Sunday, December 30, 2007

New years eve

Ryans of Sandymount where I once met the man who "sprung" George Blake.Blake is still going strong.I forget the guys name,he was a character IRA man and a guy who lived life full on to the end. Come on. Who was he? He died in a caravan in Kilkee Co Clare, Reckon it was the special forces of the crown,who knows.

Here are Pavarotti's hand prints on the footpath outside the Gaitey theater.
I did tell you that his career started in kidding.

If you want to see shop windows go here.He writes a good blog too.

"Driver why did you not have your light on?"
At night you keep your light off and take a good look at you passengers before stopping.
Here is the beautiful girl I picked up on Christmas eve coming home again.
Wow did she have a good time?

Now do you get the picture?

Kicked off the night with a girl from Mauritius going to the Beaumont house,
I am interested in all people and we spoke about the Creole French which is spoken in Mauritius. The people were brought to the island as slaves she told me,speaking only an Indian language the pronunciation was hard for them which is were the Patoa comes in.
I did get in the story about the "Slave factories" which are making clothes which Kate Moss models and are sold in Top Shop. Paradise and Hell in the same place.
God you get to see a lot in you job.
The Airport was busy but the dispatchers were not calling up the cars.

Got a couple from China who are studying Accountancy and English.
They flew from Shanghai to Amsterdam to Dublin.
"We have been traveling for 60 hours."
Perhaps the world is not so small after all.
Bits and bobs and back to the port where heaps of people were looking for taxis.
Again the dispatchers were not calling up the cars.
Got a run to Rush e30. Very nice retired lady,had sold her house in Clontarf and moved out 10 years ago, the beach is just down the road,a train into town,easy to heat clean and maintain,sounded like a good choice.
When you get older you must trade down at the right time, nothing worse than seeing a big house decaying because the owner is not able to keep it up.
A few yards and this very drunk guy stopped me. Pointed me to his house. How much?
e4.10 4 is fine. Fuck that he thundered take a tenner.
Then we had a 5 minute shaking of hands and a Happy New Year to you as well.
Then he wanted to take me back to the pub again to buy me a drink.

Back to the Airport which was like Blackpool on a Wednesday in February.. deserted.
Cars were waiting so I went in and saw that there was nothing due.I had held a gap so that I could drive into the final holding pen or drive away if I had to,but not big enough that others could squeeze in past me.Nothing cooking so I drove away.

Perhaps a laptop connected to the internet where I could check arrivals would be good.(I know that my phone will do it but life is complicated enough.)

So I headed into town where "Ghost town" would describe the situation.

Over to Baggott St. where the Burger King was emptying out.
As I walked from the car the staff came out.
"Do any of you want a taxi?"
Happy days Santry, right back across the city with a girl from Latvia,been here 2 months she is studying cooking in Latvia.
I hope 2008 will find her a job in a good kitchen where she will learn good skills after all we do all have to eat.Haircutting is another thing which will always be needed..

Its new years eve, the Scots are the big ones to ring in the new year,hard to believe that it will be 7 full years since the millennium.
Computers would crash,your electric iron would not work.
The world as we knew it would end.
When babysitters wanted 200 quid and restaurants and cruise ships doubled and trebled their prices.
What happened?

We stayed in and everything was OK in the morning.
Best thing to do is to celebrate the New Year with our Chinese friends 8th of February. Thats when we will all be broke and the restaurants will not be busy.

I wish you all the very best for 2008.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Last post

Ballyfermott display.
He had to turn of the lights early as it was causing crashes,

On St Stephens day they hold a festival in Sandymount.
The Ren boys,I always miss it.

Well Christmas is over as the song goes.
For the non Christian amongst us, you know I don't mean it in a bad way,I hate all of you equally.

And the Sales have begun.

How was it for you?

It is a time for kids, thats for sure.

One last rip of the fairytale.

Guy selling t shirts at the bottom of Grafton St. Jeysus you would never believe that that Kirsty MacCall is dead and Shane McGowan is still going strong.
I'll tell you I had a great night at the concert thats all thats left of 500 T shirts I printed.
Strange thing is that if Shane McGowan was sober on stage no one would go and join in!

Now we can draw a line under it and get on with 2008.

When you go on holiday and you spend loads of time at the airport?
Why not buy a private jet and arrive in style.

Well unlike the rest of you lucky people I have been back at work. One guy from Madrid flew into Dublin to work Friday then back to Madrid to celebrate new year with his folks again. How small the world has become.

