Thursday, November 19, 2020

A spoonfull of medicine

 Often wisdom comes in a throw away remark and it will come back to remind you years later.
The man said 
"If you come across bad doctors you had better meet good lawyers" 
So it came to pass in the paper a while ago when a woman had a baby boy and she felt that there was something wrong with the child, the doctors fobbed her off, so again she insisted on another second opinion.
One nurse mentioned a strange diagnosis, she thought they were telling her that this was what is wrong with the child. 
But no she referred to a mental illness where the parent insists that the child is ill.
So she went home, her regular doctor was on holiday and as soon as he came back she went to see him. He listened to the child's heart and phoned for an ambulance, the child was brought into hospital and straight to a scanning machine and was operated on there and then.
The poor kid had a double hole in the heart and the delay in having the operation would have a bad effect on the outcome of the procedure.
You would love to look at those arrogant faces when they came in front of the medical council. 
Sometimes you cannot see the obvious.
 This is a repeat.
I was not well a good while ago.
If I was counting money or dealing cards I would fumble and drop some. Then when I was walking my left foot would drag once every 4 or 5 steps. The doctor sent me to Beaumount to a neurologist and she asked me 30 questions.
I said that she should have just sent me a form and I could have ticked all the boxes.
No,No, I needed to see you she said.
I will have to refer you to another neurologist this one was costing me more than €200.
So on the appointed day at the appointed time of 10.30 I went to the clinic and waited. 11.30 still no one came or went, then at 12.45 he arrived. 
"Sorry for keeping you I had to stabilize a patient in the Blackrock clinic and the wind was very strong when I was coming back here on my bicycle.
I was raging and when it was my turn to meet him I let fly.
What kind of a person leaves a room full of patients waiting for for 3 hours whlike you ride a bicycle from Blackrock?
I did say I was sorry, he said.
Sorry is pathetic,a phone call to let us know, some people here had no breakfast to get here on time.
I do not like your attitude he said. This is not a job interview so get on with your job.
So he put a probe on my hand and it gave me a minor shock. 
It least you don't have multiple scleroses he said. or mumps said I under my breath.
29 questions later and he told me that I would have to be examined further, pay the girl outside.
My mind was working overtime and when I reached the desk I had a plan.I told her that my health insurance was paying for this. 
Yes she said. You must pay us and they pay you back. 
I didn't bring so much cash with me I said.
So I left and the next day I told a well dressed client in the taxi what had gone on.
"Did any of these learned people ask you what you do for a living?
Taxi driving is as stressful as flying an airplane.
20 decisions a minute, look here, look there.
I will ask you another question.
Did any of these people ask you if you have financial or health worries? NO
How many days a week do you work?
I work every day.
But when did you take a day off?
Around 5 weeks ago I took a day off.
What did you do on your day off ?
When I told him that I painted the living room I said as his yes looked to the sky.
Take 3 weeks off. Listen to music, walk the dog, play golf, cook a special meal.Relax .
No taxi driving.
After 4 days all the symptoms went away.
The arrogant neurologists bill came and I phoned his office I said I was not paying and I would question his ability to practice.
A further bill arrived with a threat from a debt collection agency.
My reply was that as this bill was in dispute and his attitude to his customers left much to be desired.
I told him I would see him in court and a judge might decide the merits of the situation and I hoped that the wind might not make him late for court.
That the last I ever heard of him.

I went to my doctor and said that I was sore all over.
Touch your forehead. Is it sore?
Ok touch you knee. Is that sore as well?
Then press down on you wrist 
That is sore as well.
I know what is wrong.. 
You have a broken finger. 
I  went to him suffering from wind
He gave me a kite and told me to enjoy myself 
It always good to know that you should get a second opinion when it comes to your health.
People will be asking you in 2030. 
"Grandad tell me about the big Covit plague" 
So I am still off the road since February I just have to get on with it
painting and fixing things. I phoned a friend of mine the other day who lives in Glasgow. He is a magician and he was telling me that he has had 50 or more shows cancelled between now and the new year.
Say £250 per show X 50. That is one big hit.
As one of the slogans goes "We are all in this together"  
I will have to go back to computer school. 
The layout of this template has me distracted. 
No Live clips and no photos.
I know that I can do better.
The stat counter is heading for 1 1/2 million hits now. 
I remember telling my son that it was nearing a million hits. 
He told me that I had changed the stat counter twice already so he reckoned that I must have had around 2 million back then.
Its really interesting to look at the followers by country.One of the trackers could tell me what street in Moscow my follower was watching me from.Big brother is really watching you.
I filmed sparrows feeding from the bird feeder and sent it to a few friends, suddenly something came on to my fone. 
"Would I like that video of the birds on the feeeder set to music?" 
I said yes and it came back with music added, it really is a bit unsettling. 
Someone invisible looking over your shoulder. 

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