Sunday, May 12, 2024

Perhaps a little bit of thought

 There was a story rattling around about a fathers grief when his 13 year old daughter killed herself. He managed to unlock her mobile phone to find that she was being bullied without mercy. He read some of the texts and said that the phone records were in the hands of the police.

They were going to prosecute in the next few weeks.

It is so important to talk to each other face to face once in a while. Small problems can grow if a person is isolated. "Put away the mobile and talk to me "

There was a big fundraiser here in Ireland called "Darkness into light"

When I drove my taxi I had a couple of people who were suicidal, I started carrying leaflets from the Samaritans and handed them out. 

There is an amazing story in my book called The Steering wheel university (Amazon) about a taxi a taxi driver who was waiting for a job in The summit car park in Howth A lady in her night dress walks past him and.................

Saturday, May 04, 2024

Caifornia to Toronto

So I will try to make this quick.

3 Guys having a beer in a pub in Toronto.

One of the guys had moved with his wife to Canada when she got a big promotion.

The conversation came around as to which of them had ever had the shortest time on a job.

One of the guys said "I guess its me, 4 hours"

What happened was when we moved to Toronto I went around looking for work and this place asked me to come in the next morning wearing overalls.

The boss in the front office told me to look at the first car which came and then report to the front office. A lady came in with a warning light on the dash which indicated Mass air sensor fault.

I popped the hood and I found that someone had unplugged the sensor. I plugged it in and then I went into the front office. The boss told me that I was to tell her a whole pack of lies saying that it will cost $800 and we will need the car all day.

I went to the lady telling her what was wrong and that there would be no charge.

Then I told her what the boss had told me to do.

She gave me her business card and told me when I found a place to call her up.

She sent me so much work over the years. All my staff are trained to be honest.

And that is why we have 6 garages around the city.