Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day off ? Not me

Scary lady(It turned out she was not quite so scary)

Viva Brazil the Metro paper agents..

Free bike relocation truck.

Wow what do you think of the lady in black?
She has a blue tongue and is very mysterious.
I took a photo of her and she got down from her carriage and gave me a black envelope and a big hug.
Then I asked her what it was all about.
She is protesting about corruption in government and about child abuse. Then I said I had supported John Avers hunger strike (Look at May 29) "Me too" she said. And we were soul mates. "Come with me to the GPO to protest" I declined and I got a lift to the Central Remedial Clinic in Clontarf with a guy from Kuwait we had a great conversation and while he finished his business I had a cup of tea in my house and then brought him back to town. A well educated man from a different cultures it was a voyage of discovery for me.
When I dropped him off a Blond girl waved to me. I looked behind me to see if she was waving at anyone else, no it was me ! and there was the lady in black all in normal clothes with John Ayres beside her. So we chatted and had coffee. A while afterwords a guy joined us who knew Searon from the time they were in Haiti together, he was a chef, then we looked at photos of the disaster, what a mess.
You can go to Facebook: united revolt of 2010
Then I brought John Ayres home and collected my son and his mates and brought them all home.
On My return to the rank I met a lady from New York who is now living in Galway I spoke about how safe New York was and she told me that her son who is now 22 had been offered drugs many times while at school in Galway. But never ever when he was in America. Drugs are everywhere here.
My last fare of the day was a clynical psychologist.
"If you don't stop asking me questions you will have to give me your taxi!"

I am posting a lot more often than I normally do so as to hold on to a few more of my new new visitors.Yes YOU !

We Are Not Human Beings Going Through a Temporary Spiritual Experience;
We Are Spiritual Beings Going Through a Temporary Human Experience!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Job? I'm a.....

Paparatzzi wait for Simon Cowell, one of them is wearing a mask. href="">
Waiting at 7.30 round the block for the immigration office to open around the corner.

Meet Jannmarie Truesdell.. Guess what she does for a living?

Another week over and the weather is still good.
"Good Day Sun Shine" as the Beatles would say.
When the sun shines in this town it is the best place in the world.
Look at this video if you don't believe me.

Can't say there were any great highlights but here are a few snippets.

I got up at 5.00am on Monday and went to the ferry where I got a run even before the Ulysses had docked,a very rare thing that. The guy I picked up was coming back from Liverpool where his Polish girlfriend now works, the way things are he will be going over there himself soon, there is little work here, so I rushed right back to the boat and got a second run to Drumcondra.A black girl whose sister has just had her baby a few weeks early in England. When you book flights in advance it costs more to change the date than the flight cost in the first place. So being a bright thing she took the ferry over and back.We got on to the subject of age.She really looked around 20 or 25 not one year more, she had no wrinkles on her face. She was 38 !
Her boss thought she was around 26 and she described how she explained when she started working there and how old she was when she started...It was really very funny.
"When there is no strong sun black people don't age" So Ireland is the land of youth.

A girl from the train station heading to the airport, not off for a holiday.
She has a construction company there Civil Engineering, building roads etc.
"The work stopped here we had been in business here 15 years, we had Polish staff and rather than loose their skills we re located to Poland and we are flying".

Now that's what I call using your brains.
So I told her about my Polish girl who was being bullied at work.
She had an Irish engineer who was bullying 2 Lithuanian workers, he got a verbal warning then a written warning and then he was sacked, now he is sitting on his backside in Ireland because he wouldn't have manners.
I have said it time and time again.. The people who come into your country to work are the people with ambition and drive. They are keeping this country going.

Another run to the airport was 2 guys flying out one to the UK the other to Monaco.
Monaco has changed a lot he said, loads of Russian mafia and criminals from eastern Europe, you should come back to see for yourself. It was always a strange place.
Harry Houdini spent a lot of time there studying the people and the graveyard where they buried the suicide victims who lost all their money in the casino !
Houdini was a truly remarkable man.

