Thursday, January 31, 2008

Turner paintings closed

If you are a Traveler or a gangster you will insist on a horse drawn hearse for your funeral.

This is a close up of one of the doors of the Kings Inns where barristers are trained.

Well I did the tourist thing today and went into the National Gallery to see the Turner watercolors before they are put away for another year. They can only be put on view during the month of January.
In the restaurant I asked the girl where she was from.
You know Dublin is a great place to go to,the whole world is here now.
Only a few years ago the Irish were the ones leaving.
When JF Kenneddy came to Ireland in the 60he asked DeVelera our presadent what he could do to help Ireland?
Dev said that he would love to see the Irish staying at home.
JFK put a quota and other restrictions on the Irish coming to America.
Which made the problem much worse.

I think the new Eurpoeans are great coming here now and getting on with their lives.
I only wish for them that the Irish employers were more generous.

These people are very well educated and capable of great things, I am so impressed by them when I speak with them in the taxi.

For an example of whats going on,a few days ago a new ship was taken into Dublin port by Irish Shipping. Someone found out that the crew were only being paid e3 per hour,well below the minimum wage.
The crew were being paid by a company in Latvia (or someplace else) therefore the shipping line "Could not comment on their conditions"
The workers are afraid to speak to the press because they would be "punished".
The Irish dockers union "Impounded" at least 3 ships last year until the crews were paid. I know one ship had to be sold as the shipping company dug in their heels.

This is how the employers at hospitals and other places sidestep their duty of care towards the workers.

I often think I should have studied labor history.
A few years ago I spent some time talking to a union official who would do nothing to help a hotel worker from Shri Lanka.
Her conditions were really bad.
Living in a house owned by a 4 star hotel with 30 others(10 to a room),her rent was high too.
The girl I spoke to in the union HQ said that as the girl was not a union member she would do nothing.
I asked was that "Cant" or "Wont".
"Look I will ring the Star newspaper" (I had written down her name). Wow the reaction instant,it didn't help the girl in question but the unions have named and shamed some hotels.
Unions when they are run by driven people are great.
The solution is to promote the shop stewart.

But you know the song
"The working class can kiss my arse
Ive got the foremans job at last"

I see the annual "Blog awards" have arrived again.
Looking through it I found a Polish and a Lithuanian woman
Theres loads of good stuff there.

No Dublin taxi though.

Now I know what it must be not to make the Oscars.
I notice Roys Irish blog has made it, best of luck Roy

Italians are arriving into the city for a Rugby weekend!
This should pack out the wallets of the Irish taxi driver.

Most of the Fish and Chip shops are run by Italians, they came here in the 60's, then they set up their cousins in another shop, who in turn brought over others.
They all come from a small town close to Monte Casino.
If you go there in the summer you can hear Irish accents all over the place!
Mad or what, seeing that Italians do not eat chips!
They are moving on to fancy restaurants now.
I admire their courage ,coming over here without English.
They worked hard and they have done really well.

Before I go the Chinese are going to take over the city for a week.
Its the Chinese NEW YEAR
The year of the Rat
Dragons will be dancing and A Chinese market in Smithfield.

In New York a mother was trying to soothe her little child to sleep.
The fireworks were going off.
"Whats all the noise Mummy?"
"Don't be afraid dear its only gunfire"

Friday, January 25, 2008

Back on nights

The clock at Mount Temple school 2 faces each with the wrong time

Grafton Streets a wonderland.

Wiped out after the all night Saturday, lucky night.

I drove 226 Kms.
avge speed 22.30

max 67 all in Kilomoters

19 journeys.

2 long journeys one to Naas and one to Maynooth.

Just lucky really there was little enough work out there.

There was a few fancy dress parties and some people were having their Christmas parties, they were the people who had to work during Christmas.

I had a strange one early on in the shift, one of these streets that when you do find
them are really alleyways so narrow that you wouldn't fit a decent car down them.
Even the sat nav was stopping me on the wrong road.
Half way down Bloomfield Ave.
It said I had arrived on Avenue Road.
I parked up,customer gone off in disgust.

I met an elderly Jewish man who said, "Just around this corner, its just an alleyway not a road at all"
He was right. Its important to look until you find these streets, so that you can add them to your lexicon.
If they are found the hard way you seldom forget them.

