Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A day out

Today I took out my oldest friend Mabel (now over 101 1/2 years old)to the butterfly farm which is down by the K club at Straffin.
We got a great welcome from Iris and spent a good hour looking at butterflies.
I was telling Mabel how we brought our boys here when they were very small and Iris's son took out spiders from their cages and Geckos and the snakes as well.
I bet that was one of the best days of their lives.
This is the last day for them as it closes for the winter.
We will come back when it opens up again next year please God.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank my sweet God.

My life wil return to normal next week. DV
I can't tell you what was happening but it all worked out in the end.
All I can say for sure is it is a complete wonder to me that there are not a lot more headcases wandering the streets of Dublin, after what I encountered.

Think about this "Instant penis enlarger on ebay €50. The bastards sent me a magnafying glass."
Your joke for today.

Look I will be back soon.
But if you realy want to hear somehing really great about taxis?. Click on "Save the yellow cabs" Its on the right hand side of this blog. Yes moron you wil need sound to hear it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Street art ?

Well it used to be something to be frowned on, now graffiti is art.

It is strange the more you look for work the harder it is to find. Then you decide to head for home and you see the hands rising in the air.
Happy days.
I got 2 runs to the airport and Swords while I was just heading home.

One of the guys had a story for me about a small builder in Galway who was working on a job for a Garda, building a small extension.
Well just as he finished work he went to the pub for a pint and as he drove back to his home he was stopped by the said Garda who breathalysed him, and he failed the breath test.
The Garda it is alleged, looked at him straight in the eye and said.
"This is very serious, you are well over the legal limit.
But you have a large bill for me. So if you forget about your bill I will forget that you were ever breathalysed"
The builder was never paid.

If it was me I would hope I would be brave enough to present my bill a week later with my mobile phone turned on to record any conversation that might take place.

Some of the things that go on when corruption gets a foothold would baffle the best of minds.
Garda planting drugs and guns to get a conviction.
In Ardee they allowed drug dealing to go on provided the main gangster gave them the details of small time dealers. They had to be getting a good backhander too.
Beating up drunks who are after all just helpless idiots.
It makes you wonder where we are all heading to.

When a bad apple was caught they sent them to Donegal, then the bad apples got together to produce a mad cocktail of crime and deceit.

for more

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Would you like to do Magic?

look at this!
It is like a magic convention, brought to you in your own home.

But if you really want to do do sometinig magical next month why not join up with me for the special childrens outing.

You will not believe that you could bring such joy to the faces of children who have to fight for every moment of happyness.

So will you be on the rank or at the party on the 13 th Sept.?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Another week away from the wheel

Well I got my first flat wheel since I bought my present car.
Now I am expecting a spate of flat wheels, at least 3 more until it all settles down again.
I don't know how it happens, but life goes like that.
You can go for years without a single speeding ticket then get 2 on the same day.

As they say some days you are the pidgeon.
Other times you are the statue !

You can't get near the train stations or the taxi ranks,the hangover from Heuston is chronic.

This is a video made a while ago showing the tailback at Heuston station on a Sunday night.
Note the gaps where drivers have not moved up. It is very hard for all concerned.
By the way 70% of the cars are well off the rank, I.E. there is only rank space for 30% of the taxis shown in the clip.
Look at the taxi that is in front of me as we pass the taxi rank. He is stopping just in front of the queue of taxis to steal a fare !
It is really really bad.

How do you know when there is a taxi driver on the plane?
The whineing noise goes right on into the terminal building.

Anyhow I have been painting windows cllings walls and skirting boards, not to mention doors.
When you start a project it sometimes develops a life of its own.
Thank God this job is now drawing to a close.

I am really lucky that this job intercepted me. People outside the taxi trade would not really appreciate how bad things have become for us just now.

I keep looking around for the next big thing, will someone tell me when it arrives?

Night courses are starting soon and it will be web design for me.

Either that or I will be joining the "Chippendales"

I missed a run to Dundalk the other day. The guy in front of me did it for €80. I would not undercut his price. Though the passinger asked me if I would do it for less.
You have to have some kind of standards in this life.

Strange thing happening around our house, my wife and son have picked up a really bad cough like whooping cough, it goes on and on. The Sea lions from the Zoo keep coming to the house as they think there is a female in heat, they think that the cough is a mating call.
The taxi fare back to the Zoo is €8.60 + 4 mackerel

I got it myself then and spent 2 days in bed over the weekend, but I am better now.