Anyhow it is more profitable to bring the people of the world around Dublin than to go there myself, but if travel broadens the mind I am a very broadminded person..

A happy girl from Georgia, so many Polish people Russians are very confident and stand in a way that shows you that they are really sure of themselves. (Do you know what I mean) I was good to get a fresh opinion on the Russian/Irish point of view as well.

Doctor to the Hospital in Jame's st. talked about the bullying at work thing again.
Problem is that it can be very subtle, and it may just be that the victim might have a persecution complex..That could be true too.

My third run to the airport was a young American couple just finishing their break here, he is off back to the states to study medicine, that's a tough enough gig. plenty of opportunity to make grave errors.

Some people!
Sandymount village to Connelly station, in the back way which landed her on the platform..Done in 11 Min's and for my feat speed in getting there I got the exact fare for my trouble.. I will have to remember all the times I was promised substantial reward only to get screwed at the finish.
One woman was under extreme pressure and we agreed double the fare or the ride for free if I was late when I went my way. the fare was e18 she handed me e20 and said keep the change..She could never have luck.

So "Cash on the dash before we go"

The conference center opened up and they are doing that TV show X Factor there.
Louis Walsh, and co were all there.

Every time I drive through Kilmainham I pass a plumbing supply place and I think of a guy I brought there a few years ago. He was from Persia and had left his country when the Shah was deposed, as did a lot of wealthy people.
Well he told me he had paid 1 million punts in tax and he had to pay another 18,000 and the girl in revenue was calculating the fees and interest payable. He was so angry as they had done nothing to produce this wealth and he reckoned he didn't even owe the million. He was going to borrow the money from a friend..I didn't have enough on me to settle up his debts that day.

And Jannmarie? she is a forensic anthropologist but her first major was in music.
So by your bones she will read your misfortune.
Thanks for the educational experience.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gay Pride

A man looks in wonder as 2 Queens pass by.

Isn't that your ex boyfriend there in that spotted dress?

There are still a few people willing to get married.
A wonderful portrait from
Is that me on the left hand side with the camera?

Well the week of celebrations for the gay community has passed, with a huge parade on Saturday. The theme was Horror, Ghouls etc.It was awesome, hardly a heterosexual in sight..Next year it will be compulsory to be gay.
I will be heading out of town.
I have been in a bad mood all week, someone stole the cherry from my bun (as my Dad would say) I will get myself focused again in a few days.
The weather has been fantastic and the farmers must be delighted with themselves. They are cutting grass for the winter months and conditions could not be better.
But in the City when the sun shines the beautiful girls come out to promenade !
Being Heterosexual I appreciate their beauty.
A colleague of mine remarked that you don't see them when the weather is bad because they are solar powered. Nice one.
She got into the taxi in Rathgar..Where to? East wall, just get me to hell out of here" She spoke of the party about how she came from East wall and they were so posh. I said how Harry Crosbie cane from Shirreff st., and Enyas manager came from East Wall and they are both multi millionaires. "Don't let where you come from stop you getting to where you are going to"".
Se asked me 20 times why I was going this way? but could offer no alternative route. Then the hiccups started, then the laughing hysterical laughing, "You must have had Champagne"I said. "I did.Why do you say that ?" "Girls who were drinking Champagne always laugh."
Then when we were crossing the new Sam Beckett bridge she started bawling and crying.
"Me boyfriend left me after 3 feckin' years he went"

What could I say?

I always carry a camera in the taxi and I think I got a photo of him, when we stop I will show you.
That's him there! in the blue dress I think.

Happy as the days of May she danced off, but not before she gave me a Euro tip.

I often wish I was braver when it comes to languages,I meet a French person for example that I don't try to use my few words, I would l think that if I had a few words in Polish, Spanish, Russian etc would expand my day, make it more fun. But when that French girl from Google got in I was so tongue tied that I didn't even turn on the meter. When I said I had been blinded by her great beauty she said "I wish", but she is pretty.
Google is here in Dublin in case you are looking for it. It is in Barrow St.
Really, loads of bright kids have come to work from all over the world!