Another girl from Barcelona arrived and had to be in Starbucks in an hour,heads down we are away into the new year.

Every taxi driver will come across this, guy seems sober.Then you see him getting in.
He is not drunk he moves and talks like a zombie.
Wait me mate is coming,they are stoned on Cocaine and intoxicated that though there are 2 of them in the back seat.
I can see a hooded man with a scythe sitting between them.
Where are you going? Crumlin OK....Where will we go and the venue changes 10 times. I have to go to my gaff t get me fones flat...Then where will we go?(death sitting in the middle of the back seat is getting very excited).At last WE all pull up at the house and his mother comes out with the look on her face like a duck seeing a fox killing her offspring, helpless to stop it he walks back out past her into the taxi.
So we pick up his phone charger and the brother of one of the guys gets in as well.
Dolphins Barn and thank God the brother was going into town.

They get out,
"I'll pay.
I know what your thinking!
I don't drink or do drugs, there's that fucker of a brother killing himself.
Where did you pick them up"?
I told him.
They have been out since 9pm, at least thats what they said.
We ran into heavy traffic at Foster Place and he jumped out.
Take the e20 you deserve it.

I had gone 20 yards when there was a knock on the window.An attractive girl jumped in.
Can you get us to the passport office quickly.

Her story is that her boyfriends family are building an apartment in Venezuela and they were going to see how the building was going on. She was going too until she saw her passport was torn.
Young people have to carry their passports to gain admission to pubs and clubs so they get dog eared.
Big mistake.
So she needed a new one now today at 2.30 as she was leaving tomorrow.
There is a tear in my birth cert will they accept that?
Molesworth St. she would have walked it in 1/2 the time, but someone told her that cars could not drive down there.

Kids today.

Day before Christmas eve. Traffic report hold up on the N3 near Navan.
Christmas eve a traffic report traffic heading towards Dublin on the N3, look out for a high speed convoy heading for Dublin....a transplant team.
One passing on another gets hope.

Carry a doner card.
I had to edit a piece but here is an example of danger on the road.
There is a roadblock up ahead and the truckers all want to avoid it.

No work tomorrow.
Still have more folks to see.

Seeing as there was very little magic on this Christmas I thought you would like to see David Blane again
Here is another one

Happy 2008

Sunday, December 23, 2007

All Calm

Still Brown Thomas Windows in Grafton St.,

Well on Friday the trains planes and automobiles were were packed to the roofs as our visitors headed home to Mama for Christmas.
There will be joy in many homes all over the world.
Thank God that for now things have changed.

Reminds me of the times we Irish had to leave home in search of work,for many of them the Irish were not welcomed.
America is a good example where we made our mark.
It was there that the Irish learned that education enabled them to beat injustice.
Those changes which were made back then improved our lives in many ways.

The next few days will be quiet with so many people out of the country and out of the city it will be like Paris on an Easter Sunday. Absolutely deserted.

Dustin the turkey is nowhere to be seen.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas,
May all your Gods be with you at this time.
I wish you all good health and safe travels until we meet again in 2008.
May all your dreams come true.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Man walks out of hospital

It was as if fate was telling me that something else was going to happen.
A few weeks ago in Northern Ireland a father took petrol and doused the downstairs part of the house before setting the house on fire,killing his family and himself. One of his daughters was on the phone to the emergency services pleading for help.
Then the other day a young guy was stabbed to death by a man who had big mental problems.
(I killed the devil, he told police)
He stabbed the other man 80 times.
The guy had gone to hospital to get help 3 times, twice to the same hospital, he was turned away. Why? We will never know.
Last year a woman presented to a hospital for help before killing herself and her 2 kids.
We were then told that this would never happen again

Seems like the health service is sicker than many of its patients.
Come on lads carry those cards from the Samaritans.

I guess it is the time of the year when we rush around too much, perhaps we could look out for the less fortunate among us.

Seems like when the pressure comes on those maintenance jobs you were putting off catch up with you. Last week a new clutch this week new brake pads. e105

The Luas crashed into a car at Connelly station and for some strange reason they are on now on strike, happy time for taxis.

The desperate situation that the punters find themselves in at the weekend is no laughing matter.
People pleading to be brought home at 4 am.
Why the clubs do not have a rotational closing time.?

Why I will never know.

