Friday, July 30, 2010

All the lonely people

Just a few thoughts as the plaster dries.

I should be working all night,but as I had no sleep I will give it a miss.

A few years ago I brought home the bouncer from Angels lap dancing club.
I picked him up in Clontarf and brought him home to Finglas.
He was a talkative guy and he told me a story, which I will tell to you now.
There is a punter who comes in every Thursday to Angels and he sits at a table and talks to 4 girls for 15 minutes each. He is retired and he pays the girls the price of a lap dance each.. I don't remember the amount but it was around £50. each that's £200 for his little chat.
He took my phone number and he told me that he wold call me when the old guy was leaving some night.
When the call came I picked him up and drove him down to D'oleer st.Sure enough he was all talk, all quite normal and when we got there he nearly snapped off my fingers taking his 20p change.
The thing is that he was very lonely and loved to talk to the pretty girls.
Sad enough in its own way.

The bouncer also introduced me to a tall Russian lady who danced there she looked like Sheenah the warrior princess. She let me feel the muscles on her arms,she was very strong for sure. Abdomen like steel. She even offered me a free lap dance if I came in some night.

It is said that she was earning £1,000 a night 3 nights a week at that time.

Were you ever watching TV late at night and the advertisements come on ? "Text flirt to XXXX XXXXXX beautiful girls are waiting to talk to you"

Well when I was on holiday a few years ago I read a story about a teacher who started texting one of these chat lines. Soon a bond had developed and Bob her "admirer" who would text her when she came home, wish her happy birthday, enquire about her mother, the poor girl was completely in love with this mythical person who cared so much about her.
I say mythical because when she would text into the center her information would pop up on a computer screen, suggestions were placed on the screen for the operator to follow.
"Did you get you piano tuned yet?"

Don't forget every text was being charged at £1 a pop.

One day one of the people who worked in the call center rang her up and burst her balloon..She told her how the system worked and that she should get a life for herself.

Poor lady had wasted over £100,000 on the "relationship"

The call company were doing nothing wrong, it said so in the small print.

As Paul McCartney once said "All the lonely people where do they all belong?"

I had an Indian guy in the car a few weeks ago whose job bas to talk to Irish ladies over the phone.
Just talk, I am good at my job and I like it a lot he said.
Ever tried free running?

Goodnight, have a great weekend.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


No photos today the computer room is being plastered tomorrow.

Something caught my eye the other day.

An Arab man claimed to be a Jew jailed for"rape by deception"

Wow what a story, it is almost like Romeo and Jelus Cezar.

So an Arab man living in east Jerusalem with the nickname "Dudu"slang for David. Clearly a Jewish name,he posed as a Jewish batchelor looking for a long time relationship.

He was anArab man married with kids.
He met a Jewish girl and intercouse followed.
In a nearby deralect building.
The Jewish lady found out his secret, so.

She pressed charges for rape by deception, but it has sturred up so much feeling in Israel.

So the Arab guy got 18 months in prison.

The story is upsetting on so many levels.

What do you think?

Did you ever look in the lonely hearts colum?

There is some stomping ground for every type of predator.

I must stop thinking too much, but.

So I mentioned it to a lawyer on her way to the 4 courts.

"There is a load of shite about that case, If he was my client he would be free and his name would have been kept from the press for sure.
There is a rip tide of deception and polatics going on there and I can tell you there is a complete injustice in that case."

"Look, I fight to win,trust me on this one"

I forgot to get her card.

I went to have a Tango leson ! Bedere bar every tuesday.€10 for beginners.
Tango Argentino in the Belvedere bar, downstairs.

Good fun...Me Bad dancer!
Don't forget the tango festival
The link won't
12/15 Aug in Dublin 086 3747958

I have put many clips of tango on the blog (because there is more to life than work) So if you put the words "silver fox" in the search box on the top left corner of the blog...Then hit the magnafying glass you should see a dance or two.

