Thursday, October 27, 2011

Web Forum

I met them in Fairview, 3 girls from Mexico looking through the window of the bridal shop. One was trying to take a photograph of the other with the bridal dresses in the background. I know the girls who work inside and I knew that they would get a good reception. So I ushered them inside. It is wonderful to see those pretty exotic girls so happy with life !
They told me that I was such a kind man, sure why not? Its good to be nice.

Just a chance shot of a lady passing by with 2 little baby's in the trailer.

A big web forum is in the RDS this weekend, one of the guuests is the man who invented Skype1 He was on the radio talking about innovation.
He had failed with 2 business ventures and was reluctant to risk more money, but his wife helped him on. So he tried again.
Skype took off and he sold it for $3.5 Billion US
Then the buyer decided that it did not fit into its business plan and put it up for sale. So he bought it back again. 5 years later he sold it again to Microsoft for $8 billion. Not bad for a guy who failed twice.

But he said that failing is OK as long as you learn from your mistakes.

I saw my first Christmas shop window today.
Is this a record ?.

I had an enchanted day, one after the other they came to be driven. Coming home for dinner I was 4 hours late. Must not complain.

In my local supermarket I saw a lady that I thought I knew. I feel sure that I do know her but I can't place where or under what circumstances we met before. She is Hungarian and lived in this locality. Like me she felt she knew me but couldn't remember from where.
I must be getting old.
They say the memory is the second thing to go.
I'm damned if I can remember what the first thing was.

Today again the dart was stopped and I picked up a stunning German blond going to Google. Very healthy fit looking, wonderful blue eyes and quite clever as well.
She and her mother had gone into west Berlin when she was 6 years old. The reunification of Germany was a fantastic feat. They rebuilt the east, roads power lines,airports, even cities and telephone networks.
This was done while they exchanged eastern marks for western Duchmarks. In effect devaluing their currency by more than 50%
High taxes followed.
But they did it !
Now the Greeks and the Italians and the Irish are begging to have thoughts of debt forgiveness, all because co corrupt politicians and greedy bankers.

I would like to introduce to my friend
He is a great source of education and fun

Brazil taxi

If you click on the link for Brazil taxi you can read this story in it origonal form.
Until today I couldn't follow it until I found Google translate.

This story shows me how lucky I am, I hope you are lucky too.

Chronicle of an abandonment

It was past midnight, the taxi driver John Person down the avenue when he saw the couple making a sign on the sidewalk. The man was holding a guitar case, a woman, clinging to his arm, looked cold.

He was a musician, had left the bar he was playing in to solve a problem with the woman. He tried to convince her that she had done the right thing. He was married, she needed to understand. He promised he would get the money she needed. Had taken a loan. The proceeds would she buy a shack in the village. He also promised her a job in a firm friend. Everything would be fine.

She said nothing, she was drugged, doped. He tried in vain to dry up a runny nose that ran down his nose. Dry eyes. It was not cold, it was cold. She wept in silence.

The man spent the money for the race and asked the taxi driver take the woman home to Garden Village. Before landing, embraced her at length, asked her to take the medicine and slept as much as possible. He swore he loved her.

She was not home. He asked the taxi driver to take her to a brothel in the neighborhood Navigators. There, the girls already waiting at the door. When the woman told what she had done, the prostitutes are mad. Neither the left of the cab. Play all embarked and sent to Joao Pessoa Avenue, before it was too late.

The women all spoke the same time. They said he could not get any money, no job, he would disappear from her life. She could be a whore, junkie, not home, but had friends. They will find a way.

The woman was stunned. I did not know what was the exact container - the damn garbage containers were all the same. Fortunately the truck collection had not yet passed.

A taxi driver and four prostitutes in a desperate search for multiple containers, until they found the newborn child, abandoned, innocent, sleeping between the plastic bags as if nothing had happened.

Posted by Mauro Castro
Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Broom Bridge Cabra

Christmas is coming !
Aldi and Lidl have had Christmas cards, puddings and cakes on the shelves for the last 4 weeks.
My house is full of clutter and the long haul begins to tidy up for the big day!
Yes folks it all begins NOW.
One of the best tips you could ever get for this time of year is to empty your freezer and clean it out.
This time of the year you will have power cuts, as a result you may loose the contents.
This the hot tip !
There will be bargains as Christmas approaches. Plus you will have room for your Goose.

