a guy called Terry Ramsden who made millions doing that and gave it back to the bookies, he was horse trainer,think he is still going.
Or the German guy who looks after the printing machenes in the mint.
Been around the world, would love to hear him talk about all the countries he has been in.
He knew well about the time that Germany tried to kill the British economy by forging millions of banknotes. Iraq printed very very good $100 bills as well.

Wow I hardly have need to watch TV.

When this guy got shunted he did not even get her number,try telling that to the insurance company.

YES I did buy the wrong sat nav.

Good night take care.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanks a lot Bill.

The new entrance to St.Annes park clontarf once the home of the Guinness family.

Ulster bank in College Green known as "church"in security circles as many of the churches lodged their cash there.If you click on the photo to enlarge it you can see the Red Hand of Ulster over the arch.

It was on Friday that the traffic came to a stop.
I had a family from Crumlin on board.
Young couple with a cheeky baby,and the mothers brother, the baby was giving loads of "guff" she was giving out yards the baby was perhaps little more than a year old.
I do believe that some people have been here before.
This one was a real comedian. Every second word began with fkn, a born again Maureen Potter a laugh a minute.
Then I noticed that the traffic had stopped.

After 5 minutes I noticed that no traffic was coming the other way either.

I am a patient man, I will wait for a blind man or an old person to cross the road, but to sit and wait is not my thing.
"Look there's nothing moving, I don't know whats going on ,but theres no traffic coming the other way either. I want to turn around and cut down to the Quays past Blooms hotel, is that OK?"
When we got down there and cut back up on to Thomas St there was not a car to be seen.
"I don't know whats going on, must have been a crash"
Young family enjoying a days shopping in town.
Traffic in knots.

I went home after that.

What was the problem?

Bill Clinton was the problem.

They shut off all the streets without notice.

I like Bill but.
Don't treat the people like this.
He was going to host a fund raiser dinner for Hillary.
Even a dinner at only e1600 a plate can be a public relations disaster when you spoil the travel plans of thousands of people.

Travel low key Bill, you know my number,you are safe with me.

It is not his fault alone.

The EU parliament was in Dublin a few years ago and all the roads were closed while our "leaders" were brought in under escort to the city center.

Who do these people think they are?
Or more to the point why do our leaders not respect the people?

Still we elected them so we get what we deserve.

Loads of things happened, but I got the days of the week mixed up and thought Friday was Thursday. I had lost a day,but Friday was not a great night from what I heard.

The moneyed Irish ie. wives of taxi other drivers are in New York to do their Christmas shopping. While the husbands flock to the RDS to buy ART(I use the word loosely)

In times of financial doubt people choose Gold,Silver,Diamonds,Art.....And the last Ace in the pack.............Drugs.
There was a story about some high figure in the court system (hope this is vague enough)being caught with e300,000 worth of drugs. Well she had a problem and she needed loads of drugs to keep up her habit.

Mary who works (prostitute) off Baggott St. was frozen on Saturday night, she really was cold, she always says hello when she comes into the Spar."Im bleeden freezin I am,feel me hands" I felt her hand and the last time I touched a hand so cold it had been dead a day.

She is a bright girl,doing what she can to live her life with her habit, or her boyfrends habit,you don't ask.
Later on in the night I pulled over to a police car (Mary to them is a criminal so they pull them over and cause them grief)" theres a guy unconscious on the corner of Fitzwilliam and Leeson St., on the corner."corner of Fitzwilliam Sq?".
No, turn right,then left and he is on the footpath at the corner". "Whats your number anyhow" No reply,then he put his hand over his number.
Says a lot when they hassle a junkie prostitute while a guy is dying for all we know around the corner on the footpath and they show little interest,he had been there for around 3/4 of an hour at that time.
I don't get involved but there should be a number to ring when you find a person out cold.Soon it will be cold enough for them to die of exposure.
I feel that its their choice to get so drunk,so why should I care.
But there should be a number to report a "man down".

Saturday night worked out for me,interesting people, nothing dangerous,no sick people.
Wow you are so lucky working at your job, where people don't attack you,or get sick down the back of your shirt.
Not to mention the other dangers like robbery or blackmail!

Wow all human life is there for the taxi driver.

Blackrock, Foxrock, Cabinteeley seemed to be my lot that night. The fare I had on Friday to Crumlin gave me a bigger tip than 5 of those posh people combined gave.
Them living in mansions worth millions.
Suppose thats how they have it.