Dublin is evolving all the time. I had an Australian girl in the car once who thought Dublin was a small fishing port. Not since 1642 said I.

Friday, June 25, 2010

International taxi party..

Ladies in wating, each waiting for different things.

I an glad I decided to stop and take theese, it was much darker than it looks here, but it was really calm
Well if you took the time to look around last night you would have seen the most beautiful moon. Th clouds had a metallic Gray edge to them. Sometimes when you take time to look at mother nature she takes your breath away.
I was doing my duty working through the night, but you can't find a place to join a rank any more. Still I don't do depression so sod that.
I went for my cuppa and on the way there I saw a guy asleep on the pavement, it was a mild night and he was like the dead as all the people stepped over him.
Later on he was standing by an ATM machine sleeping on his feet.Horses can do this but people can't.
Later on he wandered over to the taxi just as 3 girls came over giggling to themselves..and you know who won! He said his destination."Churchtown" and passed out..
On arrival at the "Bottle Tower" pub I woke him up. He just got out and paid me, even though I just wanted a street..Remember in Chicago when a lady got out of a taxi and froze to death ? The poor taxi driver was blamed for her death.
Well he was obliged to see her safely home.

But reality is stranger than fiction.
The driver was let off, she had been given the wrong coat by the cloakroom attendant. Her fur coat was in the cloakroom with her front door keys in the pocket.
Makes you think. I always turn the car and light up the drive for ladies heading in, I wait until the door opens. Even if they don't tip.

Now I am eating breakfast at 10.00 am listening to Rana FM Kandahar radio from Afghanistan..the music has a really strong beat like Indian music.
We bought an Internet radio a few months ago and when I am doing the dishes at night I listen to Caribbean radio stations...But you can get all those stations on your computer too.
Taxi driving is another way of travelling the world, except the world comes to you.. Good ..Bad ..Sad..and sometimes even Mad.

Here is an example of a bad taxi driver. Just in case you don't know what that is!

Today I met an English Gypsy.
Built like a tank he had Gold teeth, so I suppose he could have been a pirate !

Thanks for all the comments, don't forget to jump into my taxi sometime..OK

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Going the extra mile

The roads are built and I suppose the banks have taken away theese mining tippers, they are huge and very new.

Mini Cooper.

My first fare of the day rode with me all day !
I couldn't get her out of my mind.
(No not that )
A Polish girl, I picked her up on the Clontarf Rd and after I had said my few words she told me how she was being bullied at work, the bullying is so bad that it has,effected her health and now she has heart problems.
I told her to write down what happened, dates and times and who saw it and go to her HR department.
She said that she had done this and her employer did nothing.
I Googled Bullying in the workplace and got lots of information there.I hope it › Employment › Equality in work
I really felt like giving her a hug, it is awful.
She is a really shy gentle girl..Imagine coming here from your family and being bullied so badly that you are ill..Then you have no folks to go home to.

I gave her my phone number and if she rings me I found someone today who are looking for staff..
I just thought I would pitch that now..

I was told a taxi story today which was heard on BBC radio 4 today.
After the tube bombings in London a lady had come to identify the body of her daughter.
After she had done this she wanted to get home to recover from the horror of the event, there was not a taxi in sight and as she searched one pulled up to let out a passenger. She ran up an jumped in. "Sorry love I'm booked "said the driver.

He saw the state of her face and just said, "stay there"

When the driver heard that she had just come from doing he told her to relax and tell him where she lived.
He then drove her to Reading and refused any money.

"I just had to do this for you to let you know that there are still plenty of people in the world who care."

She never forgot his kindness.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back to basics

Badgers in the Natural history museum

Sign on the Cork Waterford border.