One day a while ago I had a Chinese couple were looking for such a place off the North Circular Road.I turned off the meter and looked for it.
No one had the slightest clue where it was, then we found it and up we went.
"Is it property to rent you are looking for?" It was and If I was being PAID e1,000 a week I would not stay there.
I pointed out the blocked up windows and the 2 junkies hanging around what looked like crack house.
Everything fell on deaf ears."The rent is really cheap"
Yes cheap for a reason.
All that I can say is they had better be good at Kung Foo.

A rogue Garda is up in court it is alleged he accepted bribes from Chinese students.
Its a fiddle thats as old as the hills.
Wong goes into the immigration department to get his student visa renewed.
You have'nt been to enough English classes says the official.

What can I do says poor Wong.

Go to this English school and pay them e1200 they will give you a fully stamped up attendance card. The "Language school" then tells Wong that he must give the official a one off present of e400 to thank him.(He doesn't ask for the bribe)
The guy in the dock lives in one of the best addresses in Dublin and sure if I had 15 or 20 or so people like Wong giving me money every week I would live there too.

Perhaps this is the effect of the new American Police woman who was brought over to straighten out our boys in blue.

That was gas how another rogue trader ripped off his bank for e5 Billion.
He must have had a very big lunch box!
They will really have to build in proper checks to stop these guys carrying over their losses and accumulating a tidal wave of bad debts.
Its a bit worse than not managing your credit cards correctly.

I had one guy in the car the other day who is a financial forecaster, writes books, newspaper articles and advises clients.
Wow he had his finger on the pulse.
Commercial property is on a slide at present and certain banks who are offering over the rate interest should be watched.He mentioned Irish Life and I see in the Sunday Times that investors are cashing in their investments early and taking losses, rather than holding on. He also told me of 2 Irish banks which will have a run soon.

I should have asked him if he had the winner for the Grand National.

Finishing up my shift at 6 AM in Naas I had to buy fuel and I noticed lights on in a place called the Loft, gentlemans card club.I could see 6 or 7 heads around the table. This would not be 20c a hand,wages, homes,farms and businesses are lost every week around card tables and bookies shops.
Gambling is every bit addictive as drugs are.

On the road back to Dublin I noticed that a lot of women were driving on the road and as we approached Crumlin Children's hospital, Jamess St hospital and the Coombe the nurses were going in to start their days work.

I gave a silent prayer for the man who was knocked down at the AIB at Annsley bridge.
"He has been paralysed now for nearly 10 years, fed through a tube. The person who struck drove away to let him die like an animal" said his mother

I let her talk, then I told her that this trip was on the house.
I had to explain to her that I could nothing for her except giving her a lift home for free,It was little enough to do and I hoped it would be of help to her.

So boys and girls .

One thing we must remember is when you are driving JUST DRIVE

I am sure you saw all the clips about women parking

Well here is another

Oh yes Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus
The difference goes on and on

But sometimes you just can't tell

Yes the war goes on

Sometimes you can't take your eyes off them

OK Never cross a woman

Monday, January 21, 2008

longer days

One of the famous "doors of Dublin"

Ballymun old and new.

There is aways the exception to the rule, most people who come to work here are honest decent people,not like the scumbag below.

A Czech national has today been given a mandatory life sentence by Mr Justice Liam McKechnie for murdering a Longford mother last year and a concurrent 13-year term for raping her on the same occasion.

David Brozovsky (aged 19) pleaded guilty to raping and murdering 37-year-old Sharon Coughlan
Earlier, Detective Sergeant Ray McMahon told prosecuting counsel, Ms Isobel Kennedy SC, that Brozovsky came to Ireland in 2006.
He had 25 previous convictions in the Czech Republic for theft and extortion and two in Belgium for theft and aggravated theft.

He made admissions about the crimes and said: "I am sorry for what I did, but I was on drugs."

Mr Justice McKechnie said it would be one thing for her children growing up if she had died naturally but the manner of her death was appalling. The only thing in his favour was his early guilty plea.

Mr Justice McKechnie said that were it not for the jurisprudence practised in such a case, he would have been inclined to impose a sentence for the rape with a consecutive mandatory life sentence for the murder.

When people pass through borders there should be some "red flag" system to warn innocent communities that there may be a problem in their midst.
One mistake this guy made was to hold on to his victims mobile phone, the Garda were able to trace it even though it had a different SIM card, nice one.

Perhaps the Taxi regulator should check back through her files to see who she has employed to drive our sons and daughters home late at night,strange things are going on and it will come to a head some day very soon.


Taxi driver hailed for going extra mile to save man’s life

A TAXI driver whose quick thinking saved the life of a passenger was last night crowned Taxi driver of the year.