What about this for a coincidence?
I picked up a lady in Stoneybatter with a load of shopping.
I had to say to her that I found her accent had me puzzled.
It was mostly Irish, but there was something in the mix, I had to ask.
I have lived here for 17 years, I am Swiss.
I came here to look after 3 children long ago.
Now I have 3 children of my own.
I brought her up to Cabra park and headed of to Cross Gunns Bridge where I clicked again. "Go back this way" she said. She gave me a destination which I did not recognise. So I pumped her for more information. Then it clicked! Broom bridge station.
She was trying to go to Manooth by train and the station in Drumcondra was closed. She wanted to get cash and when she went into a local shop I asked one of the local deadbeats where exactly the station was. They told me that the station was closed owing to flooding.
So when she came back I told her that we could go to Broombridge and it may be closed or, we could go to Ashtown station which was operating.
So we went to Ashtown.
She had an accent.
Where was she from?
Why do you ask ?
I am from Switzerland I have lived here for 22 years.
Now she too had an Irish accent except for the letter D, that was slightly different

I really love when you hear some slight inflection in an accent.
Then you find that the person has a past which took them from Peru to Scotland to an education in Oxford.
The result?
An accent rich in musical inflections.
One of the best I ever heard was a South African girl who had moved to Scotland when she was 16 or so.
What a beautiful accent, it was music to the ear.

Such is my life, like a bee sucking nectar from the different flowers which come my way. Without that I think I would give up.

Do you know the importance of Broom Bridge to the world?
Well, there was a famous scientist caller William Rowan Hamilton who was walking with his wife along the canal. He had been working on a formula and he had a Eureka moment!, but he had no paper to write down the formula.
So he scratched it on the side of the bridge before he forgot it.
The theory is very important to science.
Look here
So there you are.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


If I ever have to live another day I would hope I would never have to live through that storm again. The scary part is that the flooding was caused by blocked drains !
At no point was the flooding caused by the sea jumping on to the road.
A Philippine nurse drowned in her apartment and a young Garda who was off duty died in the deluge as well.

God bless and RIP

When such a crisis occurs you get trapped with people for longer than you might expect, tensions are heightened and they tell you things that they would not tell their lovers !
Its true.
The lady in question was from South Africa she was 40 and now she was pregnant.
She told me of the time she was at university and "Fell" pregnant when she was only 20, I have a beautiful daughter at home.
I came to Ireland to work and one day I met a man. It was like a lightning strike for both of us. I have never thought that I would meet such a man in my life!
My partner and me decided that we would never have any children, but it wasn't just sex we fell in deeply love in a way that you would never dream could happen.
So we decided to have a baby and now thank God I am pregnant. I can deal with any problem, we are living in a dream.
We never have been so happy in our lives.
Now my life begins again, not that my past life was bad, no, but now things are so different now and I pray to God every day for blessing me.

So you enter an immigrant workers life for 1/2 hour and you see another side to your world.

You know people who come here with nothing willing to work,they appreciate the chance thay have, their grandchildren will be giving our grandchildren jobs.

On the other hand the ferries were busy and all the dart services and Luas were in chaos that all kinds of work came our way. I had a few early starts(5.30) and I had to go to bed in the middle of the day.


So at present I am in dry dock as I can't find my battery charger.

I picked up a lady on the coast road, we had met before several times.
As per usual she had to stop for cash on the way. Then into town.
I spoke about the lady and man who had been knocked down last week.

"I think you know my partner" she said
Then she went on to explain that he had been struck by a car while crossing the road.
Broken ribs, vertebrae, skull, leg etc..
He is in a full body cast in hospital.
I should have asked if she had a photo on her fone as I probably did know him.
Some people you meet week after week.
Then they go.

You never know where.

Sometimes you meet them in a bar somewhere and you both stop and think, then walk on.

So you see boys and girls.

Pay attention, if things are bad they might get worse

Then there is The TANGO

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rain Rain

The presidential candidates arrive at Google HQ to have a debate !

This was the road home !

