Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Regency shoot out

Last week at the Regency hotel there was  a weigh in for a boxing match.

Crime and the sport of boxing travel hand in hand and once in a while everything comes to the surface.
The video below shows the panic as 2 pistol carrying and 2 AK47 shooters came in and did their business.
I passed the venue a few hours later and picked up two men a woman and a kid, all the buzz was about what happened. The men were tough enough, both boxers and then one got a text.............Next thing he got a video of the shooting.
You could plainly hear a kid shouting "Daddy Daddy help me!"
It was the voice of the child in the back seat of the taxi.
I shouted "Turn that off, Son your daddy was there to protect you all the time. Don't you be a bit afraid."
The dad realized what he had done and said that it gave him a hell of a fright as well.
Their car was in the car park and was locked in and they had to go back to Galway and come back again and collect it later.
Then on Monday another shooting. It seems like bad blood problems need to be worked out.

Crime and boxing often come hand in hand look at Frank Warren the boxing promoter who was shot at one time.

I have had a problem with a porter at the Westbury hotel..
This is the problem.

So what can I say, a car pulls up behind me, he goes up to the porter and gives him something.
The driver approaches me and says"I have a booking but I can't park in front of the hotel, you know"
The next person out to the airport is for him.
This scumbag robber charges between €30 to €50 for an airport job.
Which should cost around €25
If they complain he says "This is a Mercedes, what do you expect?"

If I complain to the "Managers" they will say that it is nothing to do with them.

But the customer remembers that their hotel porter led them to a cab that charged them 50% more than normal.

This could become a bigger problem

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