Declan Heagney, from Clonee, Co Meath, was honoured for going above and beyond the call of duty when he rushed a man whose heart had stopped to a medical centre.

When the doctor examining the man could not find a pulse, the taxi driver and GP lifted the patient out of the car into the clinic, where they resuscitated him.

“There is no doubt that without the quick-thinking on Declan’s part as well as his actions on insisting on a doctor straight away, the individual concerned would not be still alive today,” said Brian O’Neill, managing editor of Taxi Times.

“The victim had survived only from the actions which Declan took and his going the extra mile.”

Mr Heagney picked up the man, his wife and their daughter in the Finglas area on April 27 last year and was dropping them off locally when the man suddenly gasped for breath.

The taxi driver decided his front seat passenger was in urgent need of medical help, swung his car around, and headed for the nearest GP clinic.

He ran inside shouting for a doctor, going from door to door insisting someone attend to the scene urgently.

Mr Heagney was among a host of drivers nominated as deserving this unique award by both taxi drivers and members of the public.

The runner-up prize went to Bernard Clarke who found €10,000 and two American passports in the back of his cab and tracked down the owners in the US to organise their safe return.

The ceremony was staged by Taxi Times, the official magazine of the National Taxi Drivers’ Union, at Dublin’s Crowne Plaza hotel.

“It is clear from sifting through the nominations that there are many unsung heroes out there who are held in very high esteem by the majority of the general public,” added Mr O’Neill.
So its not all doom and gloom there are still a lot of honest decent taxi drivers out there.

Did you ever hear of a "random act of kindness".
Try doing it once or twice a month,it could make a difference.

Heres something to try out at Burger King.Yes Cyrl is cool

Did you ever have computer problems?
You have to feel sorry for the guy.

Something for all the Brazilian girls who give out the Herald AM in Dublin.Football

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Down time

The Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital. fine building...ongoing maintenance

The patient drop off point for the Beacon medical centre.
Ireland is rapidly going the way of America.
First they check your medical cover then if thats OK they might check your pulse.

So many taxis, so I took the weekend off.(and wasn't missed)
I find it hard to take time off but the other day I was at the airport and some one told me I had a back light out and a stop light ,then I found a side light on the front gone then one of the number plate lights gone.I had a box of bulbs, you can buy a set of bulbs for your car in Halfords or any big motor factors. Its great to have spare ones all together.
In France if you have a bulb out you are fined on the spot,if you can fix it there and then you get off.
So having spare bulbs will pay you well in France.

Had a big talker in the car the other night.
What a talker!
I don't know how she managed to breathe,words coming out like bullets.
They are building multi story apartment blocks at Whitehall there will be no place to park a car or for a child to play, it will be a disaster.
I know that for living in the shadow to the development of it on Thatch Road it will be a big problem.
Sure I know its just nerves.

Strange how government bodies will do what no one in their right would be allowed to do.The motorway around the Hill of Tara which is an ancient historical site. and an incinerator at Ringsend,right in the middle of the city center.

I read in one of the Taxi publications that a taxi driver took a taxi home one night.
The driver of his taxi spoke no English, he had no idea where he had to go and had to be pointed there by the passenger, as he did not understand left or right.

The taxi driver wrote to the regulator.
Her reply was that her office would be taking over the taxi driving test from next year. It would be a tougher test and a knowledge of English would be required.
The other taxi driver pointed out that this guy knew NOTHING and that surely English and the ability to communicate were already required..

When I say the industry has gone to hell,this is the kind of thing I mean.
One guy insured to drive a taxi. While he and his 5 mates drive the car night and day.
No one really cares at all.

A girl was attacked on Wexford street in a taxi. She got in and the guy burst into the car from the boot where he had been hiding,she escaped because the traffic was going very slow. They have not been caught,she was very lucky.

Another guy told me he came home by taxi with no meter.
It was just a car with a stolen taxi roof sign.

The police will stop a car on the least pretext and the disgrace of un insured drivers coming from God knows where is allowed to continue.

From Christmas eve to New Years day there were 48 calls to the rape crisis center, 12 recent rapes with 4 each on the 22nd and the 29th Dec.
Now don't get me wrong these rapes did not happen in taxis.
The level of drinking will have to be addressed.
Christmas was like the night of the living dead.

I complained about a guy jumping the queue at the airport and I was told he was not on camera.
I pointed out that it was directly in front of that new camera there. No he won't be on it.
So if a bomber wants to drive around the taxi rank and place a bomb, he can drive away and not be on camera? I hardly think so.
Or if he can. Then we should close the place down as being unsafe.