Hows about this for a traffic report !
Last Updated: 24/10/2011 21:22:59
Dublin Summary Report

* Expect heavy traffic around Dublin City and County due to the exceptional weather conditions. Do not make any unnecessary journeys. *TRAVEL* *LUAS* Luas Red line services are only running between Tallaght and Blackhorse. Luas Green Line services are only running between Brides Glen & Beechwood due to flooding on the lines. Dublin Bus are honouring tickets. * Drivers are being advised not to drive over the Luas tracks in Saggart. *IRISH RAIL* All Northern Commuter, Belfast Enterprise and Sligo and Maynooth Commuter services have been suspended due to flooding. All DART services have been suspended and will be for the rest of the evening due to flooding. * The M50 is closed northbound between J14 Leopardstown and J12 Firhouse due to heavy flooding. Also flooding southbound at J6 Blanchardstown. * Traffic is down to one lane on the M1 from the Airport to Balbriggan.

* The following roads are impassable or barely passable due to flooding: * Gardai advise that N81 is impassable between Citywest & Jobstown. * The Ballybough Rd is closed. * The Rock Rd is closed. * The Grand Canal Quay is closed. * The Dodder Rd is now closed. * Blake's Cross to Lusk Rd is now closed due to flooding. * N7 Naas Rd is down to one lane both ways between J3 Citywest & J4 Rathcoole. * Rathcoole & Saggart Villages are impassable. Robin Hood Rd & Nangor Rds are closed. * The Crumlin Rd is impassable between Dolphins Barn and Sundrive Rd jct. * Avoid Kilmainham completely. Conyngham Rd is impassable as is Old Kilmainham Rd. * Blackhorse Avenue is closed. * In the Crumlin area Bunting Rd is closed, as is Balph Rd East & Harty Ave. * Motorists trying to exit the N4/Lucan Rd for Ballyefermot should drive through Inchicore as the Ballyfermot Rd and the village itself are impassable. Cold Park & St. Laurences Rd are impassable.

* Impassable at the Cookstown Industrial Estate. * The Strawberry Beds in Lucan are impassable. * Parkgate St outbound is flooded before the Infirmary Rd jct. * Flooding on Seapoint Ave in Monkstown and also on the Rock Rd at Booterstown Ave. * Carysfort Ave in Blackrock is almost impassable. * The N11/Stillorgan Rd is flooded at Fosters Ave. Further out there's flooding at Cornelscourt. Flooding on Dodder Rd. * Reports of flooding on the Belgard Rd approaching Mayberry towards Clondalkin. *NORTHSIDE* * Flooding in the north and south bore of the Port Tunnel. The tunnel remain open, however. * James Larkin Rd inbound is closed to traffic due to flooding. * Flooding on the Howth Rd at the Clontarf Rd jct. * Avoid the Phoenix Park. The N3/Navan Rd is badly flooded at the Church.

* Flooding on the N1/Swords Rd outbound before Santry Ave. Severe flooding on Griffith Ave approaching the Ballymun Rd and the Collins Ave jct.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A very stormy night !

The Sam Beckett bridge at night, not too bad a photo.(click on it to enlarge)

A Danish sail training ship

When you buy a bike you must buy a good lock or it might get stolen!
Everything was stolen but the frame .

And now an app for your fone to tell you how long the next bus will be.

Tonight we have gale force 9 on all coastal waters, sailings canceled, OH THE LIFE ON THE OCEAN WAVE !

Tears in Paris while there is dancing in the streets of Wellington New Zealand.

Such is the world of sport.

France 7 New Zealand 8 Rugby world cup comes to an end.

Did you ever see this clever advert for Toyota ?.

Last week there was a woman knocked down by a car.
This week a young guy ran straight into the path of a truck !

It must have been very bad because they closed the quays and brought the emergency services up against the flow of traffic.

I had come into the situation after dropping off a chef on Sycamore St. then I came out by Fitzpatrick's pub. My new passinger was very glad to see me.
"Quick down to the four courts,I might be late, there was a fucking eejit back there who ran head first into the path of a truck,he didn't even glance to where he was going. He bounced twice on the road he got such wallop,he won't be getting up again!"

