Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Stop me if I'm wrong

In Dublin we for the most part own our own taxis. We can work hours that suit ourselves. Unlike New York whre your shift is Days or Nights. Cars working 24/7. Which is one way of doing the business.
My frend John rang me the other day "How are you doing?" "I have been working on the new fares tonight and when I finish my next job I will have earned e600" John I said"how long have worked to have made so much money?"
It worked out that he had been driving 36 hours non stop! Not for coffee, or a meal. "If I stop working or break my rythem then I would have to stop altogether."
I just told him, if you crash you would only have yourself to blame, If you kill someone its a lot to have on your mind. "her's someone now" Then he hung up. He is ok at present but he is sailing very close to the wind. Bring in techographs! This may explain why I had 2 near oneslast week.
In Italy for example you would be put in prison for doing that and Italy is a country where laws can be curved if not bent (slightly).In Italy it costs e1 to have your meter sealed in Dublin its around e90
Then there was the joke.
Did you ever fall asleep driving the taxi?
No, but Jesus I woke up once or twice driving it.

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  1. heheh here in Eugene we can legally drive 12 hours of any 24. We occasionally drive a few more, if we catch a long run at the end of the shift, or if timecalls require us to stay a little late.