One thing thats hard to believe is that each country has its different stars...Introducing Podge and Rodge

You know when it comes to TANGO the country we turn to is Argentina.Tell me is this couple the best artistes for dancing they move just right, they seem to feature a lot in UTube.
But for Tango music I have to go with Astor PiotzolaOK this is a classic example! The girl is wearing shorts so everyone can concentrate on the movement and the music..

Ya Vol the Middle Europeans have us! they love to dance and express yourselves through music. Ever been to Greece or Turkey ?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy tale

McDaids one of Dublin's best pubs.

2 guys exchanging Smarties as bold as brass.
No fear here of the law.
The law will prosacute for 3 KPH over the limit.

The world is small,I give you my favourate Jew and when I go to the bank to buy Yen there is a guy beside me buying Shekels, Israel is so important to so many religons and for thousands of years nothing but war!
I hope he will have a great time.

Well there you are I tell you about a fantastic celling to see and now the Easons book shop on Nassau shut,It will be opened as Blarney Woolen Mills again in a few weeks.

One story that I bore my passengers with is this one.

Years ago a German freighter was damaged and the ships cargo was auctioned off as listed in the ships manifest. 3 boxes of machieneary parts were bought by Mr.Stephen O'Flaherty,(one would love to know the price)When he brought the boxes home he had 3 Volkswagen cars in parts,all the instructions were in German.
Off to the embassey, "we will translate this into English no problem, but come back and tell us how you got on,if you have a problem call us. OK?"

Well he had no problems at all, he came back and told them how fantastic the cars were. The story goes,(as I heard it) that they asked him if he could sell these cars in Ireland?
No problem he imported and assembled the VWs. Then as they were getting on so well they asked him to be the main agent for
(Wait for it )

Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen

in Ireland and England.

Some of the details are vague but it seems that the O'Flaherty family were honest and good to do business with. The agreement is about to run out now after 57 years and the brothers Nigel and Michael O'Flaherty had a turnover of e1 billion this year.
Their company is O'Flaherty holdings which includes MDL group Ballsbridge motors and Park motors on the Navan road.
They also own thousands of acres of land to hold the cars on while being processed.

Look them up when the Rich List comes out.

So you see in this case you had a guy who bought a "Pig in a poke" hit lucky and perhaps because he went back to say a big "thank you" and won a bonus.

And the rest as they say is history.

Look out and watch your back

And while I am at it encourage your kids at music,She is good in a relaxed kind of way.
Then there is this,some people might be shocked and then an engineer might invent the cantalever principle that helps planes to land safely every day. Keep an eye on the kid,she is a great mover.
Just like her mother.
While we are at it keep an eye on your sons as wellI don't know about you but it is hard to be a parent.

I have taken to listening to country and western and theres a song thats getting good air play so I looked up the words.

Now you can sing along.

Jesus Take The Wheel lyrics

She was driving last Friday on her way to Cincinnati
On a snow white Christmas Eve
Going home to see her Mama and her Daddy with the baby in the backseat
Fifty miles to go and she was running low on faith and gasoline
It'd been a long hard year
She had a lot on her mind and she didn't pay attention
she was going way too fast
Before she knew it she was spinning on a thin black sheet of glass
She saw both their lives flash before her eyes
She didn't even have time to cry
She was sooo scared
She threw her hands up in the air

Jesus take the wheel
Take it from my hands
Cause I can't do this on my own
I'm letting go
So give me one more chance
To save me from this road I'm on
Jesus take the wheel

It was still getting colder when she made it to the shoulder
And the car came to a stop
She cried when she saw that baby in the backseat sleeping like a rock
And for the first time in a long time
She bowed her head to pray
She said I'm sorry for the way
I've been living my life
I know I've got to change
So from now on tonight

Jesus take the wheel
Take it from my hands
Cause I can't do this on my own
I'm letting go
So give me one more chance
To save me from this road I'm on

Oh, Jesus take the wheel
Oh, I'm letting go
So give me one more chance
Save me from this road I'm on
From this road I'm on
Jesus take the wheel
Oh, take it, take it from me
Oh, why, oh

Monday, January 14, 2008

Stopped Raining

The celling of Easons bookshop in Nassau St.
It used to be a bank,look inside to see the fantastic fireplace.

Moan Moan Moan.....But its the time of year when things are quiet.

How do you know when a taxi driver is on the plane?

Easy,after the engines stop the whining continues.

No its not that bad really I have become used to it and its like an actor after finishing a big film role,"resting" as they call it.