Such a heartless reaction to a person probably being killed,a big contrast to last week.The lady that time was so upset by what she saw that she wanted to abandon her trip to England.

As Colombo might have said."Just one other thing"
The Jaguar E type is 50 years old this year, If you have ever seen the Jaguar XK it would remind you of it BUT IT WOULD BE A LOT BETTER THAN THE E TYPE
There is one featured Snday Toimes motoring section. There is often one parked in Sandymount Green. I spoke to the owner one day and he told me that I would be surprised at how little a second hand one would cost.
But with fuel the price it is a 4.2 litre engine would drink fuel and tax and insurance would be a nightmare. Lets leave it to the Clarkesons and the J Lenos of this world.
Still a nice car

Friday, October 21, 2011

Why Fly ?

The other day my youngest son was to fly to London.

Everything arranged for weeks!

So there he is playing computer games and I ask. "Have you got your passport ready?"
Much later on I asked again.
His reply was "Dad you don't need a passport to go to London"
The problem is that with Ryanair you do !

PANIC set in !

The entire house was turned upside down.


So up to the Garda station, forms filled in, up to Tesco for photos and off to the passport office to be first in the line.

Now boys and girls of the passport office.

Put the hours of business on the website and cull the bullshit !

According to the guy on the door.(who spoke to us through a sheet of glass with his mike off and a television blareing on ous side of the screen SO WE COULDN'T HEAR)
The doors open at 9.30 and the staff don't see people before 10.00 Not much feckin use if you are trying to get to Gadaffis funeral on time !

Not nearly good enough.

So with my great knowledge of logistics I speeded to the ferry wher I put the lad to be sent by ship and train to London Victoria return for €85...Not bad.

I think he was only 3 hours longer arriving.

So let it be a lesson to you all.

Boy scouts motto.


Why do I mention this ?

As I speak a Volcano is rumbling and it is about to ?????????????????

Monday, October 17, 2011

Taxi driver beats the tabloids ?

A Dutch style house in Youghall

The Irish navy is in town.

A tight little alley

A modern build

Oktoberfest beer garten

There is defiantly a shift to winter today.
The fantastic blast of warm weather from last week is well gone.
I was up in Northern Ireland yesterday, we had planned to go to see the Giants Causeway, but we decided to wait for a time when the weather would be better.
Still,it is good to see the folks again.

On the driving front ?
The schools are long back and people are on the move in the mornings again.
Also the teachers who drive taxis in the summer are back teaching again.

Big news with regard to people renting taxis.
There is to be a big tightening up of that side of the industry.
At present one guy goes in to rent a taxi and 5 people drive it in relays, only one person is really insured. It is so dangerous and so SO wrong.
Still this industry is like living in a game of Chinese whispers, loads of rumors and nothing happens,but I do hope this aspect of taxi life is tightened up soon.

Johnny Walker is 76, still driving his taxi and refereeing foot ball matches.
I met his brother today, he told me that Johnny was in Spain for a birthday party, refereed 2 football matches at the weekend and flew to Sunderland today. He is still one of the main wheels which turn for the taxi drivers special day out for children.
Not bad at all for 76.

Up at the Westbury rank a taxi driver came around the corner and saw that there was no space to pull in, so as he drove around the small block he saw a space at Starbucks, but before he could pull in another car shot into the space. The taxi then noticed that there was now a space on the very end of the rank and drive into it. He shouted over to the guy who had darted into the space that he should be proud of his driving. The taxi driver locked his car and was heading off for tea when he was head butted so badly that he was knocked out. Thank God the other taxi drivers saw it all and caught the fucker before he made his escape.
The taxi driver as well as being concussed has a compound fracture of his thumb.
The assailant was of perhaps Moroccan origin. He has created a load of trouble for himself for sure.If he has no work permit his boss will suffer as well as the taxi drivers knew where he worked.

At the O2 on Saturday I picked up a girl going to the ferry, she was panting, though not out of breath. Then she told me of her plight.
She thought she could walk from Connelly station to the boat and set off along the quays.
As she passed by the Milano restaurant she heard a horrible scream and she turned in time to see a woman's body being flung into the air and it went right over a car and landed on the ground with an awful thud.
Whether the woman ran out from behind stopped traffic, or whether the car which struck her had broken the lights she could not say. She was in a bad state of shock.