A big arrest. The one in the track suit facing the camera is under arrest, the one with her back to the camera is saying "I love you Mary and if you hurt her I'll kill ya.. The one in the white hat is threatening the Garda.
The Garda car came up Eden quay against the traffic, turned into O'Connell St and drove up it against the traffic to do this arrest..I thought at least a hostage situation..He also blocked the Luas in the process.

I am doing so little in the taxi that I might as well sign on to the "Brew" for welfare.
This morning I had to bring my wife to buy a sofa bed, I hate shopping for furniture, but it is in the contract, "Thou shalt shop when asked"

Today I made a connection which I hope will bear fruit.
Fr.Peter McVerry runs a shelter for homeless boys who are on drugs, It is in Sherrard st. beside the new apartment block. Well I loaded up around 8 boxes of cereal that my kids wouldn't eat. Its good but they are picky and won't eat store branded goods.Anyhow there is a homeless boy who frequents the Grafton St. area, he has started on the Heroin now and he is sinking fast, so I gained some strategy about bringing him over to see him. I hope he goes as his days on the streets are numbered for sure. Fr.McVery should be given a few million to help the kids he helps, but he is like a kid with a water pistol trying to stop a forest fire.
Still he is a hero with his efforts, keep up the good work.

Here is one for the guys who are going to buy Toyota Prius hybrid cars when the big change comes next year.The Prius has a very small battery, the reason for this is that it is just needed to keep the computer system going.. The power comes from the big battery under the back seat. Now sticking on Meter, printer and roof light might drain your battery in a short time.You come out in the morning and you have to get the key out to unlock it. Then for the boost, the battery is way down in the boot and the boot release is electronic so you can't open it..I won't go into it but a Polish guy told me where the booster point is.
Pop the bonnet and the fuse box is on the right hand side.
Now do you see that nut with the copper connector coming off it?
That is your positive and your negative is any part of the bodywork.

Now next time turn off your roof light before you go to bed.

The Prius is the best ever car for a taxi. I really get 63 MPG I save e50 per week on fuel from my Avensis 2 Litre.
Timing chain, not a belt.. Don't take a test drive in one unless you have the money to buy it, you won't want to give it back.

Oh I am still thinking of that girl with the faulty Boxter, dirty fuel, faulty thermostat, faulty fan It could be little else.
It is great when you learn about fault finding on cars.

Here is one. You are driving along in your E class Merc, suddenly she dies and will not start again..What could you do?

1 Pop the bonnet
2 leave the drivers door open.
3 disconnect the battery.
4 Say the Lords Prayer.
5 Reconnect the battery.
and away you go !

Why does that work ?
Nothing to do with religion. When you disconnect the battery the system which controls the engine needs time to re set. When you put the battery back on the doors lock themselves so that's why you have the door open.. the Citroen C6 had this problem as well and the proper cure is a new chip !

Every car has its little problems, but very often to guys working in garages its just a job.
Here is a great example of what I mean.
Remember the Citroen 2CV, Diane, and Dolly?
I had a 2CV Van one of only 40 R/H drive ever made.. and it is still on the go 2125 ID is the reg.
Well it had its first service and it wouldn't start and the headlights were dipping to the right, so you couldn't see into the left hand side of the road and you were blinding oncoming traffic. I brought it back twice to no avail.
So I looked around and found a guy from the Lebanon who was an aircraft mechanic at the airport.Contact made I got a shopping list of parts and drove out to his house in Stepaside,
when I got there he had injured his hand (I am getting a deja vous feeling, hope I haven't written this before) So he coached me on how to do a complete service, when it came to the spark plugs the garage had put the wrong plugs in.
With the correct plus she started first time, always without fail..
It had a 2 cylinder air cooled engine and the spark plugs fired together, but the cylinders would only fire every second time as one cylinder was on exhaust stroke each time...a really great car I had a good few of them.
I was looking at a spark plug comparison chart a few years later and what they had done was when they compared the Marcell plug to the Champion one the dropped down a line, they never corrected the error.
The headlight problem?
Take out the bulb and push the bulb tilter the other way and put the bulb back in, as I say garages don't care

Here is something that is like PORN to me, sorry to disapoint the league of decency.