Things will kick off for St Valentines weekend then St.Patricks day and before you know it we will all be off on our summer holidays again.

Heuston train station was busy and I got a run to Manooth e35 interesting lady a psychologist with a few very interesting observations which would help to put our lives back into the groove.
When she was a younger student living in Rathmines there was a family from Bosnia living in the basement, they were grand and kept themselves to themselves.
She came home one day and there was a terrible smell smell in the house which over time got worse and worse. One day when she came home the stench was unbearable and she saw the family out the back pouring sewage down the open drain.
She had had enough and went down to confront them,they had no English so they brought her into the basement apartment where raw sewage was leaking into the apartment, covering the floor by a few inches.The drains were blocked and they had been on to the landlord but he was too busy to fix it.
There was babies and infants and the landlord was charging them per head.
She got on the phone and ranted at him to get this fixed straight away or else.
He acted all right. The next morning he threw them out and he kept their deposit.
This brings me back to the 60's when Peter Rackman ruled the slums of London, if you are around the same age as me the name will send shivers down your spine his name is the devil incarnate.
There are ruthless people who will exploit the weakest people in our society.

Anyhow in trying to help she made them homeless. You just don't know whats going to happen next.
You just have to play the situation as best you can.

As we approached Manooth she told me about the grief she was feeling.

Her cousin had had a heart attack.
36 years of age slim and fit.
Went to the doctor with chest pains but at her age the doctor did not suspect such problems.
She dropped dead later that day and it took 20 mins to get a heartbeat.
So now she is on a ventilator.
She suspects that her cousin is brain dead.

A young person with a good 40 years ahead of her!

You have to be a good listener....God bless.

Then you realize why she needed to take a taxi ride home, she just had to tell someone.

So seize the day, hold your head up,look straight ahead, walk with purpose in your step and mind the dog shit.

Yes here are a few words from my favourite Jew

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Kings Inns where the law society are based, barristers anyhow.

The law is in a bit of a huff as a solicitor has taken to the hills with debts of over e120 million,one of his own fine houses is up for sale in Howth.
Lotto you could help!

Loads of people have lifestyles well beyond their means,some decide to rob peter and Paul to keep going. Others decide to stay in.
2 taxi drivers from Southport asked me when my season ended.

They explained that come October they parked up their cars until Easter.
I was shocked.
Almost seems like that time has arrived here now.

The pubs,clubs and streets are empty all you need is the tumbleweed to go rolling down the street to make the picture complete.

One thing an old pal told me when he heard I had bought a taxi was. "Don't be surprised when people look differently when they find out what you do for a living. Or that they cut you off when you are driving a taxi" what do you mean? "look differently at you" said I in all innocence.
"Well they will look at you the same way that they would look at a piece of dog poo that they had just walked on."
I never let it worry me too much, its their loss that they have only one braincell.

Today I popped to the shops for bread and the Lotto at There are 2 car parks the outside one 50 yards walk and the near one 20 yards walk. The outside one is the best as you can slip in and out with little fuss.
Coming back out there was a queue of cars trying to get into the inside car park, as I edged my way forward an old guy drove up and blocked me, then shook his fist at me.
So no one was going to move for the next few minutes anyhow,
So I decided to engage him in some polite conversation.
He was ranting,an old guy.
"Who do you think you are trying to cut in in front of me like that"said he.
So I told him that if he had held back there was 5 parking spaces behind me and if he had let me out he would be parked by now.
Then he said well I'll let you out then, not without bumping into the car behind you won't. Did you ever think that if you had crashed into me that your eyesight might fail a fitness test?.That would mean that you would be taken off the road for good and you would be liable for the damage to my car as well.

He was more than a little taken aback...we all have our Achilles heel.

Mr Ryan was driving along with his wife when he was stopped by a policeman.
What is the speed limit along here ?
Its 60 KPH replies Mr Ryan.
Then why were you doing 75KPH then ?
Look I was dead on 60 KPH your instrument must be wrong.

Sensing that there may be trouble and wanting to calm things down his wife leans over to the Garda..."Look its no use arguing with him after he has taken drink"

Murphy had not been to confession so his wife told him to go to the priest and start the year with a clear conscience.
Well Father he says I nearly was unfaithful to my wife.

What do you mean Patrick, nearly unfaithful?

Well I was with a woman, but i didn't put it in I only rubbed it against it!

Thats the same thing, Patrick that was a big sin against God. Say 10 hail Marys every night for 3 weeks and put e100 into the poor box.