Computer problems prevent me from bringing you some photos.
But my biggest son will be coming soon from London and then perhaps he will put the drivers back into the big computer that he took out of it last year.

Gosh! this morning I picked up a young nurse in Clontarf going to Phibsboro, she was a really interesting person to talk to and I felt that there was something special about her.
Let me explain,
A few months ago I head deaf girl who overslept her alarm clock !
As she was deaf we had a great laugh when I told her that she had the best excuse in the world for being late. She may have been deaf but she lives her own life to the full.
Beth Ann Collins is totally blind and yet she produces the radio programme on RTE called audioscope.
She is also a very bright person to talk to with intrests in many subjects.

The Scotish precussionest Evelyn Glenny lives her life to the full in spite of being totally deaf.
She feels the vibrations through her body.
Good eh ?

People like this are an insperation to us all.

Now about my girl ! It turns out that she has slight cerebral palsy which effects her right side. Yet she is a fully qualified nurse.
This is great, a nurse who is helping you who has overcome a slight handicap herself.
Now the patient can empathise with their healer.

Good luck to you girl,

Thursday, August 18, 2011

And the autumn leaves were turning to the coulour of her hair.

Slovakia shop on Capel St

Everyone is cashing in as the GAA finals draw near.

There is a definite change coming in nature. The trees really are starting to turn, there was no Summer again this year. Though the farmers in Ireland are laughing, bumper harvests and prices are high. On the horn of Africa 12 million starve, while we in the civalised world worry about the balance of payments.

As I pass through this life driving a taxi I have a wonderful opportunity to observe the human condition. From cradle to grave and loads of times in between I observe and make no comment.
As I pass a building or a junction I recall a journey taken long ago.

When I pass the taxi regulators office I think of the Greek girl who was going for a job interview. She got into the taxi on Parnell St.,so I had to go around Parnell Sq she was going to the Conrad Hilton for a job interview, a truck decided to turn as we came up to the taxi regulators office and this Greek volcano let fly.
"Good God I will be late"
"Why did you come this way you MORON ?"
"Look at the cost on the meter as well?"
"If this was in Greece it would be less than half of that"

So she had pressed on a few sore spots there, "Will you be getting Greek or Irish wages in your new job?" I asked."Irish" she said of course.
"Then let me tell you that you will pay every penny that is on that meter, If you don't I will bring a Garda into the hotel to have you taken out for underpayment to me, further to that, if I had a job interview I wouldn't be getting into a taxi on the other side of the city 20 minutes before I was due in the Conrad hotel."

"What is the job anyway" She said "Event planner"

I had to say to her that she couldn't plan a piss up in a brewery.

Some people never tip.

There is a guy 4 doors up from me. He was the biggest event planner in the country, he is not very busy at the moment as I write today.

On the Joe Duffy show(Thurs) a few taxi drivers had their say.
They spoke about how bad things are, but no one is listening.
But just let me say there is no living to be made in driving a taxi in Dublin!
How could there be, a city of 2 million with more taxis than New York ?
Illegal taxi drivers (by that I mean drivers with forged papers)have become a large section of the taxi community. If one ot these drivers has a crash then they run away leaving the injured parties to sort out their problems.
The other day in the Evening Herald there was advertisements for 22 taxis or taxi plates to rent!
Who will be driving these cars ?
The Garda have been hard on the drivers who are legal, you get tickets for overhanging a rank at Heuston station for example, yet there was, up until now very little attention being paid to cars who drove away or turned around until now to avoid the checkpoint.
My local community Garda told me she had seized 2 cars the other night. These cars had avoided the checkpoint, she was the back up.

So perhaps like the seasons there is a change in attitude,I hope so.

I try to find other projects which I can incorporate into my life. This year I hope to go back to finish a course in web design. I started one before and the "Teacher" spent the class talking to a French girl who worked for Google. While our work for4 the night was on a web page that was displayed on the screen.
Now we have "Flash" and "Dream weaver" to add to the wonderful box of tricks that is web design.
The main problem at that time was that my Mother was dying and so I missed a few sessions.

Now that I am a bit older and a lot more assertive I will give it another bash.

One guy who was really high up in IT told me that things are moving so fast in that business that everything he knows today will be different in 3 years. Now this guy was going to his private jet! So I reckon he knew a thing or two, a really nice person to talk to as well. Some people think that the CEO of a huge corporation will be very hard to talk to. I spoke to some of them, the best ones are approachable and friendly. They really need to know what is going on like the rest of us.The CEO of Cisco Systems rang my oldest son to find out how the course he had just completed had helped him, or if it could be improved in any way?.