Monday, June 21, 2010

World cup.

Look we are getting a Big Wheel, just like London !!!!!

Theres always one bouncer to spoil your day

The HQ for Brazil the Odion beside the embassy

Remember the Herald AM?
Well many of the boys and girls went on to be paper sellers for the Evening Herald... all from Brazil..

How is the World cup going for you?

I don't like sport much, but I wanted to support a team with a chance so I supported Brazil, Why?
Well the girls are better looking ,that's for sure, but they have style and panache.

So in a moment of weakness I bought 2 Brazil football shirts in Aldi and then gave them to 2 girls free...Well I like to make people happy and I would never pass for a Brazilian myself.
I wonder how things are going in Gort which is the capital of Brazil in Ireland..The town is 1/3 or more Brazilian, one of the best players in the junior team hails from Brazil..I hope to hear that it has once again returned to a harmonious place to live in..There was a bit of friction for a while when the economy took a dive..
I will be taking some time off, I do hope the taxis who remain on duty will be able to cope with the extra work.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fathers day

This is the mother of all cruise ships it brought in thousands of visitors on Friday and Saturday.

Grafton St. This guy is not moving.

World stree performance championships in Merrion Sq

This got published before it was finished.

It is turning out to be a good weekend, but as Iwrite it is 3.00am and I have stopped.
I will have to pace myself better, sleep more during the day when I am working nights.

Today I met a remarkable lady, I had a bit of information for her and I meant to tell her for 6 months or more.
I was coming along the Clontarf sea front and a lady flagged me down, her car had broken down again.
As we were passing a black Porsche she said "Thats it there its a heap of shit" Charming indeed..Still I do understand good mechanics who take real pride in their work are hard to find.
She was going out to Sutton close to the graveyard.
So I decided I would try to find my woman and 20 minutes later I was talking to Philomena Lynott mother of Phil Lynott of Tin Lizzy fame.
She once gave poetry that Phil wrote to a friend of mine, so I gave her the number of the person in question and she is going to rec kindle their old friendship.
The we spoke about Phil and kids and drugs.
Phil died from a drugs mishap, just like our Katie French, didn't mean to die, but...

"I go to his grave every day and clean the tombstone, then I talk to him and if there are fans there I talk to them as well. Before I go I kick the tombstone and tell him that he broke my heart"
She has been out to Wheatfield where she spoke to the druggies and she told them what drugs did for her in killing the wonderful talent that was philo.
I would say I was there for an hour, she will be 80 this year and I look much older than her,she really looks very well.

We both had a great laugh when I said I could see where he got his feisty attitude from.

God bless you Philomena.

I didn't have a camera but there are photos of her on the net.
I hope she gets the poems back.

So I worked on and at 3.20am I was stopped by a Russian girl who wanted me to come back at 4.20 to bring her to the airport, so i figured I should suspend normal work and go for tea and come back.."We are number 40 ant room 4".
I came back and I noticed that she had gone back into was 24, so I checked along the street,there was no no Nr. 40
So at 4.20 I rang the bell on Nr.24 and around 6 girls came crying goodbye and kissing and hugging, it was like a lesbian love fest,I loaded the luggage and waited at the car. The birds were singing their little hearts out.
One girl was Russian and was impressed that I guessed from her accent where she was from ,the other girl was Italian from Milano.
So I aske her what was the house number was 40 came the awnser..Think again 24 is twenty four !
"Still my Russian is much worse than your English. for sure".
Both girls loved Ireland and wanted to come back again soon.
I dropped them off at departures and sped off to meet the boat.

