Saturday, April 28, 2007

May Day

With the May bank holiday started I thought that I would send you all this photo of Mary,"realt na mara" star of the sea the statue stands at the end of the Bull wall and viewed by the ships as they slip in and out of Dublin port.
The second is a photo of a plaque I found in Grosvenor Sq. Rathmines.
Imagine Rex Ingram was Irish.
Well not the Hitchcock I thought he was (
Well when you speak to people you get to hear things which you don't hear on the radio.

A couple from Romania going to James's st. hospital the other day. After the usual comments she told me a tale which must be the nightmare of any parent. She works in a well known hotel, a few nights ago there was a family with a small boy staying in the hotel.
When I herd the story a few of the exact details got lost.
But they got a call in reception from the boy crying for help, he didn't know where he was.
They traced the call back to room ?? and sent up a porter with a master key.
When he arrived on the floor the little boy was in the corridor without a pajamas bottom.
He was crying and could not remember what happened to him.
There was 2 men who had booked in to a room together at that time, she strongly suspected them.
What will happen next will be a question for the police, my thoughts are with the kid, and his parents.
No matter where you are there is a jackal waiting to pray on the innocent lamb.

The tourists are arriving in their droves as I speak, but the traffic is a complete bags.
M50 Red cow Monday morning traffic stopped for 2 hours.

Had a visit from a childhood friend who now lives in Sydney. He got lost so we had to arrange an alternative meeting place which turned out to be the Foxhunter pub near Lucan.
It is nice to speak to old friends, filled each other in on changes which are happening worldwide.
Tensions in Sydney where Scruffy Murphys pub is in the dock for banning Asians and Arabs.
Strange to say an old Ozzie was telling us about riots in Sydney, race related.

Trust the Irish to start a war!

Sorry folks we have come up with no answers to the worlds problems, but it was cheaper than a UN summit.
After a short while I brought Sam back to the Navan road avoiding all the traffic.
Short cuts bring you all over the place, but we got there without much effort.
Sometimes I wish that you could do a magic calculation to find the quickest route taking in all the situations which are present at that time.

Wouldn't we all love to buy one of those gadgets.!

Thanks for the old childhood photos Sam, guess some of them are 55 years old.
When my mother moved house all the photos which were in a box were lost.
Now its not like they were of any value to anyone else, but ke sera sera!

Made my way home and when I was almost there I was flagged down by a girl with a fantastic tan,going to Cappagh hospital..All the way back over the traffic building up and flowing like treacle.
Turns out she is just back from Sydney..Thats 3 today
The great adventure! Out via Thailand going over and she got the tan in Bali on the way home.
Trouble is she wants to go straight back.
"How can we keep them down on the farm now that they've seen Paree?"

There is no balance of work when you are driving sometimes its busy, then it gets really quiet.
Then you decide to go home and the world and his wife hail you.
I can't drive past work.

On the crime scenr Dutchy Holland the man who allegedly shot Veronica Gueran is in Bellmarsh Prison. Seems he was planning another hit in the UK.
Fatpuss Bradley phoned up the Joe Duffy on radio and joined in the conversation on air, now he was phoning from Portlaoise prison which is supposed to be maximum security.
This caused the minister for justice to go on air the next day to assure the public that dangerous criminals do NOT have access to phones in their cells.
He also advised us that prostitutes were never brought into prison to service the needs of the inmates,makes you wonder what else is not happening.

Bertie Ahern is find it hard to explain how 80,000 stg(correction 30,000) found its way into his then mistresses bank account. Money which he has stated HE NEVER GOT..
Well I reckon there will be a lot of long noses around before the elections are over(Penochio).

Help the nurses. All they want is more pay and a 35 hour week.
If they just sacked all the spin doctors that the government employs and made Bertie appear without make up, I reckon there would be a few bob over to pay them.

Well I have been working but only enough to keep the wolf from the door.
A little in the morning and some more in the afternoon. No point in getting too stressed out with all the beautiful weather we are having at present. There will be more work to be done when it is raining.

I will try this as a link But just in case it won't work here it is again and paste)
Now theres a thing you don't see very often. You see how he won a standing ovation.!

Well I thought that was good till I saw this
If that link don't work look here
And then 10!

Enjoy the May bank holiday its the workers holiday after all.

Workers of the world unite
Man on an oxygen mask. The nurse picks up his chart.
He speaks and she hears him say.
"are my testacles black?"
She puts down the clipboard. Pulls down the beadspread, opens his pajamas.
Lifting his manhood up she says " they look fine to me "
"Nurse that was very interesting, but listen very carefully.

Are my test results back?"

Leave them laughing.

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