Monday, August 27, 2018

The Pope is gone back home with a fly in his ear.

There was such security in Dublin that was beyond belief. It cost around €30 million
Motorways closed off for hours, Cabra a large housing area near the Pheonix park closed down, no cars allowed in or out. The Garda were around all night. Taxis were not part of the plan.
One person told me that her neighbor came over from the UK only to be told that wheelchairs were not allowed in the park, so she went to the mass in Knock Co.Mayo.

Then he got nailed about the child abuse, the sexual assaults and the cover ups.
One bishop had to stay at home in the USA to deal whith over 600 of sexual abuse cases which were covered up by bishops for years but now exposed by the Police.
Then he was told about the Magdalene laundry's where unmarried girls who had had children were put to slavery without pay and kept in very bad condition.
There were a large number of children SOLD to Americans without their mothers consent.
Often if the mothers asked to see their baby they were told that the child had died.
Then he was told of the more than 800 babys bodies uncovered in a septic tank in Tuam.
He was told to deal with the mess in no uncertain terms and not to keep saying he was sorry, but to act properly on the information before him.
On other points he said that he had never heard about the complaint, he was then told of the dates when the Vatican had been informed.

The Mass in the Phoenix park was a ticket event and 500,000 people were to attend. 150.000 turned up. The weather was very bad in fairness.

I know that it is not his personal fault, he is 81 years old soon to be 82 and the Mafia inside the Vatican have their knives out for him.

Its a tough gig.

I will probably go to hell for this BUT

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Pope is coming


Google all in Dublin

Winicabs was the first. You had this thing behind the meter and when the meter was idle jobs would come through your mobile.
They were the first here in Ireland. Then they delayed the launch, then another delay and along came HalO and just blew them out of the water. Click here

This is life "Hesitate and you've lost "

I just thought I would share it with you as I threw it into the trash can today. 

Well a lot has happened since then Google, Facebook and another 100 hi tec companies have set up in Ireland.
Good and bad.
Rents are soaring but on the plus side we now have the best looking women in the world here.
3 wonderful lady's stick in my mind from last week Egypt, Poland, and Serbia. 
The world is so small now. I have had the great pleasure of meeting people from every country in the world thanks to the hi tec set-ups
I hope everything stays dandy I would not like the EU to change out tax rates for sure.

The dreaded tax return has been completed.
The next thing I will get is a demand for payment which is very threatening when it comes.

Once I had  a guy in the car who had fled from his country at the fall of the Shah of Iran. 
He turned his property into gold and diamonds and paintings. Then he brought it across the world to Ireland where he had contacts. Then bit by bit he bought property and built hotels and apartments. But he forgot about TAX and they came after him for €1 Million and €6,000 
He had to pay there and then.
"I paid the million and I told them that in 25 days I would pay the balance, this was not enough, so I borrowed the balance from a friend. Were they happy? No they went after my friend to find out where he got the 6 grand. 
So now we have a big company of accountants working on the recovery of the tax, we will get it all back for sure.
What really annoys me is that they did nothing to earn that money and they are not being held accountable for how they spend it"

Here is something to finish it off with a laugh

"How do you do and shake hands.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Security problem solved?

A pouch which blocks the key signal

Back to basic bog standard 60s security

So I had a guy from Canada in the taxi and I was moaning about the bloody "proximity key"
With the key in your pocket you walk up to the car and put your hand on the handle and it pops open.Then by the miracle of modern science you press a button and drive away...Wowzer !
He had 2 BMW cars stolen in London and has not found out how it happened.
So I ask around. The thief can  pick up the key signal from your hall table through the hall door.
Zoom he is gone
I know this  is a repeat of another post..But
So what do you do?
 The first thing to do is to put your car keys into a tin box on the hall table, this block the signal.
 next buy the pouch from Amazon which blocks the signal when the fob is in your pocket.
Then buy a crook lock.
Then all you have to do is to sleep well.