Then there was this woman dancing down the Malahide Rd at 5am. I stopped and she got in and continued dancing! She had bare legs, a short skirt and a blouse, no phone or keys, nothing else.
"Where to?"
"This is Donnycarney"
"Then go left"
We drove to Killester "Where to now?, we are in Killester"
"Turn left, No the other way, and turn again"
This brought us back on to Collins Ave back to where we started.
What you do in situations like this is to drive to a well lit garage forecourt with plenty of video cameras and tell them to get out, being very careful not to assault them. But before I turned the wheel she said "Straight ahead"
This time she was less vague but she was still dancing and looking up at the sky.
Then it all ended as quickly as it started.
"My house"and out she hopped out to get the money, she rang the doorbell and a grumpy chap came out and gave her the money.
"How much?" "Its €8 "so she hands me a €20 "Just give me back €12, I think I might be in a spot of trouble here" She was right on there. Imagine out all night and coming home half dressed, no phone calls and her as high as a kite.

When I made it to the ferry the first 3 cars had sleeping beauties at the wheel.
I was talking to another driver and he had a plan. When the passengers disembarked he ushered them past the sleeping drivers, then one of them woke up, but the leading car had missed 4 fares when one of the other drivers blew his horn and woke up the number one driver. "If you snooze you loose" he said.
Well I believe what you sow you reap. I wouldn't do that and I would hate anyone to do it to me. He did wake up and got off the rank though.
I got a chap from Chester heading for Crumlin. when the meter read 21 he said "That will be 27 right?"
I had to think for a while, what he was doing was converting Pounds Stg to Eure but hr had the difference the wrong way round 21 euro is less than 17 Pounds Stg.
He also gave me a street I didn't know, so I put it into the Sat nav it was a small street off Rafters Rd.I must either get a new Garmin or an update as the new estates of 3 years ago are not on it yet.
But I am waiting for the postal codes to arrive. Did you notice the new street signs starting around Rathfarnham "R167" etc. thats for the postal codes..

Don't forget Gay Pride week.
Or the bicycle race.

So boys and girls its Fathers Day, that greeting card holiday!

I know you kids are thinking of us all the time, still not too lake for a hug though..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Money up front

Micheal Jacksons clothes
Modern house near the KCR
Grangegorman, can you read the date?

Paparazzi,they really are scumbags.

On Monday I was upset, I had lost something of no cash value, but it was something which I had treasured very dearly.
It is often the way, things of great value have no price tag.

So I was cruising around for a fare, headed through Donnybrook and turned off for Ailesbury Rd. As you cross over into that road the traffic from your left has right of way, it is clearly marked. There was a girl on a bicycle in front of me and she went straight through the junction causing a taxi to brake sharply, He blew his horn and threw his hands up to the air. she ignored him.
I crossed over and drove along beside her.
"You don't have right of way there you know"
She pointed at her earphones and said "I can't hear you" and rode on.
So I drove ahead to see if there was a Garda at any of the embassies and I was out of luck, then through the next junction and there was a train coming.2 minutes later she was at the level crossing. There she was adjusting the songs on her Ipod.
I was going to get out and try to confront her, She is young and stupid I thought why bother.
Then the Dart came and the gates lifted up and off we went..But she turned into Park Avenue where she wandered well over to the right hand side of the road. So I blasted the horn and went past her.

I was really angry.

This is not like me to get angry at all.
One doesn't like to come on to people like some kind of a Nazi, but she was some stupid cheeky bitch, with no respect.
I would love ask her to think for s second and to imagine what it might be like to hold someones hand while they were dying, while you at the same time try to get them help.
In the end you know that this happened because they were talking on their phone or were listening to music in the middle of traffic.
She got away with it today, we will see about tomorrow.
Sean O'Connell a neighbour was telling me that a chap in London had been taken to task a few times by the Police for breaking through traffic lights etc.on his bicycle. Well a truck clipped him which landed him under the wheels where he was killed, at the inquest his cycling record was produced. the judge said it was an accident waiting to happen, so be it with her.

