Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Nether a borrower or a lender be

MC5 SOLD British number plate
Christmas tree in LiffeyValley shopping center

The bane of the motorists freewheelin bikes

So sorry for not keeping up.
Work is picking up and I am slowing down.
I should have taken a few weeks off in Sept October.
God there has been a heavy death toll on the roads over the past few weeks.
My own son who lives in Northern Ireland spun off the road on black ice and wrote off the car.
The children were not in the car at the time and only his pride and his wallet were hurt.
At least he didn't buy another Vauxhall car to replace the one he lost.

I had my brakes done, new discs and pads. Headed down the road only to find that I needed double the distance to stop. Brake pads and new discs need time to bed in.

Workwise things are going strong.
There was a really great girl in the taxi from  the Czech republic,
very stern on the fone she was, giving out like mad.
"I am sorry that person owes me money and I go to get it back."
I told her what my father told me.
"Never lend money to anyone! If they cannot take care of their own money they will loose yours too"
She paused for a minute.
"You have a wise father"

Little things about her told me that she was a hooker with a really big heart.
She got out and after she paid and tipped me €3 and she blew kisses to me from the footpath.
It would be great if her life turned around. She needs a big brother.
I have never had a bad experience from a lady of the night.
If you respect them as normal people and don't judge them they might just surprise you in the best possible way.

Today it is 17*C like summer. Warmer than Spain.

I must start keeping a note book and recall more information next time.

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