I am hanging loose at present, kids are off college, but I am getting a strong urge to travel as there is no work for a poor taxi man at present.

Today I got a letter from the Taxi regulator to renew my PSV licence.
€250 for 3 years!
It used to be £3 for 10 years!
Now the Queen(holy regulator) is asking people by questionare if they think that taxi fares are a bit high? should be reduced?

Madam, reduce your costs.

Have a listen to Ms Doyle on Roys blog.

Meanwhile I put a bell on my cats collar to propect the birds.
I didn't think it would put the cat in danger.

Ah Yes My Travels !

The view from my bedroom window in Dingle, do you see the dead man?

The wonderful lakes of Killarney

A beautiful riding stable outside Killarney.

A drag Queen crosses the bridge in Kilkenny.

Kilkenny castle.

Youghal Co.Cork

This house is near where Walter Raleigh lived.
It is said that when he was demonstrating how to use tobacco a servant threw a bucket of water over him because he thought he was on fire! It is a pity he didn't stick his head into the bucket of water and hold him under until hew saw sense.

Interesting tablet in the church, click on the image to read it.

Boyles toumb

Stained glass window in the church

Old shop front of which there are plenty in Youghal

DeVelera St So narrow, a bit like himself.

Alms houses, 17 something !

There is a depth of wisdom in the expression "Perfect stranger"

Well this implies that when you get to get to know anyone they become far from perfect.
I digress....Perfect strangers tell me that I did not tell you of my travels in Ireland.
Well we went from Dublin to Dingle in Co.Kerry then to Killarney through Cork and down to Youghal. Famous for Boyle of Boyle's law and Sir Walter Raleigh.. then back home through Kilkenny.

You know it is nice to see France or Spain but Ireland is really beautiful at this time of the year, really green and lush.
In foreign lands you would cook in the heat and the insects would eat you alive. I am not just saying that, a home break is great.

Go for it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Legal challange

TTnH Ltd
Legal challenge

In case you do not know the taxi drivers are continuing to battle against the taxi regulators office and the minister of transport.

There is a meeting at the Irish Kennel Club, Cloughran, Swords at 2 pm tomorrow.27 th July

All are welcome

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is 007 in town?

I was just driving past the Point when a boat caught my eye.

Motor-boat : mega-yacht
SKAT 71m 232' 11"ft

Reduced to the absolute essentials, minimalist, masculine, navy-like – these are some of the comments used to describe SKAT by the public.
It is the natural consequence of letting function determine the clarity of shape, which is truly fascinating.
Striking shadows of grey are created, each one of them unique. There are no arbitrary lines.
The long rows of glasshouse-like windows, not seen so far in yacht building, flood her with light in a way that was unthinkable before.

True design should awakens an emotion – either you love it, or you hate it.
As proof thereto, and as the ultimate accolade by its peers, SKAT was awarded the Superyacht Design Award.

Charles Simonyi, a software developer, couldn't’t care less about the world knowing he owns this yacht. In fact, he talks openly about her and is often seen on board, particularly in Europe in the summertime. Just this past season she was spotted in Italy, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. But c’mon, Charles, you of all people should know that if you’re gonna reserve a Web domain for your yacht (MY Skat), you’ve got to include something other than a single page with a single photo!

Y: 2002; B: Lürssen, Germany; N: Builder/Espen Øino Naval Architects; H: Steel; E: 2/2,680-hp MTUs

Well well whose name should pop up ?
As the fortunes of the world’s wealthiest have grown, so, too, have their floating palaces. Twenty years ago a 150-foot boat would have made its owner the envy of the sea- faring set. Now it wouldn’t even get a ranking on the world’s 100 largest yachts list, according to Power & Motor-yacht magazine.

