Monday, February 18, 2013

Normal Monday.

     St Thresas gardens, now boarded up where my story hit mid stream
     Huge big containers being taken from a ship in Dun Laoighre. I hope they are not Scud Missiles.

He stopped me on Dame St. I'm going on a trip which costs €11 OK.?
A guy in his 40s with long 60s hair. Ok so we will go with that....No meter?.
Up to Dinore avenue my friend then off to the James Joyce bridge.
When we arrived in Cork St the quick call was made. "Be there in 5"
Into St.Thresas gardens to wait while he buys his Heroin.
He is in good form when he gets back into the taxi.
A computer annalist he tells me he is thinking of applying for a taxi license. "Look mate there are 3 times the cars that should be on the road"
But he had a plan....Some plan
When we arrive in Benburb St at the hostel he declares that he only has €7,
I'll go in and get you the rest. Sure enough he goes in and I wait.
But I know this "Wet "hostel. I tell the porter that my hippy friend owes me €4, so he goes into the hostel and drags him out. Then I get paid.

Your life is wasting away fast my Hippy friend

My visitors are all gone away, my oldest boy from London with his girlfriend and my middle lad with his wife and son and my youngest who has landed a job of sorts.
I had a dreadful cold and was coughing like a seal. I am on sterriods and an inhailer I hope I will be better by the weekend when I am off to Blackpool.

All back to normal today the schools and colleges are back and the courts after their mid term break..
I have a bad cough and I was wakened at 5am with a coughing fit.
"Best out of bed and face the day" I headed for the ferry and there was no bus there and people were waiting. So I got this young guy from the Congo going to Killarney via Heston station.. He was well traveled and he was impressed that I know so much about the history of the "Belgium Congo" and how the king of Belgium went in to carve out his Empire killing thousands of people as he went.Rodger Casement tried to nail Leopold the 11 over his actions.
Then I drove around and found a Chinese man going to the Casino in Fitzwilliam Street I was lucky, I even got a Hailo job in Sandymount.
Later at the Westbury I got a man heading to the airport and from there to Turkey.
 He had worked as a taxi driver in Amsterdam and we both agreed that taxi driving educates you in double quick time and then I had another job in from near the airport back to town.
I was kidding them that they had taken their time in deciding to elope together
(They were in their late 60s)
Then a regular pre booked call to Norhwood and back to Clontarf for breakfast.
After breakfast I headed out and the HailO system gave me a really interesting job from the Orthopedic hospital in Clontarf to Sandycove. This man had had a charmed life, he was a ships captain, he went all over the world and when Irish Shipping closed down he went to work in Aer Lingus our national airline.
He sails competitively though he has a broken foot at present.
Just after Sandycove you have Joyces tower and the famous house by Scott the architect. Then Bullock harbor out to Dalkey village and Vico road is where the really wealthy people want to live. It was a bit of a holiday to stop off and buy a Magnum before heading back to the North side where I belong.

I pulled into the old harbor and they have an exhibition of Tom Crean the Antarctic explorer.
A huge hero among people who walk to the Poles.

The weather is really sunny and spring is everywhere.

I was looking at Brazil taxi (Link on R/H side) He was robbed at gunpoint and last week a colleague was shot dead and robbed the previous week.(Google Translate )
What a big price to pay for making such a living.
In the taxi business you are 100% dependent on Lady Luck, may she smile on you every day my friends.

The post published itself before I had written it.
It is more or less complete now.

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