I decided to head for town and passing through Blackrock with my roof light on one of the "boy racers"passed me out and stopped for 2 girls who had hailed me. They walked right past him and got into my car.
Not before a quick exchange.
"I saw you first!"
"Not driving like that. Muppett"
Nice one.Couldn't have said it better myself.

Where's the bottle opener?
Look its a great day when you get a new car,but be careful that you hold on to the keys.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Judge Roy

Oil Wiper blades/Fitted. Go to Bond St. He won't be beaten for service or price.
He is a good guy too.

Sunlight Chambers home of Sunlight soap the only way to clean your house for decades.

Judge Roy Pearson sued a dry cleaners for the loss of the pants for his suit.
Yes he sued the dry cleaners for $54 million and lost.
Then the selection board who were about to renew his contract,when they got hold of the story and they decided that they did not need him as a judge in the Washington area.

So now he has no pants and no job.

"Well anyone can make a mistake"
As the shortsighted hedgehog said as he dismounted the scrubbing brush.

Another Big drugs find the other day ,Customs found a container of contraband cigarettes and then a container of spirits went missing from the docks.
Its not a thing you could stick under your coat.
Yet there it was GONE.

This is why you have checkpoints all over the place, looking for usual suspects.

Its great to have the Mad DC cabby posting again. He has written one of the funniest Blogs,long may he continue.

Still at odds with the sat nav. It will say turn left when the map on the screen says turn right. But like a new lodger in the house we will get used to each others ways in time.

Things in the housing front are getting tighter.
A journalist with the Sunday Tribune lost his job for reporting that Ken McDonald of Hooke McDonald estate agents was unable to sell his own house. Well you see a lot of space is taken up with property advertising and no one wants to say anything to upset the market which is now in free fall.
Its a bit like the Hans Christian Anderson story of the Kings new clothes,everyone knows but no one will say.
We also have 4 solicitors under investigation, one has"borrowed" as much as e100 million while others have been investing clients money on the side.
One trick that has been used by the speculators was to pay the deposit on a property and then when the house was completed they sold it on at a higher price without fully paying for it in the first place. Now there are no buyers and the builder wants his money,the speculator is a bit stuck cash.
I have no tears for them they have been driving up the prices of houses for decades.

On the jobs front places are closing down as multinational companies close non core businesses and asset strip them for profit, its tough to be out in the cold after 20 or 30 years, even though your company is making money the parent company wants to sell the land and dam the workers.
"Don't all start driving taxis"

Had a super lift tonight 2 people from Holland. "Mespil Hotel, through the port tunnel and over the east link" Its 2 tolls e6 and e1.55 but you are there in a flash.

A while ago for contrast,I picked up an English woman at the airport.
"Driver I have a meeting in the IFSC in 15 minutes, Will we make it?"
I said the ONLY way she would make it was through the tunnel and the toll was e12.
"Thats a bit dear"
So we went on the surface 40 mins. She was very upset missing her meeting.
But when she tried to put the blame on me I exploded,"this was your choice to not go through the tunnel. Anyhow it probably saved you from saying something stupid at the meeting".

Off she went,no tip either.

One thing about driving is that sometimes people are not pay attention and the moment seems to last forever.

Perhaps I will bring Wallhi and his pet to my party he seems to liven things up,that party animal.

I had loads to say so I will save it until the next time.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sat nav.

Howth Castle Dublin

New Standard taxi for Christmas..

Well I relented and bought a "Sat Nav".
Thing is that over here we have housing estates which were designed by the Greeks.
Their streets were designed so that an invader could not advance at any speed.

They are mazes.

The punter says Left, second left, third right ,straight on ,left here and left again.
They pay you and get out.
Good night.
You spend 20 mins finding your way back out, if you are lucky.

With Sat nav.

Press "Home" and this baby brings you out!

Roll on Christmas.

But really unless when you are far from the the locality.

Example, at the Westbury hotel. I press "home".

"Go into Grafton st. turn right,on to the Green etc"
Grafton St has been a pedestrian street for more time than I care to remember.

The rest of the route took me through the Luas line.

It tells me to turn right down one way streets and would lead you a merry dance.

It is an aid,not a God!

There was a story of a punter "congratulating" a driver because he brought him the correct route.
According to his sat nav.

I bought a Garmin nuvi 610.

