Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Baby you can drive my car

Temple bar

College of surgeons

Reading about the taxi drivers in New York lets me see that things are not so bad here at all.
The NY medallion was once valued at over $1million now it would be hard to get half that for a medallion now.
The Yellow Cabs sit in their yards as the drivers who used to hire them now drive for Uber.
The punter is happy as there are more cars available and they come quickly...But not all is that good.

When I took out my taxi license years ago I had to have my past vetted by the police, then I could apply to proceed to have my knowledge tested.
Then I got a PSV permit .
Now to get a license for the car took another few leaps and twists.
Once valued at £90,000 in old money our system changed to make a taxi plate worth £5000
Then you couldn't sell or transfer your taxi plate so things got worse.

But I am sure you don't want to know about that.

So for Uber you drive on your own insurance until someone hops in and Uber takes over the liability.
Or do they?
Google it to find  Uber horror stories..

Even today a British rapist taxi driver who was guilty of murders as well as many rapes was about to be released on PAROLE but after a fuss was locked up again and people in the parole board have resigned instead. It was a close call. He was nearly out. His name was Warboys

So you have to be careful, you yourself know best of all.

A real diamond of a woman stopped me, she had a zimmer frame walker (With wheels), going to Inchacore.
She was a dealer (Not a drug dealer) on the street. Told me about her daughter in Jameses St hospital dying from cancer, 41 years old.
"Its hard to be cheerful, but I have to visit her"
She was a true diamond and when I took out all her stuff she handed me the fair.
"Look son, take this
be lucky.
Buy a lotto ticket"
She gave me €2 extra with a beaming smile.

God bless her and all who belong to her. I hope her daughter dances at her next wedding.
The Dublin people are made of great stuff.

On the other hand I won't be bitter and write about fancy travelers in shiny suits who ask for a €40 receipt for a €35 journey then ask for their €5 change  etc. etc

I wish I could distill the happiness that my customers exude!
That would be awesome.

At this time every year my mind returns to a very rude English couple going to the airport on a Sunday morning at the Conrad Hilton hotel.

This couldn't happen today as technology would not allow it to happen.

So we were on our way and the woman leaned forward.

"Your driving us round ta ouses!, just take us to ta da aiport"

No point in giving her an argument! She knew it all.
I drove with the radio on low while they argued in the back.
They sounded like a cement mixer with gravel in it.. If you know what I mean.?

So at the airport I pulled out the suitcase and with the correct change in my hand I straightened the handle.

"I hope you left enough time for your flight ?"

"Corsre I ave ya fucking moron"

"No! that change on the clocks fucked up my whole day"

"Wats ya takin abaut?"

"The clocks, they went forward last night! Its an hour later now"
It took 3 seconds until his demeanor started to shrivel up.

He had missed his flight....

My God! Such a girl from Brazil with the most beautiful face and smile, a budding film star, or so she told me.
No I won't show you her photo from the dash cam but she was indeed very beautiful.
She was going to the cinema complex on Parnell st and at €15 she stopped me on O'Connell St  she had no more money.
I still brought her thinking of that old Beatles number

"Baby you can drive my car"

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