Pedestrians walk blindly into traffic, cyclists go through red lights and accidents happen.

So lets take it easy.

Like the guy who jumped into the taxi at the Sunset House going to Vincents hospital. "Hurry hurry I am late"
I have a new policy on this, since the last time.
I told him that if he wanted to try another taxi he was welcome to leave with no charge, but that I was breaking no speed limits or red lights for him.
But we made it in good time in spite of him stopping me from making 2 good short cuts.
The cost was €11.90.
He hands me a €20 note and says "Just give me €10 back, because I am now late"
Well need I say my reply was mostly in a form of French which is the preserve of Algerian sailors. Then he headed off with a fist full of the smallest denomination coins that I could find in my coin holder.
I shouted after him that I would drive past him if I ever saw him again.
(Which none of us could ever afford to do)

Is this a first? Even before the tabloids?

A young couple were getting married and they had booked a castle for the event,
Then the hotel rings them up to say that another party wanted the castle for the same date.
Would they move to a different venue?
The other party would make it worth their while.
They said NO !
Then an offer of money came if they moved the event.

They still said NO ! The wedding was arranged and they would stick to their guns.

How much is your house mortgage?


Now I can't say who it is, it's not a wedding it's a christening!
No he is not a film star, he's a footballer and he doesn't play for Manchester United any more.

Is that a first?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A wall to keep out the sea.

People of Clontarf are up in arms about plans to build an 8 ft wall along the sea front from the Bull Wall to the Alfie Byrne Rd.

Also with this great plan is a proposal to raise the land bank by up to 5 meters.

This would block the view of the sea and create a corridor where joggers and walkers could not be seen from the road therefore making them liable to attack by mad southsiders !
Take a look for yourself here

But I do feel I know what this is really about.

The Clontarf people have been blocking the infill of 50 acres down at the port. The were foiled at every turn by the late Sean Dublin Bay Loftus, now we will be told that if the 50 acres were filled in the sea would be kept at bay and the defenses would be reduced.

"Wouldn't that be better boys and girls?"

All those lovely sun rises lost forever.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Luas kills man

Look at this ! Barley for Guinness all the way from Poland.
How many days driving was that?

A nice bit of design ? Still you can't run down the stairs in the nip.

Tea break in Sandymount.

People are going for job interviews !
I had 3 this week.
I hope they did well.

The Dublin theatre festival is in full swing with all kinds of events taking place on the fringe.
I had 2 ladies heading off to give a workshop. One of the Ladys must have been "someone" as she was going to have an assistant assigned to her for the duration of her stay.
One thing I did overhear from them was that they do not give out free tickets to shows any more. When they did give out free seats people didn't come. So now they give reduced price seats.
If you give something for nothing it will not be appreciated, how very true.

People will walk out in front of cars and buses, earphones turned up to the max, moving in a world of their own tonight the Luas claimed its first life.
A man in his mid 30s.
It happened on Stephens Lane which runs up the hill to Jameses st from Heuston station.
It might be no harm for the police to pull up a few padestrians for Jay walking and walking out in front of traffic just to waken them to the dangers if nothing else.
I for one am sick of it,just walking out in front of traffic when you have a green light. Then if you stop you have to wait for the lights again.

You know we have to take life as it comes, there is no point in complaning about the weather, of how bad business is either.
Just try to change the things we can change and ignore the things we cannot change.

I met up with Seamus a retired taxi driver tonight. We spoke about taxi driving.

He told me about the worst drive of his life.
He was working for Near cabs and got a call to go to Navan.So Seamus picked up this lady in her mid 30s and she was saying that her husband was in hospital, he had had an accident on the way to work.
Earlier that day he had heard of an accident around Navan, later on he found that the driver was dead on arrival in Navan hospital.
In a few seconds Seamus had put 2 and 2 together. Turning off the radio and playing tapes all the way to Navan.
She was giving out yards that she was going to kill him when she got to the hospital.
She never liked him using the minor roads, but he was always late leaving and to avoid the traffic went the back roads.
He let her have her head and when she arrived at the hospital her husbands boss paid the taxi fare.

