Monday, July 09, 2018

Sorry about Indapendance day

I have been rushing around like a blue arsed fly
 Or a dog chasing his tail.
Buzzing around and going nowhere.
My public service vehicle licence is due for renewal
I must have a recent car test cert.
Insurance, tax and an income tax clearance cert.
If I decided to buy a rickshaw I would not any of that PLUS
I would not need a meter and charge what I want to get and declare nothing to the revenue.
It makes a fool out of me having to jump through hoops.

So onward and upwards.
Two things almost back to back.
I got a lift back to the city from the airport
A young middle class American couple going to the Shelbourne hotel a 4 star place.
I told them what to see and where to go. I gave them a city map and offered other suggestions
He paid me and had his had out for his 2 euro change

Not long after that a woman going to the Crumlin Childrens hospital got in.
Her grandson was on life support in the hospital 15 years old.
I wont bore you with the details, but when she was getting out she gave me a
5euro tip. I really did not want to take it but I will put it into a collection box.
The poor woman going to say goodbye to her grandson

People are so different for sure

A girl from New York asked me to give her a plug  click here
I promise I will put in a proper link next time

I usually remember the 4 th of July. But it slipped my mind.
You see for us it is just another day,
So her is something to make up for my omission

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