Warren Buffet starts at the bottom, talks to the cleaners, the lift operators, the supervisors etc. When he meets the directors he knows whats what about the company.

A girl told me that a company from Icenland had come over to buy another company she had worked for. They asked all kinds of questions and were snowed under by forecasts and projections.
It turned out that they spoke to the taxi drivers while they went from venue to venue.The information they were given was 100% accurate in every respect, they didn't buy her company in the end.
I guess they didn't see that their own economy would collapse in the near future.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A "bum"on the street

Street art.

A memorial to someone who died on the street.

On Baggott St. to a nameless homeless man who died there.

This is the guy I found, with hundreds of people passing him by.

So here we are Summer is nearly over and some schools go back on Monday.
The moon is big and bright and for those closer to nature Harvest thanksgiving has arrived.

I had brought an Irish girl out to Swords to start a 13 hour shift as a social worker, we discussed the case of my alcoholic homeless social worker from last week.
It is tragic how the turns that life might brings might lead a very differentr destiny that you might have expected to have, it might even be a tragic ending.
But it happens to the best.
The ex archbishop of Canterburys grandson died from a drugs overdose, I read in the paper last week. You would think that everyone involved would have had the very best advice available, but the kid was dead for a few days before his body was found, sad and tragic for alll involved.
So it was with this thought on my mind when I saw the person above lying on the footpath outside St.Patricks Cathedral. I said to my passinger from Venezuela that Ireland was not always like this. People used to help the fallen ones who were on the ground, we used to help old ladies up from the ground and help bring blind people across the street.
So when I dropped her off at Blooms hotel I went back, he was still there.

So I dialled 112 and the operator was a bit of a fucker to say the least.
She seemed to imply that I should not be bothering the ambulance service unless I knew the precise depth of the patients condition!
The ambulance service were a bit better.
Has he a pulse?
Is he breathing?
Well if he was't breathing he wouldn't have a pulse, would he?
But he was warm to the touch.

The best place to take a pulse is on the neck at the side of the windpipe.

Now a girl from America who was passing spoke to me.
"I thought he would attack you when you touched him"
I told her he was too far gone for that, but that help was on the way.

The next couple were Swiss, you know even is Switzerland we have big problems with drugs.
Yes I said "NEEDLE PARK"Indeed she said and walked off.
I really don't know what the awnser is. look here.

A few years ago I had a guy in the taxi who worked in Minsk which is in the old USSR. In the winter if you fell down you are dead in 1/2 an hour. So if you were found in a state of collapse you are brought in and in the morning you are hosed down with freezing water.
Then you must pay a fine and attend a treatment canter.

So today I stood up to the mark and did the right thing.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Greek Contagion

Here is a very well written article about the Greek debt chrisis from the Epoch Times, which I thought you would enjoy.

Now don't forget that America has a huge debt chrisis after years of Bushes incompetance.

Deal Fails to Cure the Greek Contagion

Eurozone at risk as cost of bailout climbs

Cancer, which starts with a few small, isolated cells, is a formidable disease. Early detection and removal of the malignancy generally leads to recovery. But left untreated for too long, the malignant cells spread to engulf and destroy the entire organism.

In a similar way, untreated financial dysfunction can engulf and destroy entire economies. Early in 2010, it became clear that Greece, with its out-of-control deficits, bloated and militant public service, business crippling bureaucracy and endemic corruption, was far too diseased to recover.

News that the Greek government had fraudulently gained entrance to the Euro-zone by hiding real debt ratios that were well beyond the limits required for membership gave Brussels ample justification for cutting Greece away before the disease could spread. Instead, the EU and the IMF opted to pour €110 billion (US$156 billion) down the dark hole that is Greece’s terminally ill economy.

Now, having burned through those funds in little more than a year, comes a new €109 billion (US$154 billion) injection of life support.
Always Blaming Someone Else

University of Athens Professor of International Relations Theordore Couloumbis rightly diagnosed the root cause of the country’s malignancy when he stated “The big problem of Greek society is to consider someone else responsible for everything that goes wrong.”

This contagion effect has seen bond ratings collapse in both Portugal and Spain.