In Amsterdam you can go on to another place to drink and there is no mad rush in the end.
Perhaps if we had that here no one would go home at all.
Drink is a big problem.(Notice how the advertising is multi lingual.

They even have advertisements telling us about it.
A Judge has asked that the Polish people be made more aware of their drinking problems as well, he is tired of dealing with fatal road crashes and stabbing incidents involving foreign nationals.
The Irish in London Australia and America were the same in the past.
As the old song went
"well it's lonesome away from your kindred and all,
by the campfire at night where the wild dingos call"
The pubs got no beer is probably not the best example.

Still the world is smaller now and most of us can phone home every week.
Say what you like about Ryianair the punters all complain about the airline, but they queue up to fly with them again.
Ryainair has done more to unite Europe than anyone else.
Its founder Dr.Tony Ryan died this year.
A clever man I hope there will be race horses and golf courses in his heaven.

Look I am supposed to be cleaning the house for Christmas.
I hope to do one last posting before Christmas.

In case I don't have time have a really good one.

Hope 2008 is a really lucky year for you all.

Drive safely.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

New statue

Brown Thomas window Grafton St,few other shops have put in a special window display.

Well the city fathers have decided to build.

A night shelter for homeless people.
A treatment center for heroin addicts with 80 beds.
A detention center for juvenile delinquents catering for 500.
A refuge for battered wives,kids with 80 family rooms.
An outreach center for destatute people with 60 outreach staff.
An animal welfare pound.
Not even a hospice for dying people with 260 beds.



151 ft tall (46m)1/2 the height of the spire.
Work is well under way in the Liffey beside the new Sean O’Casey bridge,also under construction.
It is designed by artist Antony Gormley, best known for the Angel Of The North in Gateshead, north-east England.

There was a guy once who worked on a building site.
When his mobile rang he always said
"Is that you?"
His nickname became A STATUE.

A memorial for the city fathers should read.

"We didn't sent out the rescue craft.
But we built a fine memorial for the dead."

Quite good that,even though I say so myself.

I have a photo of another other new one beside Store St. Garda station. Would the nickname be the shard by the Guards.

I have photos but after Christmas.

I will not write restaurant reviews but I had occasion to bring a client to lunch in Howth. The King Sitric is well known, expensive at night,but a good lunch menu and strange to say the best value of 5 places we tried.
I don't know about you but deep fried sea bass is not good karma.
So all the others were passed by.
The King Sitric has loads of space with sea views,good food and excellent service.
There are dividing doors so the place can expand when they are busy.
It is a seafood restaurant so there is very little meat on the menu.
Though I had Mallard duck.
Good service and as I said the best value in Howth,though perhaps there might be someplace we missed.Like Beshoffs fish and chips. a 1'N'1.

Some people are an awful ungrateful lot. So glad to be picked up out of the cold.
"Mister you saved my life" e9.60. Thanks very much as they take the 40c change.
Some do,others don't.The old ladies going to East wall and Crumlin are happy with the lift into the house with the messages and drop 2 or 3 euro with a smile.
Perhaps I am putting in too many hours, when you do that things get a bit out of preportion.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Coming closer

The lights are up in Cabra.

This is the statue of CuCullan a warrior from the legends of the Fiana.
He was wounded so the tied himself to a tree stump,no warrior would approach until a raven landed on his sholder. The Christmas are reflected in the window.
Its in the GPO (post office)well worth a look.

Last Saturday night I had one of those classic mad moments.

Man and woman at Christchurch well drunk.

Hello driver My name is Mary and this is Frank.
Say hello Frank.
Say hello to John.
You don't have to introduce yourself wherever you go, you know.

Frank Why are you are always trying to bully me and tell me what to do ?.

No not at all Mary, Driver to the bank machene at the MRCB over there.
He gets out so she starts on me.
He is a homosexual you know,you would know by the way he talks and defenately by the way he walks, Look at him
I would just wish he would admit it and stop this act.
He came back.
Mary starts to sing Why can't you admit it, or words to that effect.
Shut up !
Do you not like my voice Frank?
Yes I do,but you're annoying the driver, He has a name Look its John.
Say hello to John.
Hello Frank OK Mary where to.
I want to go to the bank link for the Bank of Ireland.
Theres one over by Guinnesss.
When she gets out he engages me in the deep meaningful conversation.
I hate that fucking place,my father worked there for 35 years and dropped dead at work. He will be 10 years dead next Thursday.
He worked like a slave and he and all his workmates died from drink.
The curse of the Irish.
Mary was back.
Straight on driver and turn right.
His name is JOHN pipes in Mary going back to song.
Would you shut up,,,,you used to say I had a lovely voice Frank.
John where are you going I told you to turn RIGHT. There is no right turn....Where are we going anyhow? Yes Frank this is not the same was that we came the last time...
Look with the one way streets you can't go back the same way..

