Friday, April 09, 2021

No one cared and disaster happened

 Sometimes things are so bad that you don't believe that it could be true, then everyone with responsibility turns away and say 

It was not my job.

So here it is.

A girl called Verphy Kudi who was 18 went off to celebrate her birthday.

She left her 20 month baby alone in the flat and did not return for 6 days.

The baby left without food or water died of starvation!

Before you all go jumping up and down she had been placed in a special needs flat.

No one, her Parents or social services checked on the child.

Why did no one hear the child's cry's?

That was in the Times 4/4/21

Perhaps the mother has a drug problem?

We will know soon when she comes up to the court again in a few days.

A sad sad situation

It just goes to show you that there is a lot of evil around.

I hope I get back to work soon

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