Given its fraudulent entry and entrenched irresponsible behavior, the really puzzling question is: why would other Euro-zone countries transfer the hard earned wealth of their responsible taxpaying citizens to bail out the dysfunctional, ungrateful, and often rioting Greeks?

We can only imagine how perplexing and frustrating this question must be for German citizens, who are footing the bulk of the bailout bills. Ironically, the Euro-zone’s failure to cut away the Greek cancer when it had the chance has turned the prospect of a Greek debt default into a contagious pathogen threatening the entire 17 member Euro-zone. And the reason for that has everything to do with who holds Greek debt.

Greece has a sovereign debt of €340 billion (US$480 billion), more than half of which is held by French, German, and British banks along with the European Central Bank. German banks hold about €40 billion (US$57 billion) in Greek government bonds, British banks hold about €19 billion (US$27 billion) and the European Central Bank holds €49 billion (US$69 billion).

French banks have the greatest exposure at €65 billion (US$92 billion). No wonder French President Nickolas Sarkozy let out a sigh of relief when his Finance Minister Christine Lagarde was chosen as the new head of the International Monetary Fund.

At more than €30,000 (US$42,000) for every man, woman, and child, Greece’s debt greatly exceeds the value of the country’s assets. And it’s a deadbeat debtor with negative future prospects. Without Euro-zone backing, the market value of Greek bonds would fall to almost zero, wiping billions of Euros off the balance sheets of European banks whose health is critical to Europe’s fragile and faltering economic recovery.

Even as the cost of Greek life support moves to €219 billion (US$310 billion), it’s apparent that won’t be enough to save the patient. And given their costly and politically divisive struggle to save the comparatively small Greek economy, financial markets are understandably skeptical that the Euro-zone could help much if any its larger members edge toward debt default.

This contagion effect has seen bond ratings collapse in both Portugal and Spain. Now the Euro-zone sovereign debt disease has entered a dangerous new phase as Italy, the zone’s third largest economy with a debt over five times that of Greece, moves under the market’s microscope. These four countries, together with Ireland, represent a whopping 40 percent of the Euro-zone economy.
Cutting Greece Loose

Sadly, these events were easy to predict, and to prevent. As I concluded in a column last February, “There is a much better way to ensure the Greek pandemic doesn’t infect the whole Euro-zone. Cut them loose.

Related Articles

Greece Should Exit Eurozone, Expert Says

The economic crisis triggered a series of bailouts protecting companies, individuals, and unions from the consequences of their actions. Now, countries themselves are expecting to be relieved of that responsibility. An EU bailout of Greece would surely lead to the rampant spread of disease deadly to the future of the world’s largest economic zone.”

The moral of this sad saga is that whether it comes to personal, corporate or national health; failure to act decisively when we have the chance almost always leads to lasting regret, and sometimes to our complete demise.

Gwyn Morgan is the retired founding CEO of EnCana Corp. Troy Media Corporation.

A really good comparison that Like Cancer you should act with purpouse and stop it spreading.
The problem with polaticians is that they dilly dally while the iceberg gets closer.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The sick note

Here is something for the weekend.

The cruise ship AIDA came into Dublin for the day.
She looks so happy

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just to say . . . . . .

I just had to put this down to try and reconcile my thoughts in my head.

On Nutley lane a very tall woman stopped me.
She was lost and was looking for a house which was close by.
The problem was that she was told to go to 77 and the houses only went up to 75.

There was a break in the traffic and I told her to hop in and I tried to help her.
So we drove along the houses and there was no 77, the last house was 75.
Than a car stopped at 75 and I went over to ask the driver.

Street names can be Nutley lane, avenue, street, close or place.
So she thought we had the wrong street.
She only worked in the house she was stopping at and she called out the owner.

My passenger told her that she was sure that the street address was right.
Then the householder asked her who she was looking for. "Her name is Mary, I am a nursing aide and I have been sent to help her"
With that the woman told her where the girl lived, just a few doors down.

At around that time another lady arrived from the agency and they both got back into into her car and drove down to the house.

What is really bugging me is that although I had no intention of charging her for my time helping her.

I had said it to her,that this is on the house, my good deed done for the day.

But neither she or the other lady from the agency said one word of thanks.

After all there would have been a good €5 on the meter and we had established where she should have been going.

It would be sad if other peoples bad manners made us all become unkind to strangers.

Well karma will say what goes around comes around.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yes YOU are lucky.

If I entered this in a photo competition they would say it was made up.
It isn't

Botanical gardens

Fly eating plants.