On the way Frank stopped off for bread , milk, vodka and wine.
Leaving me with Mary again.

I must be mad to be going on a date with a queer man and him not working or anything.
I should be at home looking after my kids (there big kids)not here with this Fairy who can't admit he is gay.
OK John up to the North Circular Rd.

I want to pay for this because you have no money Frank.
You don't have a job....Thats right tell the world why don't you.
Well give him a good tip then, its Christmas.

Journeys end..Frank gets out. John, whats my name? Mary, Whats his name? Frank.
Remember where you dropped us off.
Remember this in case I turn up dead.

There was no tip but the intensity of the whole trip took its toll on me.
How could someone go off with a guy she thought was dangerous.?
Then to go home to his flat pissed as a parrot.?

Life is like a box of chocolates,,,some are nutty.

Years ago when I worked for Metro cabs I brought home The General (Martin Cahill)
He said the same thing to me and he got out and he was killed by a hit man a short while later,he knew his number was up.

You know when things go wrong you might resort to fisticuffs, but then if you did that you would know that the solicitors would win, now you don't have to be a fortune teller to see how this will work out.

Perhaps this will give you a smile. Well it won't if you are a fan of David Blaines.

I think this about hits the mark.
While we are at here is a magic show from Korea

While we are at it look at Cyril form Korea, David Copperfield mind your act.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Barge

The Barge pub always makes an effort.

Santa climbs a rope in the Omni center in Santry.

Marriott hotel in Gold street please.
You have me there,but I think I know it.
If its not the right one I will stop the meter.
I turned into Golden Lane to the Raddisson SAS hotel."Thats the one"
(Far from the Marriott which is in Ashbourne)
He was a Texan and she was from Paris.....Oh the French food,a feast for the eyes and a treat for the mouth. I love the peasant food of France.
When I take some time off I will study French cooking.
Last week I had lunch at La Mere Zou 22 St. Stephens Green.
Good food, good choice. Not cramped,friendly staff.

It did not make this years Dubliner 100 best restaurants.

Guides are not really reliable,I use it as an out when people ask me where to eat.
Well if the guide is wrong it will not be my fault.

The story I herd a few weeks ago about an Italian restaurant owner who when he was told that the guy from the Micthelin guide was outside he threw him out of his restaurant telling him he wanted nothing to do with them. The judge was going to award him 3 stars(very rare). But the chef shouted that his customers and no one else would be his judge.

Parties are in full swing and the funeral of 2 of the recent cocaine deaths took place today. The TV were doing a big expose about it tonight, probably showing us what every taxi driver sees all the time.They took swabs from work surfaces in 100 night clubs and bars 97% had traces of the coke.
The Polish and near flung visitors are making plans to fly home for Christmas.
The Chinese and Auzzies are digging in for the duration of the festival.

When I was young there would be tales of loads of characters around Dublin.
Johnny 40 coats,
Damn the weather.
And Bang Bang who used to jump onto the buses and shoot the people with his pointed finger. There will be no jumping on and off of buses now with the automatic doors.

Here is an obituary for one who recently died.

Trinity remembers eternal student 'Matt the Jap'

Gardaí are liaising with Interpol and the Japanese embassy to contact relatives of Matteo (Masahiso) Matubara, one of central Dublin's most familiar characters, following his death last month.

Paul Cullen reports.

Matubara (73), known affectionately to generations of Trinity College students as "Matt the Jap", died of natural causes in his home off Mount Street almost two weeks ago. Gardaí broke into the flat after food which had been left at his door remained untouched for days.

His body remains in the morgue while efforts continue to make contact with his brother, who is believed to live in Tokyo. College friends are planning to hold a gathering in his honour next Thursday.

His passing was marked in the classified section of yesterday's Irish Times with this tribute from the college's Central Societies Committee: "Known to generations of Trinity College graduates and students as a 'college character', Matteo was a seemingly constant and eternal fixture at student events and meetings, and his passing conjures up a sentiment of not-quite-the-sameness."

