Friday, June 25, 2021

Second in command is ready

My son has been driving for a few years and he still is penalty point free so he is taking another go at the PSV test. He failed it two times but now things are different for him.

He has been working as a delivery driver for Amazon and this has been quite a baptism of fire for him.

One side of the city right to the other 100 to 130 drops all over the place.

He loves it. A lot of the directions are on the SatNav but the experience has taught him a lot, he said that there is a few taxi drivers working there as well and they help each other out when they are out and about, its great to hear that.

So the book sales are very slow.(The steering wheel university by Paul Malone on Amazon) so I am going to do a talking book version, it will take a while.

I might have to get an actor to read it as most people hate the sound of their own voice.

Did you hear this one ?

"If the judge likes the sound of her own voice you will surely get a long sentence"

All in the future.Actors spend a lot of time in idle bliss and they might like the break.

When John Hubbard was young and could not drive I took him around with casting scripts.

A truly educational experience. I would go to the house and ring the bell, knock on the door.

"Nobody here." Kick the door he would reply. BANG BANG and the door would open 

"Why are you kicking my bloody door?" The face was instantly recognizable. 

John would shout out Greetings and the actor would change like the switch of a light. "Oh John How are you. Would you like a cup of tea "The actors were instantly known, very famous faces.

I often asked why they were just sitting at home "They are resting" was his answer.

John Hubbard and Stephen Spielberg (see the book) got together after I met him and did a movie called Lincon.

John and Stephen are both very clever people Johns skill to pick the right person for the part and Stephens ability to frame a great story.

Try and find Cinema Paradiso it is our favorite movie.

So in a month Jnr will take steering wheel and start his education.

Friday, June 18, 2021

A marker in the ground

So very soon I will go back. I have had enough of this boredom.

I need freedom.

Driving in the bus lane and picking up interesting people.

If it was not for my pill box I would not know what day of the week it is.

Of the thousands of people I have met one has come into my mind Martha was her name and she came from East Africa, I can't be sure but I think she was from Tanzania but it was a long time ago.

She was full of life and she had a really impish sense of humor. S he told me that the people of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia are wonderful runners and the women are the most beautiful on Earth. They are also the greatest lovers that can be found. But don't think of going there you will never catch one. 

Then a big burst of her laughter.

One day the Lottery was £1 Million (A lot of money at the time)

I said that I would buy a ticket and if I won we would buy an ice cream.

"John take it back now" I asked her why she was so upset and she told me of the Jen.

A Jen is a spirit which lives on the edge of society and when someone makes a wish they will grant that wish in a very cruel way. 

They use their powers and enter your life.

They suck the life out of your most loved person, wife or child.

But you cannot see, hear or find your Jen.

You are the happiest person I have ever met. 

I would hate for you to suffer or change in such a bad way.

Stop at this shop here and I will but the ice creams and you must promise me not to buy that lottery ticket. 

Around 6 years later her life imploded and she died from a drug overdose

Friday, June 11, 2021

Sometimes your heart breaks

 A dog killed a 2 month baby last week in Co.Cork.

The incident happened at 2 am just out of the blue.

Things like this are complicated, you need to introduce the child to the dog gently, slowly getting the dogs confidence. It is hard on the dog as well when he sees his master making a fuss of this new thing which came into the house.

Shit but it makes any of my problems seem like nothing for sure.

My life is starting to move forward.

I got my meter re calibrated so that I can move back to work when things pick up soon.

I have been painting and gardening for long enough.

My youngest son has found himself a great job. He is a driver for Amazon. For him it is really great as he covers the entire city. He is tougher than I thought he would be doing 10 hour days with no complaint finding his way around with goods from the great river.

He will fly through the taxi drivers exam in a few months, then I will retire.

When you see Amazon very often there is an arrow underneath, its called a swoosh and it shows that they have everything from A to Z. 

Clever marketing.

Ladies and Gentlemen keep an eye on your kids.

I found a spoon on the footpath outside the convent in Clontarf.

So what you might say.

It had burn marks on it. It had been used for cooking Heroin.

In the leafy suburbs of Clontarf and the upmarket Dalkey and Foxrock even in the inner city areas of Shirreff st and Grafton st. the city is awash with drugs.

Early on when I was driving a hackney I drove a guy around, on the phone and he lined up his orders in advance, out of the car and back in. Good areas.I suppose they had the money back then.

He looked at me at one point and said  

I didn't make these people take drugs,I only provide a service for them, and when I die there will be 10 other people to take my place.

Then after a while we drove into a house in Foxrock ( I still remember where it is)and when we were coming out again there were 2 kids waiting 10 and 8 He had something for them. 

I told him that it was way out of line. 

Its only Smarties. Which we all doubt.

If there is a God I hope that she gives him a long and painful death.

What people fail to understand is that criminals need taxis as the police would recognize their cars in a second and catch them.

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

1.5 million hits

 I just spotted on the stat counter that we have just had 1.5 million hits.

My oldest son would say "Thats a lot of bots Dad",

Give yourselves a good pat on the back.

Well done.

I will try and get a techie to show me how to put the photos and the videos back on the blog.

The old stat counter used to show me where the hits came from down to the street and the house number.

I often wonder what fascination a person in Moscow had with Dublin that they clocked in every time I updated the blog. 

Computers world is strange and wonderful ways.One guy told me not to rely on that Nigerian Princess who wanted to give me money. First of all she is probably not a woman at all and second the only money she would have would be your money. 

Take care and walk softly