I was at the ferry the other where I met a few of the older drivers, Tony came over so I asked him what he meant the last time we had spoken about my old mate. ."Remember Mike Farrell you and him were always talking at Connelly, didn't you hear he was killed a while back"?
Mike Farrell lived in Coalraine St near N.King St.He was 5 ft 6 or so and had a cowboy type beard,
Well he picked up 4 lads going to Wicklow and when he asked for his money they beat him up and a few days later he died..
As Tony said if you saw him you would know him, but I do remember him well.
We come and go in this business like fog, first names I use very seldom, but faces yes I remember them and its a pity that anyone can kill someone for €50 or so.
A long journey its cash up front.
He used to drink in that pub on the r/h side before Benburb St.I often saw him having an early pint as I was heading down to Heuston.

It was a tragedy that could happen to any of us, day or night.

I had a red letter day myself yesterday. My last son is doing his leaving cert and his last morning exam has passed...This means that for the rest of his life I will not have to waken him up, make his breakfast, pack his school bag and bring him to school on time.

You are on your own now son....Make yourself late from now on !

You know FIDDLES in this job do happen, having the meter running before the customers stoops you etc, etc.
One thing I had not understood was explained to Me yesterday..
The concierge approaches, "How much to the airport" you say €25.."OK I will give you €30 and €5 for myself" So now the €25 fare is costing €35!

So what do you do?

It works like this, the customer asks that his taxi fare be included in the hotel bill.."No problem sir, I will pay the taxi and put it on the Hotel bill.

But then to my surprise the concierge said.

"If he asks you what it cost say €50" !!!!

I would tell my staff to get a printed receipt when you get there and tell the driver you will need a proper printed receipt before you start.."Inland Revenue"

I bought a book today that cheered me up "S**t My Father said" by Justin Halpern its very good and with fathers day just around the corner...Need I say more.

On My first driving lesson.

"Right Son First things first. A car has 5 gears,
Whats that smell?
Damn! You farted.
The first thing before that other first thing.


Only a moron does that!"

This weekend in Merrion Sq we have the world champion street performers competition.
So plenty of fun and frolics !

Going to meet an old friend tomorrow. She is a writer and musician from New York, Montreal, and Scotland at present, I have known Nancy Lyon for more than 30 years.
I don't think I will be missed on the rank!

So behave yourselves.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Mr Salmon and his daughter have closed up,barbers are now mostly foreign.

What a beautiful day.

Today is "Blooms day" made famous by James Joyce in Ulysses.

But today Irish people will walk with a spring in their step as the people who were killed on "Bloody Sunday" were finally declared innocent people.
The massacre was a watershed in Irish history.
Things got really bad after that time.
Both sides did awful things, this is going on now in Gaza,Iraq and so many places where wars happen.

Take a moment for piece and Love.

As the bumper sticker said."Arms are for hugging"

Once upon a time I had a very wise man in the taxi who said to me.
"If you have good health and no addictions,its a good start. Then if you can live within your means and have a bit of time off that's the best you can have.
If you have an addiction or bad health you very soon won't have any money and If you have loads of money you have to pay people to mind it, than you have to pay more people to check up on the other people. This causes stress and stress can kill you quicker than a bullet"
The conversation was great and he turned out to Be Chuck Feeney the man behind Atlantic philanthropies.
If you google"the billionaire who wasn't" you will learn more.

Education is the key.

The world is a much better place with people like him.

Now take Adam Clayton of U2 for example he is going to law over missing finances.
His housekeeper, his bank and his accountants over €1.8 million going missing.
Well you know how it is, you can't do everything yourself. He alleges that Carol Hawkins withdrew €600 from his account every morning AND evening for 13 months, yes €1200 a day for 13 months. You would think that he would have noticed that his housekeeper was turning up in a better car than his !
Bono had to take someone to law over a missing HAT a while ago, no ordinary hat, this hat was ICONIC and it went to the high court, where he won and got his hat back. well the girl who "took" it would be ruined as a result, court costs are expensive.

"Bono just buy another hat"

You might remember that Dave Fanning had problems when his housekeeper was cashing his checks over a long period too.