Limited Brands billionaire Leslie Wexner kicked off the yacht wars in 1997 when he launched the 316-foot Limitless, at the time 110 feet longer than any other boat. Since then a competitive sport has emerged in waterlines. To play, you need to spend up to $300 million, and perhaps buy more than one vessel (Russian Roman Abramovich owns three). Rumor has it Larry Ellison ordered his Rising Sun be built a few feet longer than Paul Allen’s Octopus--just to stick it to his Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people ) rival (Ellison’s folks deny this story). “Yachts are the closest a commoner can get to sovereignty,” explains U.S. billionaire Charles Simonyi, who spends six months a year on his 233-foot Skat.

If I had the money I would buy a much bigger boat with a big smiley face on it and room for all my friends!

Silks card club has gone into receivership.
A guy once told me that the sole purpouse of a casino or a lap dancing club is to launder dirty money !
Seems like they must have been honest.

The big wheel is taking shape.

Herzogs house on Bloomfield Ave.

Lennox St area(old Jewish quarter) once known as little Jerusalem.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dunlaoighre festival of world cultures.

This is a must see.
It is on tomorrow as well.
So do as the song says take the 46 A to Dun Laoighre.

Click on the arrow to play >

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Make Your Own Luck.

The boots are ready the dog is resting roll on polling time.

The wheel rises up at the O2..

Antique tram

Remember that road trip?

Too many bags madam?

This Irish guy founded the Argentinian navy

I guess I am lucky guy in many ways, I meet loads of people and I get loads of free advice every day.
I meet Ugly,rude and stupid people.
Then I meet gifted, clever,wise and beautiful people.

I will never become bored because I don't know what is going to happen next.

Through chance I found wisdom in the the teachings of the American Indians, my guide through life has pointed out many things to me through the years we have been together, she is there helping me.
One thing that comes to me constantly is the question of what is of true value?
Thats a Rolls Royce. Wow he has his own aeroplaine !

Is that a Rolex? You must be some awsome guy!.

When Mother Thresa was given an award a Bimbo in my taxi said "How can she get an award? She is so ugly !.. What could you say?

John Schute published a booklet to celebrate the Millennium called Acres of diamonds try this but you can find the full story if you care to look further. The thought is that you are standing in the middle of great wealth if you care to look for it.

Today the taxi in front of me was loading up with a young baby, I was left holding the baby while she dismantled the buggy.
I held the baby close to my body (as you do) and I got that good baby smell. "Wow that brought me back 20 years" I said when I passed the baby back to her. " I could see you knew what you were doing by the way you held her" she said.

Strange to say that moment was worth €50 to me.
Brought me right back to different times.

Though with the slowdown there is not much going on at the taxi ranks.
We have to look further afield.
My wake up call came when my wife was going to get the lad down the road cut my grass...She would be paying him more than I would be making driving the taxi.

"What is the French for cut the grass?"

Mow zee lawn !

So hang loose, paint the sitting room !

We are like fishermen when the fish stocks collapsed.
I sure as hell can't drive for 60 hours to make the money I made 4 years ago by driving 30 hours, so I have to do other things.
I might go back to security, locks,safes,cameras and alarms.
Why not let crime pay me for a change.

I once worked at cash in transit.
I can tell you now I won't be going back there.
Imagine driving a van with €1 million on board?
No thanks.

But to stand in a vault where money is stacked up to the celling is a sight to see.
I am sworn to secrecy about details...But I have seen real money !

You might remember last February I went to the Magicians convention in Blackpool and I took a few photos? 24Th Feb posting.
In one of the photos was the American magician Franz Harari.
Well if you watch the video here you can see him vanish the Blackpool tower.

Well you have to book now if you want to go there again.

If you were in Dublin today you couldn't ever forget the traffic and the rain, Wow it was worse than Bombay.
Remember when the buses were green and the hairdos were high?

Well this is for you.

Just on the radio Karen Carpenter.
It is important to tell people you love them, Karen longed for her Mothers love and it never came to her.
She has such a dramatic voice, I could dance to the Carpenters music today just as I did in the 60s. I guess good music has no "Best before date"