I knew it I bought the wrong one!

WE almost had BUS STRIKE...But it only effected 2 bus routes. Every taxi in the city was out.
But it had little effect.Perhaps an all out strike would be the thing.

Things are so different now loads of jobs are "Farmed" out on"Contract"(Its not our problem any more)."So you walk out I got more guys to do your work".

Then there is the chance that baggage handlers will go on strike, they have been told to tell their employers in writing.

IF they are going on strike or NOT.

This is to call the workers bluff.

All from guys earning 20 times their pay.


And you dear travelers,wonder why your bags are wrecked or missing.

On the other hand and nearer to my wallet!

Damn the clutch its slipping, and if its not replaced soon it will get worse until I can't get it fixed until after the holiday.

Or it lets me down mid shift.

I remember the old days when you rented your taxi by the week.
She needs a new clutch drop her down to the garage and collect her at
It was as quick as that, it was a big contract for the garage.
Oil change and check up 20 min.

Puncture? New wheel waiting.

"I remember Dublin city in the rare auild times"(Its a song)

I have been looking at the Stat Counter which tells me that at least 6 people a week look at this site!.

USA,Canada, GB, France,Italy Australia and someone BANG on the Equator off the coast of Nigeria.

Who are you and whats your story?.

Up to the front of the class.

The comment box is not so hard to work.

Just follow the steps and type in the sjhg!

One week I had 8 readers ,but I think one of them logged in twice.

But seriously has anyone seen BAZZZZ

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another day Another dollar.

Guess its time to mow the car

A metal cow in the park in Jervis St

I have had such a good week that I need never work again in my whole life.
I have enough money to last me for the rest of my life.
Can you imagine that?

That is unless I need to buy something!

"Jackie Mason"

It has been a good week and all thanks to you my traveling public.

The 2 Polish girls going to meet their mother coming in from America,one so happy
"My boyfriend is from India and he has the most beautiful eyes,like a calf, so full of kindness and goodness, on the day I met him I knew we would be married.
My mother has never met him.
He is at home cooking the dinner and he is so nervous you cannot believe!"
Her sister was younger and had no English.
It was wonderful to meet someone so full of the joys of life.

She will go far.

You would often like to complete the journey and be a fly on the wall to see how the evening went.

Tonight the volunteers from the Niall Mellon trip came home and I brought 2 of them home from the airport.
Its a great thing to have done lads.
You have changed the lives of hundreds of people and the trip will have changed your lives for the better.

You dear reader can plan to go now click on the link,it will not be too hot when you go,one of my volunteers was a nurse the other worked in a bank.
So give it a whack collect a few bob and house a family!.

My son built a house in Brazil a few years ago, all in all its just about a months wages, including his fair but when you think of the change in those peoples lives you have a warm glow inside.

Loads of crashes on the road tonight a light mist and the boy racers come skidding to a thumping stop.
Great moment on Dorset street with cops holding down a "Suspect" on the road 10 cars with flashing lights at least.....Then later on they seemed to be taking off the cuffs and saying "sorry it was someone else"

Drunks are such a pain in the ass.
Went to the Taxi rank and a guy asked me for Malahide. "About e15" Listen mate if you only have e15 your getting off in Clare Hall.
He gets in and falls asleep with the "chainsaw" of dreams(Snoring like mad) purring away in the back I head off to Malahide.
As we were got into the village I pulled over to ask a guy where was the estate where the guy lived. The guy looked confused and said say it again. He mispronunced it twice.
"Sorry I didn't know you were foreign"
"I am not foreign. I am deaf"
I turned on the light and in seconds he told me I had just passed the turn by 20 yards.
Its great when you click that the problem was he could not read my lips,but with the light on the job was A OK.
The asshole in the back after shaking him told me where he lived.
He took a long time to take out his money, so I got out to "Help" him.
"You are a really fucking nervous guy."
Look I don't want you to fall.
He paid in full over e30.
I held him, then he fell forwards line Karl Lewis doing a 100 meter dash,but did not fall.
I'm OK!
And so he was,
And so was I.

Why do I do it?

Later I went to the airport an picked up a guy and as it happened he worked for for one of my heroes Chuck Feeney I met him a few years ago and I nominated him as best passenger ever!

He offered me a job but I could not take him up on his offer.
I did not know who he was at the time, but he has become one of role models in life.

Perhaps some other day we will meet again.
He is a real down to earth guy, no bullshit and funny too.