On the trip up and down from Kerry last week I came across a few drivers who were driving badly. Driving in the fast lane was getting to me, some of them we even had to undertake in the inside to get past.What could one do when flashing and the horn did not shift them.

But on 3 occasions I saw drivers texting.

Remember I spoke of this before! Go back to Sept 1 09 to see the video!

Now I saw 3 speed traps, but an unmarked garda car with a video camera would save a few lives. One woman was driving with her elbows on the wheel 10 foot behind a truck and her busy writing away 10 foot gap between them.
I don't think just taking a brief message is any harm but talking away 19 to the dozen, eating a sandwich while drinking coffee while filling the dates in your diary is a tad too much.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Killarney and back

Wait a minute, legs are always in fashion.

Father Mathew in Cork city

Shandons bells in Cork

Roadside monument to young crash victims.
Everywhere there was marks on the road where boy racers were doing doughnuts.
The old shotgun would put a stop to that!

Jaunting car complete with "nappy"

The rock of Cashel.

Marlyn Monroes dress in the "Icons of fashion" display in Newbridge.

Irish racin board.
Naas Newbridge used to be known for soldiers,horses,sheep and cuttlery.

The foal on the hill

A first cousin of mine was buried in Killarney on Saturday. While it is sad when someone departs this life you must look on the positive side.
She took a brain hemorrhage and did not suffer a lingering painful death.
Her husband and herself were strong Christians so passing into Gods hands was no sad affair.

I drove down to Killarney from Dublin on the M8 motorway to Cork city, then branched off at Mallow.There is something strange about that motorway, you don't feel the speed building up I peeped at the clock and found myself doing 180 Kph.,That's 120 Mph in old money,,too fast.
Just after I checked my speed I saw a Garda speed camera checking me too.
You know we have a beautiful country, green lush fields, animals feeding as I drove past.I ask myself why are we not feeding the world?
After the service we had a meal and I departed to head for Dublin, then I had a change of heart and I decided to go via Youghal.
My friend Eddie lives there and though I am in contact by phone I thought as I was passing I would drop in. Eddie has MS and he has been in a wheelchair for a few years now.
He doesn't complain much and after a cup of tea I was going to head off. Then they insisted I stay the night and head off the next day, so we talked till 1.30.

The trip home was great and I decided to stop at the Newbridge factory outlet.

If you are in retail have a look at the showroom haw well it is lit and laid out, it is really good.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Funny days

Seats on the move!

Graffiti..The scars run deep

Bobbys cat on the shredder

Please by my Airtricity..Laura from Brazil who has the most beautiful green eyes.

I have been having the funniest time lately, the exams are on and my wife has turned into a full time teaching machine and the boy is doing good.
I am in charge of the dinners and we are going forward to having my last son through his secondary education.
A funny thing happened the other day. The famous Cathy stopped me! Cathy used to live in Raheny and work for the inland revenue, she is very good looking and a really funny girl.Well she jumped in and I told her all about herself, from what I remembered."How long ago was that?" she said..Imagine 3 years ago and I remembered!
She is a remarkable lady. So at journeys end I took out the camera "Sorry you can't you told me last time I should be a model, so I have signed up to an agency, so I can't allow you take any photos"
So I leaned forward to put the camera back under the seat and she planted a big kiss on my cheek.
"I just did that to see how long it would be before you stopped smiling!" Do you know Cathy I am still smiling.
So with bits of work here and there I carry on.
Frank a mate of mine had to go to hospital today, he had a stroke a few years ago. He is in good form in general, but paralysed down one side is no joke.
He had to go to the Bons a private hospital to see his special est..We drove over to his rooms, Frank went in and 15 Min's later he came out.
e175 for nothing."He just looked at my notes and said 'things are fine I will see you again in 6 months' Why did he have to go in for that?
We had a good laugh going home I have known Frank for more than 30 years.

Paul McCartney is coming at the weekend...I met his crew today!
Also 2 Norwegian chefs who travel the world promoting Norwegian sea food