Before I start.

Happy Birthday Bobby. My first baby is 30 today !

Sometimes you find a stone and sometimes you find a diamond like Mabel.

I had taken photos of the sand sculptures that we saw that day and she phoned all her friends who came around to enjoy the event with her.
The thing with Mabel active in mind and limb is that she knows anyone that is worth knowing.
I told her about a person I had brought in the taxi once. A couple of days later a friend of hers had contacted that person and a phone call came back to me from them.

Mabel doesn't do doom and gloom,she lost many thousands of euro in her bank shares,she refuses to worry about it.
Perhaps we could all learn a little from her.

"Where to?"
"Temple St. Hospital please."
Well I am like a sponge for absorbing information so after 5 minutes I had found out about her patient.
Her brother and his family were over in Donegal from Scotland for a wedding. They stayed in her house and went off to the wedding. She gave me the name of the hotel (which I forget)
Anyhow their daughter who is 3 1/2 was standing on a balcony which was surrounded by a sheet of glass. She was stroking the glass with her arm when the glass fell out and she fell off the balcony down 15 foot on to a concrete path on top of the broken glass!

Thank God she has only a fractured cheek bone,jaw bone and shoulder.
There is no brain damage.

There is no substitute for quality work.
The guy that put in that glass must be an EJEET.

Still, kids of that age don't tense themselves up before impact, so the injuries are not as bad as they might be.Thank God she didn't come head first.

The other thing that I will share with you is in regard to child abuse.

On Today fm the last word the other day they were talking about it.
A woman was talking about how her maths were giving her problems and she was sent to a maths teacher who lived across the road from her. He was touching her in an inappropriate way.
She told her mother and her mother said that she was making it up to avoid her maths grinds.
Later on the teacher raped her and the abuse went on.
She felt that because her mother whom she had loved and trusted had not believed her that no one else would believe her.
She is living in Ireland now and got help through the one in four group.

Believe it or not she is a comedian.

"Your not laughing now"

So folks, when your kids are trying to say something.


Sunday, August 07, 2011

101 1/2

Mabel with her special 101 1/2 birthday cake
Well that is quite an achievement to live so long and be as healthy as a trout !
My oldest friend Mabel reached the fantastic age of 101 1/2 on Friday. I rang her up and asked if we would go to Dublin Castle to see the sand sculptures. "I'll be ready in 10 minutes"
God has been good to her, sound in mind and limb. She is drug free, cooks for herself, cleans her own house.
A great friend and good example of as she is living life to the full.
One in a million for sure.

Horse boxes parked along Ailesbury road
The horse show has now ended and I wonder what big thing is on our social calender ?

A Chinese weddding party departs the Botanical Gardens after photos

In case you thought all the beautiful girls were Polish,Brazilian and Irish!
Viva Mexico.

You know it is hard to keep going on. On Sunday I drove around cruising for 2 1/2 hours. I did 30 kilometers and got not one bite on my line. There was a monster of a cruise ship and a smaller one in the port and not one of the guests were taking taxis, they were walking.

Still I don't take it personal.

Thanks to the guy I brought into work the other day.
There were no bank link machienes working, so I told him to leave €10 into my local pub, with Owen I said. Problem is that Owen was on 3 weeks holidays.
Well he dropped in a €20 tonight..
Thanks a lot mate. Nice one!

Here is a nice beer advert.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Best magician?

Someone asked me tonight "Who is the best magician?"

Well here are a few good ones.

Lance Burton

Channing Pollock was supposed to be much better.

David Copperfield ? Don't thik so.

Rene Levand with one arm ! Perhaps.

Juan Tamariz, a really funny guy. But watch this for a really good magic effect.

Keith Barry?,
You have to love this.

Tina Lenert does a fantastic silent act which has taken her around the world many times.
It is really beautiful.

Men in Coats ! Why not?

Last of all I will leave you with Bill Malone.

So like everything in life things are varied so don't look for the best just enjoy them all.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Dublin Horse Show

The Dublin Horse show is on !
Show jumping, Cossack riders loads of fashion and fun for all.

Yes it is that time again where sand sculptures appear in the courtyard of Dublin Castle.

"Little princesses come here"

The burned out Players Lounge. At least 20 people have lost their jobs.

