Sunday, May 13, 2007

An honest bob.

Pigs heads on sale in Moore St.
The Ulyssies heading into Dublin port. When launched she was the biggest passenger ferry afloat. Ferry company shamed for paying worker e1 per hour!

Out at the Airport the other day.
After we left the Kesh (the holding area)and arrived up at the pick up area there was a comedian from America first in line. I was next car, but he ignored me so I called up the people behind him to jump in.

Londoners over for the weekend.
They thought he should have gotten into my car as I was first car.
Well I said , he wanted the Merc behind me and that is what he got.
I would not like to know what he will be charged for his trip into town. Probably 300% (at least)more than it should be.The driver of that car is the biggest robber known to man.
He has a brass neck but he gets away with it all the time.
He was once up in court but he tied them up in knots and walked away twice.

The other day I picked up a couple on the Quays going to the Castleknock golf hotel, it overlooks the strawberry beds and is new.
e18.. I like your prices says the girl. What do you mean ?..
We wos charged e28 to come into town..Could you collect us later?
I gave them the number of a radio cab and told them not to step into any other cab.
The driver will have their name when he arrives.
This is how it works. The cabby rips off the customer and drops a few bob to the Porter.Its a worldwide thing.

I told to tell the manager what happened, after all its a reflection on his hotel.

My friend John Ryan told me of one the other day, guy gets in at the Gresham rank.
"Port please."
Listen to this he said. I got a taxi from here yesterday and the guy heads off for the port, then he veers off course. Stop,stop I shouted at him. This is the way. Says he.
I stopped the car and told him to turn around that I work in the port and this is not the way.
Back on course he headed for the port then straight for the port tunnel.
Where the hell are you going now?
This is the way. No its not the ***way.
He reached the toll plaza at the tunnel. No going back now and drove straight through. then up to the roundabout on the M50 then back through the tunnel again.
I gave out stink and directed him to my workplace.
e46 including tolls says he.
Listen mate the fare from O'Connell St to here is e10.
Learn the route and Stop means Stop.
If you want any more money bring the police. I have your roof sign and license number on my phone I will be ringing the regulators office anyhow. So I suggest you do bring the police round to arrest me before I phone them.
He was very annoyed, it was an expensive lesson for the cabby.

Fair enough if a guy knows where he is going you take him where he is going you don't go on a wild goose chase.
New York and Sydney are full of drivers who do not speak English and who have no clue where they are going you could spend a lifetime in transit.
All the scamming that is happening here in Dublin at night beggars belief.
It has become so bad that I would not be surprised to hear of a murder soon, very unsavory characters around in the night time, both as passengers and drivers.

Thought I would give you some 10s of the best for Dublin

Best restaurants.
1 L'Gueleton. 1 Fade St.Beside Hogans French food. 6753708

2 Chapter One.18/19 Parnell Sq. Beside writers muesium. 8732266
Very busy good reports not cheap

3 Cafe Bar Deli 78/79 Grafton St. Bewleys6727720

4 Bang Cafe 11 Merrion Row 6760898
beside Unicorn which is reckoned to be good as well..

5 L'Ecrivan 109 Lr Baggott,6611919
All I can tell you of this place is a blazing row with an Italian opera singer from the Westbury hotel.. going round in circles, says he. Well you have to don't you. So I gave him a euro for himself because he must be very short of money to bother with such things..

6 Roly's Bistro 7 Ballsbridge tce. 6682611
Opposite the US embassy frequented by the well to do.
I picked up a really cool guy there who told me his life story in 20 mins.
The food was great. But as we say in France. I paid for the meal with the skin of my arse. (It was expensive)

7 Eden.Meeting house Sq.Temple Bar
French food. Go to see the IFC and the National Photo Liburary close by.

8 Town Bar& Grill 21 Kildare St 6624800
I have brought this guy to work a few times and there are good reports of the food.
Its across the road from the Shelbournes horseshoe bar. another must see.

9 Fallon & Byrne 11/17 Exchequer St
Deli cum restaurant.

10 Honest to Goodness. Market arcade Georges St.
More of a snackspot I would have thought.

These were the top ten last year in the Dubliner best 100 restaurants.
Pubs offer a good carvery lunch. Go out before and have the early bird menu.

I will also add a few which are not expensive, which I use and know to be good.

Aya Clarendon St 6771544
Japanese food.Sushi,(If you knew sushi like I knew suchi)try the brasdcrumb chicken with lime.

LaCave28 Sth Anne St French food, been good for years. 8794409
Hard to find!
The Trocadero 3 Andrews St, plenty of glass and brass sure to impress 6775545

I wonder if I know 10 good Pubs


  1. Funny you should mention the Sydney taxi fleets lack of english
    There's an old joke about one time the Australian Govt pissed of Bin Laden about something. So in retaliation he withdrew the Sydney taxi fleet

  2. Brilliant comment.
    Seems like Sydney is where the battle lines are being drawn. Scruffy Murphys pub in the middle of it all.
    Keep up the blog!

  3. Anonymous3:50 AM

    I was on business trip in Ireland last week and I have to share with you what happend at the taxi ride from Airport to Dublin. My colleague was busy paying the taxi ride and getting the right receipt and then we went to hotel to arrange things there. After 10 or so minutes somebody taps him on the back and it was the taxi driver asking him, if he checked the money from taxi ride. He checked in his vallet and said that he is probbaly missing 20 euros. And the taxim driver said I also noticed I forgot to return you 20 euros, so here they are. Very nice gesture and it tells a lot about the city of Dublini and its people. I only know that taxi driver was a man in his 50s, and driving silver Mercedes E class.

  4. Anonymous8:43 PM

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