The priest watched from the door of the confessional as Patrick walked out, he noticed him stop at the poor box and he saw that though he took money out he did not put it into the box. He ran out after him.

Patrick Murphy I saw that, you didn't put the money into the poor box like I told you.
Well father you said that rubbing it against it was the exact same thing as putting it in.

Having time on you hands means more time for surfing.

Often I buy things on the internet but never anything like this e10,700.
All will be told in 5 weeks or so. Also I bought a new earpiece for the phone for 26 quid Stg. as against e80.

Guess I will go and tidy up the Pool.

Time to rest

Monday, January 07, 2008

January blues

The Parnell Mooney. Parnell St.

This arch marks the entrance to St Stephens Green. Built to remember the Dublin Fusiliers who fell in the Boer war.
Hard times fight for the crown or starve at home.
Known as "The traitors arch" by some old Dublin people.

The Scrooge of Christmas had to be the Luas tram company.
Guy told me he bought a return ticket and was making his way home at 3.30 AM when the ticket inspector asked to see his ticket. This is out of date,it was bought yesterday, after midnight its a different day.
The guy explained to him that it was a return ticket.
But that was for yesterday.
Can I pay you now?
No. Get off and walk home.
So off he got. Happy Christmas.

The other Scrooge is a civil servant who is in charge of the prison service. Early releases for Christmas were turned down.
New man making his mark.
John Lonnergan of Mountjoy prison stood up to him. "I have provided you with a list of prisoners who will improve by being released on parole for Christmas. If you dispute this with me I will resign and you will be asked how your experience can overrule mine"
The prisoners from the Joy were the only ones to get out. Or so I was told, by phone from prison.(Shussh)

Venezuelian leader Chavez has an audience with Niaomi Cambell!
I wonder what hemlines will be like in the spring and will slingbacks be in or out. Wow paper likes ink!

Taxi drivers should head off to the sun at this time of the year,it is depressing to be sitting at overcrowded ranks waiting for a e4 fare.
Go to the sun but stay inside,If you come home with a tan you will never get any tips.
If the number of taxi drivers keep increasing like it is at present all the full time taxi drivers will have to get part time jobs to make up their pay.
Its a bit ironic when a guy who has a full time job works as a taxi driver part time and puts the full time man out of a job.
Herd of a soldier who drives a taxi at night and sleeps all day when he is supposed to be on duty...I would believe it too.

Pity I am too old to be a fireman or a school teacher.
But thats life.
I wouldn't swap for the life in Africa or India.

A couple on Sunday heading towards the Airport,the conversation revolved around bad backs..The curse of taxi drivers,nurses and hairdressers. So I spoke on the merits of Chinese acupuncture,he told me that he was involved in a bad smash in Croatia and a guy there used a selection of therapies to get him back on his feet..I would swear by this guy he said.
He was off to Mexico. It will be great to get a bit of heat for a few weeks.
"A few weeks me hat. I won't be here again until April first."
Now thats what I call a break.
No I don't think it was an early April fools joke.

January is the month to go to the National art gallery on Merrion Square to see the Turner water colours. They are only shown in January as the light is at its lowest now.

Seeing as we have time on our hands (like a clock) take a look at this
Well there is a guy who dosen't need to count on his fingers.
I got back a book I loaned to a friend Tales in a rear view mirror,sadly for now out of print.
A really funny book.
And then a race Satnav against Black Cab

Just in from the Sales where my lady wife bought me a reclining armchair.Just the job for that mid shift break. Bit worried about the electric flex though.
Perhaps she will plug it in and smoke me if I am not a good boy.
At least now I can watch Judge Judy in comfort.

Friday, January 04, 2008

2008 +

That Ballyfermot house lit up

Conways of Parnell St. They say the oldest pub in Dublin.
I thought the Brazen Head was older.

While you are out enjoying yourselves we are out working.
Here is something I found on you tube.
(If you click on the colored word you will find the link)
So you thing taxi driving is easy.
This is not in my car though I have had them all.
Here is a seasonal drink driving ad.
Had a problem with forged Euros the other night, he gave me a 50 and got his change, when he got out I felt the note had it had no scratch pad(Just to the left of the denomination symbol)and it was bad paper with a waxy feel.
Grabbed the keys and got out,never a good move,
Sorry about that bud,here take these 3 20s, they were dud too.
His girlfriend took 20 mins to find a real note.
Hey where's me change?,( which I had given him before he got out)by this time I had enough,he was well spaced out on drink and drugs.
Just lets say everyone has to be careful out there.