Over the weekend Celtic were playing football here in Dublin. The Players Lounge in Fairview put on a good welcome for the fans. Breakfasts were provided, ballad groups played all weekend, courtesy buses were provided. The owners son plays for Celtic.
Well on Tuesday morning at 2am. there was an armed raid and cash was taken.
Then the pub went on fire. The details are not yet clear.

This is from Yahoo.

An armed gang has held up the sports bar belonging to the father of Celtic star Anthony Stokes.

Up to four men tied up a member of staff at the Players Lounge in Fairview, north Dublin, at about 2am and made off with a sum of money.

A fire broke out in the premises at around the same time and gardai are looking at the possibility that the robbery and blaze are linked. Nobody was hurt in either incident.

Players Lounge owner John Stokes was charged in May over allegations that he threatened a business rival.

The 54-year-old appeared before a special sitting of Dublin District Court where he was accused of ordering another publican, with menace, to cease trading within 24 hours.

It is not known whether he was in the bar when the robbery took place.

Earlier this year, Stokes was ordered to remove a massive 40ft banner barring the Queen from his pub during May's historic state visit.

He said he reluctantly agreed to take it down after a senior garda threatened to object to his application for late licences.

Where cash is involved you should use a cash in transit co. to empty your tills and safes frequently. Bookies, supermarkets, filling stations and shops all have to make plans.
Taxi drivers have to split their money so that if they are hit the can hand out the money in their shirt pocket quickly. keeping the rest in their sock.

Sometimes it can be a bit like the wild west here in Dublin.

I kid you not, a Taxi driver would not be worth robbing in these present times.

I didn't do much work at the taxi lately, but I dropped a passenger off in Blackrock the other day and I came back on the Strand Rd. towards Sandymount.
They have taken a few buses off on this route now so there are a few people looking for taxis again. As I was coming along I saw someone I should know. For a split second I faltered and drove past. It was Polly Devlin and her husband the poet Seamus Heaney It is funny I just wanted to ask her a burning question which was on my mind since I read her biography.
She was at a dinner with the rev. Ian Paisley years ago, chatting nicely as you do(A highly educated young lady she is)
Ian Paisley said "What is your name may I ask?"
She replied "I am Polly Devlin"
"Devlin, Devlin.(A Catholic name) You have come a long way." With that he turned his back on her and did not speak another word ot her all night.

I have often wondered if they ever crossed swords again?
I am sure if they did meet it would have been fun to be a fly on the wall.

Ah well perhaps we will meet again once more.
I was looking at washing machines in Power City a few years ago. She was fitting out an apartment at that time.The assistants were busy and she asked me about a washing machine and dryer. I remember telling her that you can get one combined. But to insure it is a condenser dryer. (Or you will have to make a hole in the wall to let out the steam.) That time I remembered who she was the next day.
Such is life!
You see a strange stone, you throw it away. Someone comes along and sees it for what it is.

A diamond.

There was the case of a doctor who was appointed to a Sligo hospital. She was qualified and she has the papers to prove it. Well, some nurses expressed concern as they watched her working.
Then a more senior doctor asked her to take a patients pulse.
Guess what! She had no idea how to take a pulse, never mind calculate the pulse rate.
She is suspended of course, but she still carries a licence to practice.
How she got the job when she had never served an internship we will never know.

Makes you think.

Remember that doctor in Wicklow St.who looks up your symptoms on the Internet?

Did you hear about that Boeing that went down while heading to Brazil?
There is going to be huge litigation about it now that the wreck has been located.
From the beginning it was reckoned that the tube that measures air speed had become blocked with ice. This gave a false reading and the plane started to stall.
In a Boeing or any big plane the controlls light up like a Christmas tree well before stall speed is reached.
Now the manufacturers are saying that the crew did not turn off the auto pilot because they did not know how to fly the plane manually.

WOW ! Just shows how things are allowed to happen.

I got one of those O2 money cards, great ! I thought I can put a few bob on it and give it to my son, he is 19 now so he can book flights and buy things on line.
It never worked !
You have to pay to put money on the card, a charge is applied for the card too.
So I tried to get help, help is all automated.
So instead of trying to get them to help any further. I tried to empty the account using interbank transfer and cancell the card.
That didn't work either.
It kinda makes you wonder why if a customer is having a problem with a product that they don't deal with the problem itself, rather than loose a customer.

I would imagine that the problem was a trivial technical one.

Anyhow they seem to have a big advertising budget.

Sarah Wilson was on to me . She is looking for host families in the good old USA to help her out. So if you can help look here.