Raised in Tokyo, he studied in Norway and Paris before coming to Ireland in the early 1980s. In Trinity, with financial assistance from Saudi Arabia, he wrote a thesis on Islamic journeys in the Middle Ages. After receiving an M Litt in 1987, he stayed on in Ireland, and appeared to live on very little.

He was extremely deaf and communicated with people by sign language or, more often, by exchange of written notes. He could write in English, Irish, Japanese, Norwegian, German, French, Russian and, it is reputed, several other languages.

He was an inveterate correspondent; Prince Charles, Prince Michael of Kent and Prince Albert of Monaco were among those who replied to his letters.

He was on the Christmas card lists of President Mary McAleese and Jacques Chirac.

"He knew half the crowned heads of Europe," recalls Joseph O'Gorman, assistant junior dean in Trinity. "There was even a photo of him with Tito.

"Matteo was the last of a number of eccentrics who pottered about college over the years and whose only real link to the place is the most important: they were known by generations of students for whom, in many ways, they formed a nostalgic link with their time in college. People who can't remember what they read for the whole of second year have a clear memory of Matteo."

Mystery surrounded his background, much of it encouraged by Matubara himself. He claimed not to have any family in Japan, until friends discovered he was sending cards to a brother in Tokyo. His library card was removed as he was found to have written on old textbooks, though friends claimed he was correcting typos.
© 2007 The Irish Times

Well I saw him around and I thought he was a professor of some kind.
If you know anyone who went to Trinity college tell them about the passing of Matt the Jap

Sometimes you make a mistake and then you leave a bad impression behind you.Sh**happens.

Yes and here is another foot in mouth.

Here is a guy who is such a good fighter he should be employed as a taxi driver to deal with the runners at Christmas, yes its at least 4 on one.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Deja Vous

Christmas at the airport. I may re take these photos with my camera,this is the phone.

What a night,wind and rain and gusting cyclonic twisters all night long,over in Portmarnock
and Malahide the roads have deep puddles.
Its Christmas so time for a bad pun.
"I'ts raining cats and dogs.I nearly walked into a poodle"
The insurance federation dinner tonight,loss adjusters meet actuaries. "What a claim I had" Some of the things are incredible. Like the guy who filled up his central heating tank, the tank leaked under the foundations of the house. They had to dig out all the ground floors of his house to 4 feet.then they had to excavate the outside garden and all the "spoil" had to be brought to a secure landfill at e100 per tonne.

There are over 1,200 at this dinner so there was plenty of work.

Lifts to Greystones,Bray, Castleknock and all over the place.
I am a very choosy guy and I pick my passengers carefully.I would be happy to pass 1,000 people than to pick up one slobbering homisidal maniac.
So if I brought you home.
Top marks.

I thought I was caught out tonight.
A Kiwi stopped me when I was going into the Spar on Baggott St.
"Right mate name your price! I have to go to Parnell St. Then to the airport"
I felt sorry for him as he couldn't get a taxi. I'll do it on the meter, OK?
So off we went and he told me of how pissed off he was about net being able to get a taxi."You are a life saver"
We were in Westmorland St. when I noticed that I had forgotten to hit the meter.
(Boys and girls do hit that meter every time)
Look a tenner to Parnell St. and twenty to the airport OK?
Sounds right to me.

We arrive at his apartment complex,"I will be out in a minute".

I waited.
I heard the news.
Johnny Cash,
Willie Nelson,
Shania Twain.

Damn I've been had!

The clever runner always has a great story ready.

"I have to bring in this kidney for a transplant,as soon as I wash my hands I'll be back to pay you,Don't go away."

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFK I turned the key and started the engine,
"why did I not ask him for e20 to hold while waiting?"
As I engage the car in gear and turn on the indicators- Out he comes.

Fair dinkim, or words to that effect and its show time.

So we arrive at the airport.He gives me e40 and my faith in human nature is restored.
You have to take the "Hits" in this game and the resentment when things go wrong can destroy you.

There was a story going round it could be an "Urban Myth" I hope it is.