Met another driver at the Spar on Baggott St.later that night.
A big enough lad. I will never get out of my car again after what happened to me.
Picked up 2 girls going to Dalkey(Posh area)Hold on theres 2 guys coming as well.
Off to Dalkey.
The girls did not want to get at the lads place, so after much discussion I told them that we were going away. Suddenly one of the guys kicks the car. So I get out and confront the guy who is standing there. Not me he says.
Next thing bang the lights go out and I am on the ground,I don't know what he hit me with, but as I try to stand up my legs are like rubber, going every way. When BANG he is on me again.
I grabbed the other guy and used him as a shield,but I got an awful kicking. Amidst all the shouting the girls rang the Garda,they caught him, his case is coming to court soon.
If I had been alone I don't know what would have been the outcome.
This fucker came from a GOOD HOME his parents are rich but he is an animal.


You can never judge a fare by its destination.

He is right too a few years ago 5 guys tried to get into 4 seater taxi. The driver pulled them out then one of the guys kicked the car. 5 on one and the driver only punched one guy once. When went down the guy struck the ground the blow killed him.
The driver lost his licence and I am sure he regrets his moment of madness.

Our Garda killed a pedestrian on New Years morning too.
Strange thing was I nearly killed a Chinese woman 1/2 mile from the same spot,she was running flat out dressed in black straight across the road between 2 cars going in the opposite direction.
4 am you would never expect it.
Mad mad mad new year everyone slaughtered on drink and drugs.

Picked up a sober looking girl in Ranelagh, "Mr taximan you are a lifesaver" Had to stop at the lights and 2 women one with a very plunging neckline tried to get into the taxi. Ballsbridge and Donnybrook!.
I locked the doors, the car is taken, sorry you will have to find another car.
Green light,
Would you have been happier bringing them? she piped up.
No, You were in first, anyhow they were too drunk and were dressed like hookers.
They would be trouble.
Have you something against women? No
Why did you pick me up then did you thing I might be easy.
Will I stop now and just let you out?
I am not happy with your attitude, you are the one with the attitude.
No matter what I would say was twisted, she had some mental problem.
Hope I never meet her again.
I should have dropped her back and gone off with the Dublin 4 ladies.
Then there is trouble and worse trouble.

Everyone is broke only a few bob to spend at the sales and then the CRUNCH When the credit card bills come in. So that will be it until Feb 14 then 15 of March the new St Patricks day,something to do with when Easter falls this year.

Then things return to normal.

The cops in the US are looking for this guy. After all they will have plenty of evedence when they catch up with him. look at him GoThey have gotten help from Shoutfile,in trying to trace him.
Beautiful car! Pity its not red.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Portabello old and new

New apartments near the Beacon center Sandyford

Well here we are safely into 2008,well at least I hope you are all safe.
So here goes 123
Here for our Czech
and Vietnam

I won't tell you about my night but if you were there, stuff of horror movies.

I don't know how this will work as I am typing in Office Star and I have a bit of cutting and pasting to do. Not wallpapering the house.

I put a stat counter on to see if anyone ever looks at this blog.

The daily Total stands between 85 and 120 per day.
Next question is which countries did they come from.
From near and far. USA, Canada today Maldives, Nigeria as well as most of Europe and Australia.
By the way that girl who had to get the replacement passport to go to Venezuela.
Did she get there?
Well someone gave me a hit on the blog from Venezuela a few days later.
Lucky girl!

How did they find me?
Mostly Google directed them through to the blog with the following questions.

