Monday, January 19, 2015

Slow down for Gods sake

Sad times here in Ireland with car crashes.
3 young schoolmates buried in Co.Kildare
And a 3 month baby killed in the back of a car over the weekend.
Not to mention the other deaths over the past 2 weeks.

I am not saying that the accidents could have been avoided but the way people drive talking on their phones and texting is just mad.

It only takes a second for the angel of death to appear.

Did you read in the paper that detection figures for drink driving were down this Christmas...I didn't see any checkpoints.
Did you?
When I was starting to drive I drove my Daddy to a scrap yard to buy a part for his car. Traynors scrapyard where hundreds of cars are processed every month.  Old Mr. Traynor took the time to bring me down to see the wrecks and the damage that a moment of stupidity can cause. Plenty of bent steering wheels, blood, hair and teeth stuck in the dashboard. 
Then we came to a near perfect car.
"This car will be shredded today" he said. 
"No one ever wants to see this car again"

He opened the door of the near perfect car and picked up a knitted bootee from the floor."look at the streak of blood on the roof, he lost control of the car, everyone's life has been wrecked.

I am not showing you this to scare you.
But some day you might decide to take a chance, or you might just remember and pull back"

A couple of years ago I was back there and his grandson showed me a TVR awaiting the same fate.

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