Ok Ok so I didn't write about you!

One problem about taxi driving is that a guy takes a taxi once in 6 months and he thinks taxi driver must remember him forever, I have to do 30 fares a night.

People in America have easy access to guns. This video was produced to let people see what damage a bullet can do. U tube have taken it down. But it goes directly to the point.
I gasped when I saw it.

You didn't think that I would show you.....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Parish notes

Sometimes people become famous for catching a ball and scoring a point ,a try or a goal.
They are held high and are known to many for a moment.

Other times the "ball" catches them and they run with it.
Most people do not hear of the fantastic goal that they scored.
But the lives of many are changed as a result.

God has called home on Nov 8 the Rev. Chad Varrah who passed over aged 95.

A good innings and well done.

Click here

Perhaps if you are a taxi driver you could make an effort to carry the Samaritans card which your union will supply. Perhaps even a sticker for the inside of your taxi.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

All clear

Chimney pots on Baggott St.

The late night post box at the GPO.

On Wednesday I very nearly made the classic mistake.
I met an Asian girl who works in our local supermarket.
We met as I was coming up the stairs of a college, she was coming down.
She knew me instantly and the problem was that she was now(coming down the steps)taller than me and for a second I did not recognise her.

Then I nearly said "I didn't know you with your clothes on"
She is always dressed in a white shop coat.
What really threw me was that I never saw her hair before,it was always under a net and hat as she works in the Deli section of our supermarket..
She had just been in to do her computer exam and had an attack of nerves and had to leave early, I suppose the exam had become very important to her to pass, then the old nerves went.
I hope it worked out for her.

We had a little rain, which helps to lift business plus the fact that big boxes of toys are being brought home for Santa, he sends out his scouts to look for toys earlier every year.

I herd that of a guy who got into a taxi at the central bank and asked to go somewhere and the driver said "you show me the way,I don't know where that is, I have only been in Ireland for 3 weeks"
The guy was a Garda and gave him directions to the Garda station where he arrested him, driving without insurance, driving licence etc.

Some of the other stories going around are wild.
A taxi driver told me he was fined e60 and got 2 penalty points because he had one brake light not working. Another taxi driver in the court got fined and penalty points for doing a u turn.
While at the same court a youth caught driving a stolen car which he used to ram the Garda car causing thousands of euro in damage got a 3 month prison sentence suspended.
IE he walked out of the court laughing.

I suppose the Law and Justice are two different animals.

On Dawson St on Tuesday I saw a taxi at the rank with 4 bald tyres! Just the slightest trace of thread on the inside of each tyre.
I got such a shock that I did not note his number.
Startled is the word I am looking for.
I had a Garda from the drugs squad in the car the next day and told her what I had seen, she said that he should have been arrested on the spot and his car impounded. If that car was in a crash he would go to prison and loose his licence.
The insurance company would not pay out on his claim either.
There is no excuse for that kind of endangerment to the public.

I have been "resting" (as the actors say) for a while, but I have had all kinds of blood checks and a stress test on the heart and have had the all clear.
Soon it will be time to put the boot down and meet Christmas head on!

Here is a piece I picked up the other day.

Well if I was to wish for anything I would wish for a hot place for this guy.
Anyone who can exploit children like this deserves the worst kind of hell.

Man is remanded in child-trafficking case
07/11/2007 - 20:08:33

A West African man wanted in the Netherlands for allegedly trafficking children from Africa to Europe where they are used as prostitutes was further remanded in custody for three weeks when he appeared in the High Court today.

Peter Kwame Sarfo aka Jackson Smith (aged 38), is wanted by the Dutch authorities who claim he is involved in the movement of children from Nigeria into a number of different Western Europe nations.

It is alleged that the children were initially brought into the Netherlands and then sent on to other countries including Italy and Spain to work as prostitutes.

At an earlier remand hearing the court was told that after the charges contained in the warrant seeking his extradition were put to him he replied: "I know nothing about this. That is not what I am wanted for".

Counsel for Sarfo, Mr Patrick Reynolds told the court yesterday that the case had received significant publicity concerning multi-territorial alleged offences and he sought a three week adjournment.

Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy adjourned the case to Wednesday, November 28 and further remanded Sarfo in custody until that date.

Well this is like manna to my soul.
How anyone can abuse children like this is the worst thing that can happen.

May he rot in hell.