Thursday, July 27, 2023

Off the road

 My PSV licence has lapsed and I must rest up until I get it renewed.

The post below is a hell of a story of how a London cabby drove to Cairo !!!!!!!!!!!11

We lost Sinead O'Connor RIP. A very troubled and strong willed person with a passion for song.

I herd 2 things about her on the radio. During the 90s she went on TV and tore up a portrait of the Pope to the shock and horror of the people. Only then did the general public began to act about the clerical sex abuse towards children.

The other story was how a young waiter lost his wallet with his weeks wages inside. She was with a guy from the press when she found it on the street, a photo was taken and the photo found its way on to the evening papers. When the young lad went to collect the wallet it was empty. He rang the paper and an hour later Sinead arrived at the Garda station demanding all the money stolen by a Garda be returned. All hell broke loose and superintendents arrived.

Long story short the Garda commissioner went to the boys house with a letter of apology and the money..

Her poor son had mental problems and was supposed to be on supervision a few years ago but sadly he took his own life.

God bless them both.

Together again at last.

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