Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ships that pass in the night

(Look you can see the new bridge,Liberty Hall, the Custom House and the Spire)

Thursday saw me waiting for 3 girls to finish their cigarettes before I brought them to their sailing ship the Concordia, thanks to Google I found out more about it.She hails from Canada though there was no Canadian flag flying.

Training sailing ships are a great idea, far better than prisons in helping young people to cooperate and work together. Our very own training ship the Asgard 2 lies off the coast of France. People in the know tell me that she probably hit a container that had fallen off a pasing ship. They fall off ships all the time and float just under the surface of the water where they are invisible to radar or the naked eye.
Not the kind of thing you would expect.

Fair weather to all who sail, I see tropical storms around the Bahamas and in the East Indies too. Seeing as I didnot win the Lotto I will stay at home for another while.
The weekends sporting event ?
Ireland V Italy . Whatever will be will be, the futures not ours to see q.........

Our newest tourest attracion is open for business. The Wax Meusium in Foster place.

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