Sunday, July 07, 2024

RIP Neno Dolmajian

 A sad case where a man from Montreal was beaten up in Dublin has died. 

He was 41 years old.

The Garda are useless, this happened in O'Connell st. right in the middle of Dublin.

I walk from Amiens St to O'Connell to go to the Magic society meeting. I carry a really good baton which slips up my sleeve it is retractable. Druggies, and thugs walk around with no curbs on them .  

But you have to be alert. I never ever saw a Garda there.

Years ago when assaults on taxi drivers became commonplace the Garda were stopping taxis and searching for weapons, which they then took, leaving the driver defenceless.

A couple of weeks ago a taxi driver got a run into the city centre and he tried to rob the driver at journeys end. A big fight followed and he escaped with nothing but leaving his fleece behind, A big call to 112 and they waited 45 minutes until they arrived. They then decided that it would not be worth their time to follow him as too much time had elapsed.

My abiding heartbreak with them is this.

I came up from the river to turn left on to Heuston station. At the lights there was a black min with one of the patients from the hospital which carers for mentally challenged people. As I stood there he put his right hand over  sholder and cupped her right breast. The look of sheer horror that came over her face will be with me until I die.

I went around via Kilmanham jail and into the complex. I didn't see them and I asked about 6 people where the office was, who is in charge? No help from anyone, The local Garda station were no help. I wrote letters to the Garda who told me that unless they saw it themselves there was nothing they could do. "Glad that you are not on the murder squad "was all I could say. I wrote to the Garda commissioner. He was of the opinion that the guy would have to be seen in the act.

Around 2 years ago a residential institution in Palmerstown almost had to be closed owing to rape and abuse of its inmates. 

If it was my guy it is something that could have been stopped sooner.

My son is driving the taxi now and the world is starting to open up for him. You see a hell of a lot from the drivers seat of a cab.

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