Seamus spoke about how their lives had changed since he left home that morning.
They had small children to be collected from school.

He sat in the car park and smoked 2 cigarettes before he went back to Dublin.
Perhaps we taxi drivers sometimes think to much.
Perhaps the others think too little.

There is an expression here. "He has a great face for radio"
Quite a great performance but very hard to watch

It should be stated here that the definition of a gentleman is someone who can play the accordion and doesn't.

Or that the definition of an optimist is a gentleman who plays the accordion and feels the need to buy a pager!

Nice though,

I am sure that I have bored you with the concept of the Sundance festival where writers , directors and actors get together and make something.
Here is one of the very best.
The actors, timing and music all perfect and a story line that unravels seamlessly.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Walking in Dublin

Anyone for a walk !

Good is'nt it

Friday, October 07, 2011

Darker mornings.

I went into the Oktoberfest tonight to have a look, loads of people, beer and sausages.
The recession must be over !

On the work side I picked up 2 guys from the Cork train this morning. They were tough as tough can be "Langers" is a word that came to my mind.
North circular rd. mister.
Its a long road, which end are you going to.
North circular Rd. mister said the other guy.
Where abouts on the North Circular Rd. are you going to? Its a long road.

Oh I see St. Patricks (juvenile detention center)
They had come to visit a pal who had been sent away.

On Friday I picked up an old regular customer, a Polish girl. She had changed her hair and I nearly didn't recognize her.
As she was getting out I said a very strange thing.
I wonder what kind of person I will pick up next?. To which she said. I hope it will be someone nice. Then I said, Perhaps it will be little red riding hood going to her grandmas house.
Down in Mount brown a girl with a red shawl over her head waved me down, she had red hair as well. I told her what I had said to my last passenger. I had better look closely at grandma when I get there so.
She was a financial controller for a large store.
The next guy was a financial adviser to a large telecommunications firm. He spoke about Nick Leeson the rogue trade who brought down Bearings bank.He knew him, he lives in Galway now, it is odd how he not only knew of him, but he had talked to him many times.
Trading floors are still policed in a very lax manner today. Look at the massive losses in UBS bank a few weeks ago. Even the smallest sweet shop in the land would have some way to prevent such a happening.
But little has changed as he said.
Today I picked up a lady on Whitworth Rd going to East Wall Rd. A couple of phone calls to arrange babysitters and she turned off the phone. Said she was sorry, but she had to get things fixed. She was off to her brother in laws funeral. 60 years old, dropped dead on Tuesday.He had had a heart attack earlier but continued to smoke and drink. Then he just keeled over dead. Me sister is in bits.
Still he had plenty of warnings to mend his ways.
Sad part is that all her kids have left the home, now she has an empty house, I can't get any of mine to move out. Now there's grandchildren as well.
Even 60 is not a bad age, there is nothing worse than burying a child.
Jesus you're right there my little girl was a week off her 8Th birthday when we buried her. She is at peace beside my mother in Glasneven. The only good thing about today is that I will spend some time at the grave.
Here we are now 8 euro. There's a 10 keep the change and God bless you.

There is a lot of humanity in decent working class Dublin women. Salt of the earth.

2 girls for Uruguay in the taxi tonight, not bad looking at all.
What do you know about Uruguay?
Well in Montavedo a young music student gave a transcript of a tune he had written to a local tango band. That song he then sold the copyright for the price of a packet of cigarettes.This tune is the most popular Tango tune in the world today.
Bravo ! You are a very wise taxi driver.
Here is a very good clip for you.

I bet you won't be able to guess what happens next !

So I went on youtube to see Dave Young ?

Yes he is there
The next time we meet he will be buying the tea, again.

Here's a piece I found about an English horse fair.

You see there are good Gypsies and the forth coming war on Chalk Farm will paint all Irish travellers as scum.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs RIP

Dublin City falling down

Artistic bus

Adare Co.Limerick

Sad to hear that Steve Jobs founder and the brains behind Apple computers has passed over.
I still have one of his first computers in the garage, I bet it still works too.
The first computers with their green screen never crashed and there was no fans roaring away while you tried to work.
Microsoft stole the edge from him for a while, but it was with I pods and the new I fones that he bounced back, giving the kids Gigabytes of music.
Sorry but the older the fone the better for me. But I see my kids flicking through pages of information all thanks to Apple.