26 11.66% dublin taxi
12 5.38% taxi dublin
6 2.69% dublin taxi drivers
6 2.24%
4 1.79% dublin new years eve
3 1.35% dublin taxis
3 1.35% do i know you a story
3 1.35% garda cars photo
3 1.35%
2 0.90% north side dublin taxis
2 0.90% taxi in dublin
2 0.90% taxi rathfarnham
2 0.90% prostitutes in dublin
2 0.90% dublintaxi
2 0.90% taxi crumlin dublin
2 0.90% coco the clown
2 0.90% cap taxi dublin
2 0.90% dublin taxi
2 0.90% taxi men dublin sat nav
2 0.90% expert taxi dublin
2 0.90% size 16 escorts dublin
2 0.90% taxi blog dublin
2 0.90% new years eve dublin
2 0.90% taxi dublin 16
2 0.90% dublin new year taxi service
2 0.90% new years eve in dublin
2 0.90% photos of dublin taxis
2 0.90% taxi lost and found dublin
2 0.90% taxi for sale in dublin
2 0.90% dublin taxis new years eve 2007
1 0.45% dublin taxi airport
1 0.45% accurate sat nav dublin
1 0.45% drive a taxi in dublin
1 0.45% taxi fares from dublin city
1 0.45% shane macgowan
1 0.45% motorcycle cop dublin ireland
1 0.45% phone num of hookers in dublin
1 0.45% taxi cost from castleknock to dublin
1 0.45% taxi candid
1 0.45% new taxi scudo fiat 120 taxi price
1 0.45% gangland dublin
1 0.45% mill cabs clondalkin
1 0.45% taxi dublin for 6
1 0.45% meter taxi dublin
1 0.45% prostitution dublin
1 0.45% dublin 8 prostitutes
1 0.45% death in portlaoise prison christmas day
1 0.45% test for psv dublin
1 0.45% cleary's department store dublin ireland
1 0.45% irish taxi licence widows
1 0.45% scruffy murphys pub dublin 2
1 0.45% nightlink bus to leixlip
1 0.45% you tube video of kingscourt co cavan ireland
1 0.45% donal ruane this time round
1 0.45% dublin taxi 31st december
1 0.45% engine replacement dublin
1 0.45% dublin airport blowjob
1 0.45% crumlin taxi dublin ireland
1 0.45% taxi cab on new year's eve tampa
1 0.45% fallonandbyrne
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1 0.45% airport dublin busy on nye
1 0.45% polish taxi dublin
1 0.45% new years eve /dublin
1 0.45% new years eve 2008 dublin
1 0.45% federiction
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1 0.45% dublin taxi airport
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1 0.45% how to became a taxi driver in dublin
1 0.45% how to become a taxi driver in ireland
1 0.45% car insurance dublin taxi drivers
1 0.45% buy taxi dublin
1 0.45% versatchi house murder
1 0.45% what do you type into the sat nav to find dublin airport?
1 0.45% dublin taxi lost and found
1 0.45% jack kennedy shoeshine
1 0.45% coco clown
1 0.45% dubliner 2008 best restaurants
1 0.45% taxi job dublin
1 0.45% joyriding deaths in dublin
1 0.45% girls name in picture for
1 0.45% vegas taxi new years eve
1 0.45% taxi dublin marino
1 0.45% new years eve taxi portland or
1 0.45% taxi new year dublin
1 0.45% dublin taxi number
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1 0.45% taxi phone numbers in dublin
1 0.45% dublin on street prostitutes
1 0.45% taxi ie
1 0.45% i would be taxi driver in dublin
1 0.45% fiat scudo taxi
1 0.45% animal gang dublin
1 0.45% taxi driver rapes a girl in the backseat
1 0.45% rathfarnham taxi
1 0.45% how much would a taxi be on new year's day
1 0.45% new years eve 2007 dublin
1 0.45% dublin new years
1 0.45% buy a hackney plate
1 0.45% dublin new years run
1 0.45% taxi-dublin
1 0.45% dublin taxi license price
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1 0.45%
1 0.45% dublin taxi new years
1 0.45% i am deaf and i want to be a taxi driver
1 0.45% russian orthodox dublin
1 0.45% garmin 610 taxi route
1 0.45% sat nav port tunnel
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1 0.45% girl dies in ardmore hotel finglas
1 0.45% girl, finglas, drugs, ardmore
1 0.45% taxi dublin to stepaside
1 0.45% taxi lucan dublin telephone number
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1 0.45% hack taxi nickname
1 0.45% taxi times
1 0.45% i'll pay you 10.00 to drive me to paris
1 0.45% dublin corperation
1 0.45% taxi dublin christmas
1 0.45% taxis dublin
1 0.45% taxis in
1 0.45% captain blythe of the bounty
1 0.45% colin farrell hospital visits dublin
1 0.45% euro holiday ireland to boston.i

223 100.00%

And that is only over the last few days.
They will never pin the Versacchi murder on me!
What a load of questions.

Dublin Airport blowjob? Stand behind a jet you thicko.

I will pay you 10.00 to take me to paris.! Plaster of Paris on your broken arm!

I should get one of those phone numbers like the Tarrot line have.

Ask me your question? At e1.60 per minute I will tell you all.

That is a good website freeflow

There is also a link which tells me who logged on.
If that (Taxi stories )guy thinks he is going to steal stuff from my taxi sites and sell as his.
Think again buddy.
It is written here first and so it is copyright.

So boys and girls and anyone else who is going through, or have gone through a sex change Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR