Monday, February 25, 2019

Missing person.

This guy came from Iceland to play poker .He walked out of his hotel on the 9th and vanished.

In nead of a little lift. Kavenagh is your man.

How would you like this job ? Plenty of fresh air,

It is really tough on that Icelandic guys folks, after the first 24 hours things are looking worse.
I hope he will turn up happy, safe and well.

A story from the taxi rank last week.
More and more Indian and Pakisyani drivers are coming on stream.
A driver told me that the guy in his local shop was going for his PSV licence.
A few weeks later he passed  ! Smiles all round.
The taxi driver wondered how he got through so fast and the guy told him that he had an interpreter,
he said theat he had problems with English and was provoded with an assistant. 
The assistant provided the answers and he flew it.

In this mad country I am living in I really could see it happening.
Like the time FAS sent me an apprentice who was colour blind !
He was very dangerous.

If I was in charge I would  require that you have lived in the country for 8 years with no criminal record, have a clean driving licence, be able to speak the language of your country.
Then you can sit the knoweledge and off you go.
Like the way it is in Spain. 

So lets raise the standard !

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Back to the hard grind

I am home in Dublin again and I must say I saw wonderful magic at the 67th Blackpool magic convention.

There is a lot of poverty in the area, loads of druggies and people in wheelchairs, low property prices and no work anywhere.

I was in Weatherspoons pub and a guy walked in and put in around £6 in coins into the fruit machiene.
He flicked the knobs and then he started putting £10 and £20 notes.
It didn't take him long to put in £160 then he lost the £40 that he won on the way.
When I was getting a beer I mentioned it to the barman "That pays my wages" is all that he said.

I did little work today but my tracking was off and I had to get it fixed plus 2 new tyres.
Bad tyres now get a fine and penalty points.

I went to Andrew my computer guy and he took the chip from my dashcam and put it into his computer and as if by magic he recovered the footage of my near miss.
Remember if you have an incident disconnect the power before pulling the chip from the camera.

Blackpool Tower, stsndback Paris

A small part of the 150+ magic dealers

A magic leacture

To me this is a laugh, I spotted abandoned luggage at the airport last year, I had to tell 4 officials before they took action.

  Have a look at Hans Klok the fastest magician in the world

From the past master Slydini

FISM winner

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Up Up and away

Thats life !
I had a load of stuff ready to publish and it just vanished off the screen.
This is important please take note
If you have a dashcam and you have a near miss.
Take the power off the dashcam before you pull out the chip.
If you don't the footage may be lost !!!! 

So I am heading off to the airport at 5am and landing in Manchester, from there by train to Blackpool Lanconshire "The Costa del sol" of England.
Blackpool hosts the worlds biggest magic convention thousands of magicians from all over the world (and other places) come to see 3 days of lectures,competitions and magic dealers Plus 3 world beating magic shows. There will be as many as 150 dealers selling all kinds of gimmicks.

So as little Paul Daniels once said.
"Magic is great fun, the only way you have more fun is to take your clothes off."

A strange thing happened yesterday. a car had stopped on a dissabled parking space, I pulled over and said "Look at the sign" He looked at me and said "So what? Fuck off" So a bit further on I pulled over and rang the clampers.
Education is very expensive.
He will have to work on his act.
You catch more flies with honey than with vinigar.

Here is a magician that I first met 10 years ago.
He started his lecture by saying that he had an interpeter who would translate the lecture and he would speak Spanish. After 3 minutes he turned to his assistant who spoke only Chinese.
So we will have to carry on with my English..So funny

This is a great movie and features Blackpool strongly.

Monday, February 04, 2019

Happy new year

Once our biggest export, a tanker full heads off to the port

Worth getting this book to see what happened in the Celtic Tiger years

The travelling magician (Google it) Not long until Blackpool

Its like something out of Watership down, but it is just off Parnell St.
 So Happy new year to all my Chinese friends, I was in Andrews shop and saw the sunrise on Taemin Square. Thousands of people watching and the raising of the flag was very special for sure.
It will be a cause for big celebration in Dublin. The year of the pig

Click here for events

My little prayer every day doing out is "Dear God give me a chance to do something good today"
So he (or she) gave me two chances today.
The first one was to help a blind man across the Howth Rd.
I saw him and stopped the car and went over, a young enough guy 35 years old or so.
Crossing back I was remarking to him about all the blind drivers who were driving up to a red light not stopping yet they plainly couldn't notice a blind man crossing.
A woman in a car beside me later on rolled down her window and thanked me for helping the man.
I said that once in the City center around 10 years ago I discovered that we were all totally fucked when people crossed at a padestrian crossing and left a poor blind man standing there at the corner.
On the subject of blindness there was a blind girl once who had lost her sense of direction and I pulled over.
Are you having a problem ?
Yes I turned around and now I don't know which way to go.
Where are you going and I will help you.
We crossed the road and I sent her on her way.
She was foreign lady and a musician.
Imagine she had come here and was using a stick to tap her way around
God she was one of the most beautiful women I ever saw.
I was saddned that she was blind.
She asked to let her see what I looked like then she ran her fingers across my face.
You are very handsome and a good man, give yourself a shave and you will look fantastic.
God bless her I remember her forever.

Then a young guy left a bag on the floor of the taxi, he sent me an email and I dropped it over today.
His father was pushing €10 into my hand, which I totally refused.
You cannot take money for being good or doing the right thing.

On the other hand
A customers husband dropped his fone in a taxi and the rang it straight away, 6 or 7 times no reply.
The next day they got a call, "I have your fone I am going into town later and I will give it to you".

She met him and he said "I had to drive into town from Lucan with this, the fare is €35.00

All you can say about a guy like that is that God might put a hump on his back.

So for the last word.
A taxi driver was bringing 4 youths down to Kimmage along the canal, all of a sudden they jumped out at the lights and ran off.
The taxi driver moved on and he herd a fone ringing in the back of the car.
He pulled over and located the fone.
Hey mister I left my fone in your taxi by mistake
Thats not the only mistake you made tonight is it ?
Well we will forget about that for the moment, we can play a little game together.
Lets see if you can guess these animals?

Moo ! Cow...Very good
Bow wow...Dog you are good at this.
Cluck cluck   Chicken   Marvellous !!!!! and so on

I have had enough of this now.
You wont be able to identify the next one so I will tell you before you hear it.
This is the sound of your fone being thrown into the canal !!!!! 

So what goes around comes around

Tien'amen square

Friday, February 01, 2019

Another 1,000 Kms

Its the first of Feburary so you say "Rabbits" for luck on the first day of every month.

Something I saw on the internet about high street shops and shopping centers closing down, the rents were too high, shoplifting and staff pay have all killed the retail stores, remember Clearys and Boyers? More to follow for sure.

Perhaps driverless taxis?

So about the Google girl from Paris?

I typed out a letter about what happned and made some copies, I gave one letter to a German Girl and an Italian girl.
The German was very annoyed about it and said "Why could you do that after someone helped you"

One of the 2 girls contacted her and the French girl rang me and she wanted to pay me.

Body language says a lot.
She didn't say sorry or look me in the eye but she asked me for the "Ticket" which I had.

Not even a thank you.

Really I don't think I will change. It is in my nature to be good and to be honest.

You have one thing in this life for sure.
Your reputation
Don't just destroy it.
you might never get it back.