Sunday, October 27, 2013

Clocks fall back

Alians walk down Wexford St.

          Backing on to reception there is frosted glass with scores of real vintage keys attached

                                       Clontarf Castle Hotel

Well the old clocks went back last night, the seasons are moving on.
The other day my first job of the day was to Jamestown near Ashbourn Co Meath,
I headed off towards Finglas and turned right on to the road.
The next thing my passenger said was
"Where are you taking me ? You have been going the wrong way for ages!"
Just then I pointed out the Ashbourn sign to her and she relaxed again.
My poor heart had flipped for a moment.
I told her the sorry tale of bringing a guy to the wrong place once which was miles from where he wanted to be.
You do your best to make it up to them, sometimes they still can't be happy.
In this case she laughed it off saying that she really hadn't been looking at the road annd was sorry for giving me a fright.

She worked for Yahoo and she told me an interesting fact.
"The average working time for a Google worker is 5 years, they don't keep the Grays"
But jobs are hard to find now, I wonder what the job market will be like for people with a narrow range of skills in 2018.
I have 3 sons so I know how hard it is for them to find work at present.

It makes me wonder how the bright young things will fair out when they enter the real world.
I had an Ex Microsoft worker in the taxi and she had ended her "natural" working life in the company.
In her case she still does contract work and she stays in touch with her team. But to just be turfed right out after 5 years must be hard.

Today I picked up a taxi driver in Teranure, he was in a really bad way, in a big panic.
He thought he was going to die.
He was at a house party and someone brought out Magic Mushrooms which were then brewed up and they passed around the resulting "Tea"
It must have been like LSD because my good pal had a really bad trip.
He was very happy to be at home, but he kept insisting that the whole face was distorted though he looked normal to me.
A Czech girl from Harolds Cross to town told me that she was knocked off her bicycle allong the quays and it was damaged. The car that knocked her off drove on with her on the bonnet of the car. When he did stop he asked her if she was all right?
She said that her bicycle was damaged and then he just got back into his car and drove away.
There are cameras along that area. If she asks she could perhaps identify the car..
I told her to keep all taxi receipts and other expenses.
I wish her good luck with that.

A beautiful blind girl trying to cross the street on Baggott St. and going the wrong way. I stopped the taxi and she allowed me to lead her across the road, she was foreign!
Imagine being blind and going abroad to explore a foreign city alone, then imagine doing it alone and totally blind.
Two drivers gave me a wave and a toot of the horn as I crossed back to my own car.
I don't know why people don't help others more,
I would have helped any pretty girl across the road, blind or not!

The Garda acted in good faith last week, though in a ham fisted way.
A Blond blue eyed child was found in Greece and DNA tests showed that it was not theirs.
Huge panic followed It has transpired that they bought the child from a woman with 10 children who was living in dreadful poverty. The rights or wrongs of the case I will leave to others.
But 2 blue eyed blond kids were taken from their parents here,without another family member accompanying them. The parents after DNA testing were proved to be the children's patents. 

Either way whether they acted or not the Garda would be in the wrong.
But they could just have gone and take samples and detained them until they got results.
The kids are now traumatized as a result of being taken away by force like that.

Marathon on Monday

Tonight I will be be putting on the black shoes to go to see the Tango musician Dino Saluzzi in action.

The Bandoneon was origonally designed to take the place of a church organ.

 In an effort to keep the blog interesting I present a plate spinner  with great class.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Time moving on

A man with a steel pole which has a wooden spool at the end listens for leaking water under ground.

This fine gentleman was photographed by Mark Nixon at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert
If you go to his blog page you can see some fantastic skyscapes

The last few days have been taken up by saying farewell to Mabel. It was a happy but emotional time for all.
Boy did she some changes in her long life.

Business is up for taxis.
The new rules with regard to illegal drivers are starting to have an effect.Plus the schools and the courts are back at work.
The rain this morning had the punters out like members of Hitler youth with their hands out.
But once the 9.15 watershed passed things were quiet.

In this job everything is down to luck If lady Luck is not smiling for you you might as well go home.

You do know that Google HQ is in Dublin and Yahoo,Facebook,Ebay,Microsoft,Amazon and even Intel.
It is a pity that they do not employ more Irish  people but the richness of culture that these firms have brought to our shores is immense.
Young intelligent enthusiastic people flooding into Ireland.

What is amazing to me is the speed of the changes in technology.
It is no time at all since we bought a computer game which played table tennis.
Now my 3 sons play war games against each other while living in Northern Ireland,London and Dublin.
I bought a word processor once, now my phone does speech to text and emails the result in seconds.
I once worked in the international telephone exchange when there were manual telephone exchanges where the operator pushed in a plug and twisted the handle to complete the call.
Now we have Skype, free calls around the world.
I read about the founder of
Everything he owned he bet on the venture,no one knew quite what it was back then,we went to the web site to have a look.
Do you have a book called "Maths mystery and magic by Martin Gardner?"I asked.
I had been looking for it for ages (Never lend books tools or money) In 2 weeks it arrived!

Then Ryanair brought us everywhere for e10! (ha ha )
All progress.
A few years ago I bought a CAR in Japan on the internet.
Fantastic !
In 10 years all those asshole car sales people who wouldn't deal with customers will be gone.
Why would the car makers pay them the commissions when Joe public can buy on line.
Small parts like a handle for your washing machine used to take days to find now it is a click away.

Some lonely hearts even find a partner on line.

As Bob Dalyn once said.

"The times they are a changing
So So true

Sad to say I couldn't find a good copy of Bob singing it

If I have seen such changes imagine what has changed since 1910 when Mabel was born

Friday, October 18, 2013

Mabel Fox RIP

Born on 5th February 1910 passed away today at noon.
One thing for sure very few people will see 103 on their birthday card.
She really had a great life.
She died at peace like a giant ship coming into port after a long  long voyage,engines closing down until she was at rest. One really super thing to observe was to hear her talking to her dead husband and daughter.
Yes they were with her as she passed over.

Do not stand at my grave and weep
By Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds  that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awake in the mornings hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there.I did not die.

Still here ,but sadly missed

Monday, October 14, 2013

Jingle bells

A few weeks ago I saw them in the shops.
Perhaps it was a mistake?
But no!
Christmas really is coming now.
In Lidl they have the Christmas cakes and puddings on the shelves.

Halloween has not been, where are they going? If there was other stock on those shelves they would empty them a few times before it was time to put on the Christmas stock.
But it is on the buses advertising Christmas partys and more.

Time is speeding up, as soon as the new year comes in the offer the Summer holidays.

There was a shooting on the SCR near Hanlons corner, one guy a known drug dealer was shot in the head and 4 girls who were smoking outside were shot in the legs.
I knew nothing about this when I started my morning shift, then I was hailed by a sober guy on Auinger St.
As we went across the junction he told me to pick up another man on the other side of the road, then a third further on. My heart sank as I had no means of self defense on me. When I did work nights I carried "Deep Heat " spray in the car with tape and a straw down one side to show me which way the nozzle was pointing when I picked it up. Even having that or a baton helps. It gives you confidence, though if you have to use it you had better hit hard and quick because if they get you on the rebound you will be dead.
I used to have CS spray but I was told that the robber would sue you for giving him chronic asthma and you the victim could loose your house as a result.
The law is an ass.
Anyhow they were not interested in me that morning. They had a score to settle and were on their way to tool up and find the gunman, then they went into the "convict speak" the language that they use to talk to each other.
I was not on the menu today.

In a more normal form of employment you could reckon on making a fixed fee per hour, not so in a taxi.
There was no fish to catch today.The punters were at home in bed, so I went to bed as well.

You can go to school or even to university to learn but the real teacher is to learn by your mistakes.
The lessons you learn by trial and error stay with you forever.
At the rank the other day a car moved off and when one of the other cars tried to start. His key did nothing. Modern cars are computer controlled and when they detect an "error" they just sit there.
I told him. Take out the key, leave the door open, disconnect the battery, wait 5 minutes then reconnect the battery and the computer will reboot.
I went back to my car only to hear a big roar S***T.
When you reboot a car it locks the doors.!
Even though I had told him about the key and the dooor open he had closed the door and his key was on the drivers seat.
He was locked out with the spare key in Naas.

That is one mistake he will never make again.

Will this income tax ever be finished,my dog died, my wife is in London looking after my oldest son who is in hospital. Then my most elderly friend is dying.

Well at 103 3/4 it  comes as no surprise.
An incredible lady

Someone told me that I looked a bit stressed out.

Just a bit.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

You never know.

My youngest son landed a job at the airport and he started work at 4 am.! So I had to get out of bed and drop him out. It is good because an early start means no traffic and an early finish 11.30 am.
I got another fare from the HailO system on my way home, and yet another one later.
I took 2 hours sleep and went out again.
It was after 8 am but I got another few jobs which found me around Baggott St where I picked up 2 Spanish people heading for (trumpets) Ardmore studios in Bray..
"What do you guys do for a living?" Brought the reply.
"We are Movie director and producer"
Their car had not shown up and they had me instead. So I entertained them with the Stephen Speilberg story..(yes I did meet him)
They were delighted that their car had not turned up because I was much more fun.
The movie they are working on now is Penny dreadful A vimpire horror story which I found on youtube.

It seems scary enough to me.

His other movie the impossible is on youtube complete.

There is a lot of work put into theese movies for sure.
The guy told me that if I wanted to be in the movie he would get a nice dress for me.
The girl corrected his English to say he would dress me up nicely !

And Tango on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Marathon NEWS! Workshops, Ladies technique, Food & more

DynamicTangoDublin .
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One week countdown to our 3rd Dublin Tango Marathon at the Marino Institute of Education, Griffith Avenue.  Directions and map on our website

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Dinners not-to-be-missed!
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Teachers, DJs, & Performance
Top Class International DJs, and a lovely couple from Portugal who run tango schools in 2 cities there, training their own teachers, and organising festivals and marathons as well as teaching and performing all over Europe:  Rui Barroso and Ines Gomez will give 2 workshops and do a performance at our Sunday night Afterparty!

2 Workshops only! - Book here
Saturday 7pm Rhythmical Soltadas
Sunday 6.15pm Combining Boleos & Sacadas
€15 for one, €25 for both.
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See you next week!


Thursday, October 03, 2013

The best job in the world

 Bright enough to be seen i daylight ..In 3 days it has paid for itself
 Our boy is back supporting Kilkenny
 Octoberfest is here,not that we need an excuse to drink
This guy has just turned pro as a golfer, Rory McElroy got into my taxi the day after he had turned professional. So I gave him the same advice that I had given to Rory on that day I hope it works for him as well .

A really wonderful girl told me that this taxi trip was the best taxi trip she ever had in her life!
I was the best taxi driver ever!
I even got a kiss on the cheek for my trouble.
Why so?
Perhaps I made an effort.

Later on in the  day a guy told me that he had been in a taxi and found the radio music noisy and distracting. He asked the driver to turn it off and the driver told him that it was HIS CAR and he wouldn't turn it off !
So my good man asked him to stop, he got out and paid him.
Then he told him to drive away and listen to his music all day long and get no money for listening to it.

Really they were both wrong.

If that makes any logical sense.

Wow it takes all sorts!

I know if people can tear themselves away from their gadgets for a few hours they would learn to live again.
Once on the tube in London I was wearing an Ireland rugby jumper, people smiled at me and I really didn't know why. I spoke to an Indian girl was standing beside me. She had brightly coloured clothes and I asked where she was from, then 20 minutes of banter followed, as my stop approached I told her that I had to go.
She held my elbow for a second and said "It was lovely to meet you and thank you so much for talking to me"
All I could say was."Anyone would be mad not to want to talk with you you are a really fantastic person"and I got off.

That's London for you

Do you remember John?
I was on his radio show in New York once.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Heartbeat of home

Tonight I took the suit out of the pawn shop and went to the premiere of the show.
I was supposed to be going to the after show party but I couldn't contact the other people in my group.
Yes folks shit happens.

What did you think of the show John?
Well I was sitting 2 empty seats away from Moya Doherty

Lots of things are big pluses, the South American dancers were electric, the projections on to the stage screen were exceptional. That Flamenco dancer was magic for me. I just loved the way she moved like liquid.. Vansssa Guevarara danced like a person posessed.Teneisha Bonner  really carried on a good part of the show.Lucia Evans a vocalist with the voice of an angel.Strange to say the bass player Tanya O'Callaghan wearing no shoes played her heart out. It is strange how you can pick out one exceptional musician in an entire orchestra of 20 people.
The uillen pipes were really great as well.

Where did it go wrong for me?

If you see a group of dancers charging on to the stage en mass?
Once is enough.
They did it loads of times,
The number of dancers could have been  halved, as there were too many on the stage at once.
Also we need to be told what is happening.

Remember "Side by side by Sontime?" The commentator stood at the side of the stage and explained why one thing lead to another, that really helped.

Everything just bangs on one after the other with no thread to hold it.

But the drumming section, the Flamenco and Tango were great and that New York skyscraper scene totally terrific.

But then I am a taxi driver not a critic.
You might as well send in the...........

We once had a music box that played this tune and a Clown used to dance inside the glass case.