Friday, December 16, 2022

Happy Christmas

 So here we are with Christmas creeping up on us very soon. And like in the Bible people are crossing borders and finding no room at the inn.

My youngest son is trying to do the PSV test. The plan is that he will take over from me and I can go fishing, it is really difficult which is a bit mad in times of satalite navigation. But people are pawns to the mighty inspectors.

I met a wonderful girl from Iran, a very bright lady. She will go really far. Then I had a couple from Sutton. He had to be picked up at the Mater private and brought home. He was on a home health check machine and late at night the heart monitor went mad. On getting a scan he was close to death, though he did not feel that unwell. He had a stint put in and he will have more to follow.

They lived right beside the garage of the man who had been captured by the Japanese during WW2. He told me about the desperate situation that he had survived through. One thing that he told me really surprised me. "We were liberated and I was only 5 stone weight (He was over 6 ft. tall) My comrades started dying an big numbers, then a young psychiatrist came along. He told us that we have to forgive them. All the hate that is inside you now is killing you all. It was hard but I did it and I survived"

When he was stronger tragedy struck him a very cruel blow.

His entire family had been killed in the London blitz.

He was a hell of a sound man to take all that. He put in a request to go to China with some other soldiers, this was granted and he spent a week in China. Their guide brought them around and one day they were brought to a Silk market. He nearly died when he saw the silk. There and then he bought 4 bolts of silk and put them into his bag. Lucky for him he wrote down their names and addresses.

When he came to London he went to a dressmaker who cried and sighed at the wonderful silk. She had not seen silk for 4 years. He cut it into 2 yard lengths and in a week he had a pile of money. He ordered more silk from China and when I met him he was the biggest silk trader in the UK. He told me that he has a house in China and London and the house in Sutton belonged to his sister in law.

He was a wonderful man. He had forgiven his past, though none of it was his fault.

I have a book called "The knights of Bushido" By Lord Russel of Liverpool. 

It is still in print and it is very difficult reading about the war in Japan.

So I head off into the sunset.

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See you in the new year DV