Dere i was headin off to Ballier when yer wan shouts Stop Im ganna be sk.
So i slaps on da ankers. and ske pukes and gets a bit down the side of the door.
Right that ill cost you e125.
She say fuck off.
So down to the Garda station and the bollox on duty says
"Sort it out among yourselves".
So when I brought them home they called me a stupid thick cunt.
I watched them walk through their front door.
Right says I.
I went home and into my garden shed and got a tin of paint stripper.
I went back to the road and walked to the house and poured the paint stripper over the 3 cars in the drive.
" They'll think twice before they fuck up a taxi driver again"

No argument would convince him that this is exactly how all taxi drivers get tarred with the same brush. They would have a tough job proving it was me.

So for every bad passenger there is an even worse taxi driver.
Or should that be the other way around?

Sad about that young 24 year old model who died, seemed that she had taken cocaine.

There but for the grace of God go our kids

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Party time

The first of the Christmas trees!

O'Connell St,not a great photo

Well the party animals are out in style,staggering out of their "party"venues doing the same stupid things that they did last year.
1 Getting sick.
2 Getting drunk and fondling the boss on the way home.
3 Telling all who will listen about what a great guy you are.
4 Taking masses of Cocaine and going berserk!
(We have 3 people going through a life changing experience at present.1 dead 2 critical)
5 "Well you can come in for one cup of coffee."
enough said.
6 Take me home,what day is it? What do you mean Tuesday!

You could add 10 more to the list,as they say in Dublin.

"I've heard it all before Joe"

Tis the season for amature drinkers,let them at it.

Taxi drivers know that the restaurants are empty in January and cheap holidays are available then too. So work hard ,then off to Spain for 3 /4 weeks.
But don't go out in the sun....You would never get any tips with a tan in Feb..

For me Christmas is a stressful time,I would be happy to live in a Muslim country with my teddy bear called Jesus and let it all pass by.
Still I have to watch people rush to buy things for people they don't like.
They buy things they don't need. The receiver has to serve the ball back!

Its mad.
I would be just as happy to let it pass by.

Just a thought, you know how service is so bad in the bank over here?
Well on Wednesday they they don't open until 10.30, instead of 10.00.

Perhaps they should take more time to train the staff.1/2 hour is not enough.
Come to think of it.

Why are they trained on MY time?

Think of it a Polish girl, worked for the Irish tourist board,changed job.
She then gets a job with the Malaysian tourist board,she is off to Malaysia for Christmas,without her husband.
"Its work I could not bring him,unlike what your government ministers do"
One thing I did ask her.
Do many Polish people ask you for holidays in Malaysia?
Very funny.

The budget has come and gone..
A few bob on the ciggies, changes in stamp duty(a tax on property sales)
If you are taking odds there WILL be another budget.

What do you think of the story of the day.
A guy called Darwyn goes missing....
5 years later he presents himself to the police.
"I may be a missing person"
Indeed he was, and the life insurance company has paid out to his "Widow".

Holy Gamolie!!!

A photo is found of himself and his wife in Panama a year earlier!

There can be only one logical explanation.

The Martians have landed!

I saw Santa on Talbot St. yesterday, he reognized me as being one of the good boys!.
Do you remember the Santa from Arnotts ? He was the best ever.

Or the Irish traveller who had a claim for injuries received when the van in which she was a passenger crashed.
She claimed that her husband was driving at the time.
He was eating chips in town when it happened.
She had had a row with him and she was driving herself home at the time.
Then the van got burned before it could be examined.
the claim would have cost the insurance company in the region of e250,000

Why do we bother with the soaps...real life is much better.

Look boys and girls take it easy

One thing I saw was an ad for Home Breath test kits.
I bought one, great 1 pint OK 2 pints after 1 hour OK.
A friend asked me if I would sell it to him.
Which I did.
Then the problem arose ,if my son rang me at 2 am and I had had a few pints,
now he could not get a taxi.So I bought another tester.
It told me that after 6 pints of beer I was safe to drive.
I rang the company.
It would depend on how much you had to eat and how long it was until you tested yourself.......STOP.


"If you wanted an accurate tester you would have to buy the other breahalizer costing e400".
Hold on a minute!
On the box it says it is accurate to within 1/2%

This has ISO and all sorts of official figures on the box.

Well they replaced it.

The replacement read 0.00 no matter how much I had taken.

They offered to replace that one as well..

But I got all my money back/You should hold on to your money too.

Just an update on the previous posting.

Top model Katy French dies in Navan hospital

Model Katy French has died five days after collapsing at a party in Co Meath.
French had just celebrated her 24th birthday
French had just celebrated her 24th birthday Ms French (24) was taken to Our Lady's Hospital in Navan after she became ill at a friend's house in Ashbourne in the early hours of Sunday morning last.