The other day at the ferry port I had one of those magic moments.
He wanted to go to the bus station and none of the other cars would take him (Too short)
I was last so I told him to hop in the charge was €12 and he gave me €20 he was so happy.
On arrival there was a Scottish couple waiting and they jumped in "Temple bar"
Then as they were getting out a girl with beautiful shoes jumped in.
Polish by birth reared in South Africa and brought here by her Irish husband.
Not only that 
She she was going in my direction and brought me home.

Oh the joys of Karma

Monday, August 13, 2018

You have to stay awake

 A madman on a bike
Read the small print
A house or a castle in Dalkey

A cluster of cats.

The call came and she jumped in, from Brazil and she gave AB as her destination.
Then after some more questions it turned out to be AIB in Santry.
When we got there she handed me a €20 and then said that she was going back.
She pulled a bunch of €20 notes from her pocket and said.
"Could you give me back 2X€10 please"
I pointed to the €20 she gave me and said that we were quits now.
So I waited and then we went back.
On arrival at the end of the journey.
I asked for my €14
"I gave you €20"
Yes you did and I gave you back 2X€10 before you went into the bank.
"No you did not! I gave you a €20 from my hand"
I pointed at the security camera and said.
Shall I play you back the tape from the camera !
"Oh I see!
Here is your money.
Have a great day"

It was strange how suddenly her attitude changed, like turning a light switch.
Get a dash cam boys and girls.

She got in on Dorset St and asked for Christchurch. Then directed me and we chatted.
She was going to the Methadone clinic down on Merchants quay.
She was a lovely person, you would hope that she is not on drugs.
Story in yesterday of a family of 5 people, 2 young girls the parents and a teenage son who had become a drug addict.
He had been hammered by his dealers a few times for his debts, but he still owed money.
So the dealer came around one night and woke them up and burned down their house.

They left them standing outside in their night clothes with nothing.

There is no solution to the drug problem, just keep an eye out for your children and friends and pray,

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Omah 20 years ago

Today it is 20 years since the Omah bombings.
Click here for photos of the total devastation 

29 people killed including a woman expecting twins

Lets not forget that peace is a precious thing.

God bless them all

Monday, August 06, 2018

You must visit Dalkey


a V12 6 carburetor monster!!!

An Aston Martin racing car in "Racing Green"
I would cross the road to view an unusual or rare car.
Today I ventured out to Dalkey for their vintage car show.
There was a 10K road race nearby and I had to walk 2 miles.

The property around there is fantastic, up on the hill lives Bono of U2 fame and that multi platinum singer Enya in her castle.
What a great day for it and when I came back to the car I got a MyTaxi job right back into the city.

Go to Dalkey when you come to Dublin, take the Dart out and stroll through the expensive landscape.
Then sample a snack from one of the many cafes and bars around.

There is a photographer at the entrance to the train station and they took a photo of this woman with green eyes and red hair..It was fantastic, pop in she might show it to you.

Then one night I was dropping off a couple further up the road.
The man got out and as he was paying me a woman stepped up smartly.
"Thomas Dunn. I hereby serve you in front of witnesses"
He panicked and tried to pull the money from my hand.
She was a detective and had been waiting to serve the court papers for hours if not days.

The singer of this song below was in my car. She is a total recluse and I did not recognize her, the radio was turned on low and she shouted "Turn it up" She sang with the purest voice in harmony and it was magic.
I told he that she should turn professional.
"I'm not that good, am I? "
I found out who she was weeks later, It was a wonderful moment even if she wasn't a worth $140 million..

Friday, August 03, 2018

Security with a big T

What a beautiful house. Pembrooke Rd

What engineering ! each wheel steers. It can go sideways !

People waiting to get off the Irish ferries ship Uilisies the biggest RoRo ferry in the world.

Have you ever had your car stolen?
If it is the tool by which you make your living you are going to have a hard time.
My present Prius has a" Proximity key"
So key in pocket you walk up to the car and when you touch the door handle the car unlocks.Then you get into the car and without putting the key into anything you press the button and off you go.
At journeys end you press the button again, the car shuts down and you take the key out of your pocket and lock the car.
The key is sending out a signal all the time!
A guy could come up to your house with the keys in the hall and pick up the signal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Then he drives away in your car...
We have 2 cars with proximity keys and I am a bit worried.
One customer from Canada had who lives in London had 2 BMWs stolen, another guy had his BMW stolen and bought a Volvo with a KEY..
 Now they can be bypassed as well.
For the solution an immobilizer switch would be great.
I the meantime I keep my keys in a tin box on the hall table.

I will take time to look around and I will write to that great magazine "Car Mechanics"

Did you hear about the woman who had a problem and she sent it to them instead of the agony aunt?

Dear Laura,
Today when I was going to work I was around a mile from my house when my car cut out and refused to start again. I rang my husband and got no answer, so I walked the mile back to my house.

Imagine my surprise when I caught my husband of 36 in the bedroom with the blonde girl from next door who is only 18..
I don't know what to do as I am 38!
I hope you can help me?

Yours Carry.

The reply came back sharpish.

Dear Carry
We in the workshop have discussed your problem and we believe that your problem was caused by dirty fuel or a blocked fuel line. If you can drain the fuel tank  and then change the fuel filter you will have many more miles of trouble free motoring ahead of you.
Charlie in the workshop also suggests that you check the leads going to the coil.

We hope this solves all your problems.
If not contract us again, perhaps a diagnostic check will solve your problem.

As they say Men are from Mars
Women are from Venus

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Weather changing Grass is green again

The car of his dreams is the stuff of nightmares, cehecking on it every 5 minutes

Guinness are building a Gin distillery here (Or is it Whiskey)

Not a bad photo of the Sam Beckett bridge.

The Polish embassey, one of the finest examples of architecture in Dublin

So the rain has come, the grass is green and the farmers are happy.
But in a few days time the Galway races will end and the Dublin horse show will begin,
This is a huge social event for horse lovers where equine competitions are held from dawn to dusk.
It is really something.
Yesterday I got a MyTaxi call to the marker hotel 3 minutes away so I responded.
This is one of the hotels which demand a €2 kick back for the porter!
You have to add it on to the passengers bill and it goes back to the little rat.
So as I passed Facebook a guy ran up to me "Airport quick!" I asked him if he was booked and when he said no I went around to the front of the hotel and they cancelled !
I asked him what they were doing booking a taxi and cancelling it again with 3 taxis waiting at the taxi rank outside the hotel.
You must be hard up for €2 I said having missed my airport job as well.

Still life is full of ups and downs.
A girl who had broken her ankle was going back home, Living opposite the hospital entrance on the NCR, I brought her to the wrong hospital and exit on the SCR !!!!!!!!!11
Still that is why God put a rubber on the end of your pencil.
She had a great story about a guy who bought and sold costume jewelry. He bought the contents of a shop which had closed down and heaped it all into his van. Then he split it up into job lots and sold it on.
There was a box which was locked in his van and he hadn't got around to opening it.
One day he went over a big bump and there was a loud crash.
The box had broken open
Inside was bars of Gold bullion.
He bought himself a castle in Co.Wicklow where he lives the life of a Lord.
How did she break her ankle?
Two idiots fighting at a disco, the bouncer separated them. Then one of them tore across the dance floor and rugby tackled the other bringing her down on the bottom of the heap.
This will be expensive to fix.

The stress of doing the income tax is really getting to me.

Like the taxi driver who turned to comedy,
He worked quite a few gigs and a year later he spoke to the tax man.
So you did comedy and did you get paid?
Do you have a record of your payments? Good
Then you will have to deduct your expenses, suit, transport, BnB Food, transport allowance OK?
Add up all the money you took in
Then add up your expenses
Subtract one from the other.

Then send us a check for that amount.

Don't think it could be a joke.