Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The tip like a kick

 So I got a job to the airport with 2 gals from New York. They seemed normal enough except when it came to paying. It was around €25.40. No the payer said. Presenting her credit card. I want to give you a tip. Round it up to......€26.00 a 60 c tip. There is no way to counter this. Did I insult you?

They seemed normal enough, on business expenses. The other put down is to say. No if you are that hard up you can keep it. It cost me more to process the card than the tip was worth.

I loved Cuban music and the Buena Vista social club opened my ears to their magic.So we went there, no kids at the time. If you love vintage cars they have them all over Havana. The second week of the break took us to the Valadero beach resort, really 5 star hotels and great food. Now to get to my tipping problem. There was a girl who cleaned the room and on the Wednesday she said that she would be off when we were going, so could she have her tip now. I really thought it was odd but I gave her around €20, which was a good tip in Cuba. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday she never came back to the room. When we were moving out the leader of the chamber maids arrived and asked me for a tip. Why was our room not cleaned for 4 days? Why were you not doing your job  supervising your staff? Now I have spoken to the manager a few times during our stay and he asked me to report directly to him if I saw anything amiss. Which I will be doing in 10 minutes.

I really did not want her sacked as the Cuban people live in dreadful poverty.  

My wife has been ill for 10 days or so and I have been going over to the Blackrock clinic most days.

You don't know when she will be let out so you have to wait. You would be mad to wait in the grounds so I waited in Cross ave. This avenue has really Wow houses. I walked to the estate agents on the corner and asked him about the house below he really could not tell me more. So I googled it.By the way the house has been extended !!!!!The tragic thing is that the house was built just before the Irish potato famine.

You cannot really see it from the road.

Time to bring in helicopter thing and take a good look 


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