Family and friends had been keeping a vigil at her bedside.

But a statement issued this evening by her family said she had passed away peacefully in the arms of her sister Jill and alongside her parents earlier today.

The family said they had been overwhelmed by the letters, blessings, gifts and prayers from people all over the country during Katy's time in hospital.

"It gave us strength and helped Katy so much. Although we did not get our yearned for miracle, all the expressions of love you sent her were powerfully healing in different ways," the statement said.

French celebrated her 24th birthday, along with a host of celebrity and media friends, only last Thursday in Dublin's Krystle nightspot.

Well-known for her outspoken views on issues such as abortion and cocaine use, she also came to prominence after taking part in RTÉ's recent Celebrities Go Wild programme.

Born in Switzerland, French's family moved to Ireland when she was a young girl and settled in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow.

After her Leaving Certificate she had plans to study psychology but chose a career in modelling instead.

While she has been on the catwalk for years she only came to prominence after the media attention which surrounded the public break-up with her fiance, restaurateur Marcus Sweeney.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Stormy weather

Well its all about a baby and a stable.The Crib on O'Connell St

The tree a gift from the people of Norway,I wonder what we give them in return.

The weather was bad over the weekend and the forecast is not much better..
Gale warning: in operation

Small craft warning: in operation

Meteorological situation at 2100: A strong, unstable northwest airflow covers Ireland with a low center over Britain moving away eastwards. A weak ridge will move eastwards over Ireland during Monday afternoon with a warm front following later.

Forecast for coasts from Roches Point to Loop Head to Malin Head
Wind: West to northwest force 6 or 7 and gusty but occasionally gale 8 south of Loop Head for a time tonight. Decreasing force 4 or 5 for a time Monday afternoon, later backing southerly and increasing force 5 or 6.
Weather: Occasional heavy showers becoming more scattered during Monday but rain later.
Visibility: Moderate to poor in rain or showers otherwise good

Forecast for coasts from Malin Head to Howth head to Roches Point and the Irish Sea.
Wind: Northwest force 6 or 7 and gusty, decreasing westerly force 4 to 6 for a time tomorrow evening.
Weather: Scattered showers
Visibility: Moderate locally poor in showers but mostly good

Warning of heavy swell: on all Atlantic coasts

Outlook for a further 24 hours until 2400 Tuesday 04 December 2007: Winds becoming south to southwest increasing gale or strong gale force scattered outbreaks of rain and drizzle spreading east, heavier rain later.

Next update before 0700 Monday 03 December 2007
Most of the ferry sailings are off.
All the islands are cut off for sure.

Makes you feel lucky you don't have to go far from base no matter how stormy it gets and you can go home and try your luck another day.
Christmas has kicked off with large groups coming out of venues and demanding their annual taxi ride! Yes they only need you once a year and cannot understand why there is a shortage.
A NOTE TO TAXI DRIVERS, northsiders only. They are having functions in Croke Park so if you divert through Joneses Rd on the way back into town late, you might score.

I had a goo fare from the airport to Dalkey via the toll bridge and the tunnell. Wait for 1/2 hour at the yacht club and then bring the last guy home to Dartry.
Got loads of grief from the last guy who was Russian,
"In Moscow we do not trust taxis,we stop a car and negotiate a price,if we like it we go with them.
Fuck the taxis"
I told him about vetting procedures, fixed charges,clear identification of drivers, complaints procedures to no avail.
He was not paying himself and he would have waited for an hour for another taxi,if I had thrown him out.
He is studying to be come a psychologist,he has a long way to go.
He knows nothing about people or human nature.
I was refreshed to see the Ferrarri in the drive.

Rich people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

I brought 2 groups to the airport who were leaving Ireland for good.
Mixed feelings about the experience over here.
We have thousands of non Irish here Poland, Estonia,Latvia,Lithuania,Check, Solovak,
Hungarian,Romanian and Russian.Most of them work hard at jobs which are well below their skill levels. I met a Russian guy who worked in the space programme, he was cleaning toilets when he came here,from outer space to basic plumbing.

C'est la vie.

Sad to leave but glad to be going home and never to return.

got an awful smack in the arse.

"Did ya not see the wall?"

Well I did but I just wanted to see how much damage it could do to my car. Feck.

WEll I am sure Christmas might improve things.