You must all know the story about how he started off building computers in the family garage. He had found out that some people did not want to build the computers themselves, so he went into production.
Now things were getting hectic in the garage so he rented a factory unit.
Then came the big day to move his boxes of tricks out. So he hired a driver and a van to give him a hand. He was strapped for cash and offered the driver a share in his new company, Apple.
The driver must tell the story over and over again !


So whether you are rich or poor spare a thought for all the people around who are fighting Cancer, a special prayer for you Nancy, I hope your results are good.

Your health is your wealth, and all the wealth cannot buy your health back again.

So what else is happened to me today !.
A lady coming from a personal trainer nearly dying !
She is getting married soon and went to get toned up.
"MY God he nearly killed me! I had no idea I was so unfit"

A retired teacher from Galway who taught a Polish girl for her Leaving Cert. She got an A in Irish, she had only done the subject for 2 years as well.
I went through my usual rant about how the migrants are the ones with ambition, they work at 2 or 3 jobs just to give their kids the chance they never had. Boston is a great city to see how many of them have propelled themselves to excellence in the Legal, Medical and Financial institutions.
Yes we know many have fallen by the wayside,that's life, many more have progressed though.
A Polish man drinking Red Bull wearing a suit. He was going for a job interview.
The Red Bull was causing him to stutter. I hope he got a bottle of water to drink before he met the panel.

Young electrician going to hospital for tests. Bemoaning the fact that in spite of paying taxes while he was working. He now finds himself in the position where he is out of work and he is entitled to no unemployment benefit.
Even though he has always paid taxes on his work.
Then to add insult to injury he sees refugees coming into Ireland and they get houses and every damn thing handed to them.
So Australia is calling him and when he gets the all clear he will be away.

Another young girl off to Frankfurt, her job were looking for people and she saw the chance to better herself. Lucky girl things are on the up and up.

Two really funny women off to Pearse St.
They were just after a really hot curry.
I just had to say "If you think it was hot going in wait until it comes out and burns your arse!" This lifted the mood no end.
They were in tears getting out with the laughing, €4 tip for the good of it all.

This lifted my mood as well and I can reveal that more business came my way as a result.

On the news,
A woman who refused to allow the electricity company on her land was released from jail today, she had spent 22 days locked up because she refused to allow the ESB on to her land to cut down her trees. The court ordered her to let them on the land, she refused and had to go to jail. The neighbors and other protesters occupied the land and prevented the work from going on. So in the end they let her out.

Compare this with the Billions which have gone missing from the banks. 2 years later not one person has gone to jail. Many have retired with multi million pensions golden handshakes and gold wrist watches to boot,all because of greedy bankers, corrupt politicians, incompetent and corrupt civil servants.

Did you see that 5 people had been sacked from the income tax office? They had been lowering the tax rates for family and friends.
One woman crippled her ex husband for tax.
In their defense they said that everyone above them was doing it.

Not a great defense in a sacking situation.

I had a great evening with my Chinese friends and their 6 month old baby girl.
Really wonderful people. My wife is learning Cantonese from Judy, just for fun.

"I went into a restaurant and ordered the entire meal in fluent Chinese.
All my friends were impressed, except for the waiter.

It was a French restaurant"

Tommy Cooper

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Stolen property

There was a big discussion in the Magic club last month about some magicians "stealing" others tricks.
I once saw a guy do another persons complete act, he did it very well but he is nowhere to be seen now and the original guy is still going strong.

I knew another person whose sister used to manage 4 comedians and there was war all the time when one stole anothers gag.
But it is difficult to say who owns what to a point.


In the movie funnybones the main characters father comes on stage on his sons opening night in Las Vegas and tells all the sons jokes. The son then comes on to the stage and dies on the spot when his gags are met by silence.

On the other hand in Greece you can buy a pair of Chanel sun glasses for €5 or a Rolex watch for €10
If this continues there will be no point in putting adverts in the magazines to sell top of the range products.
China will copy, there Copywrite means" Make no mistakes copy it right"

If you can't do things well.

The least enjoy doing things badly.

OK everyone sing along !