Sunday, November 03, 2013

Missing girl found

    Farmleagh in the Pheonix park..Once a stately Guinness Home

 The Hallowed grounds of Trinity College.

I keep forgetting to mention this so I started this post as I finished the last one.
The Garda last week found themselves baffled when a girl of between 14 and 16 appeared in O'Connell St.
She was very distressed and spoke no English.
Through drawings they learned that she had been trafficked into Ireland and had been sold for sex in a Dublin brothel !  Today they still don't know who she is and they issued a photograph of her to see if any of the public can help solve the mystery.Click here
Today they have traced her as an Australian girl of around 25years old .She was probably so traumatised that she couldn't speak. You know theese are the things of absolute horror stories.
For myself I reported something amiss once and the outcome after all my efforts was that I was told that  there was no "St.John's Road in Sandymount" !!!!!!
Then I was told that there was no house with that number on that street!!!!!!!!!!!!
The brothel owners and sex traffickers have nothing to fear from our boys in blue.

Probably because they are involved themselves by way of bribes, or higher involvement.

On the top left corner of the blog there is a "Search"  button.
Put in "Operation Quest" and you will see why the bad guys will win in Ireland.
I ran that story twice, the first time was 7 years ago. I will bet you if you ring the anti trafficking helpline now you will still get no reply.

On the taxi front I got at least 7 fares on the trot yesterday, each time someone got out,another person jumped in straight away. Perhaps it that new aftershave?
Who knows?

Last 2week it  was the web summit,this week it is the turn of the drug companies to hold a convention in the conference center. Short trips of around of around €10 mostly credit cards though.

Yesterday a truck broke down on Victoria Quay,thats  Guinness near Heuston station and the traffic came to a total standstill for over 2 hours,as luck would have it I managed to make a detour and stay out of trouble.
The chef from Chapter One restaurant had a book launch last night in the Hugh Lane art gallery and my passenger directs cookery programs. There was €10.10 on the clock when I dropped him off, I said €10 (as you do) "A receipt please?" as I handed him the receipt he put a coin into my hand "This is for you"

A 20 cent coin.
A 10 cent tip!

Things must be bad for him !

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