Friday, October 02, 2009

Turkeys not just for Christmas

A taxi thinks he would become invisable by taking off his roof sign, he wasw jeered all the way down the street.

Qoeues for the second day for part time Christmas jobs, yesterday people queued around the block. All well qualified people too.

At the time of wrting taxis are blocking one lane each way on O'Connell St and the Garda are not letting any other taxis down the street.


  1. Well done for holding up Dublin to rsnsom, its about time the people in power payed attention to the mess in the taxi business in Ireland and the fact is quite simple - taxi drivers have a loud clear voice

  2. Well anonymous, your turn will come one day.
    The day no one will listen and you will be forced to take action rather than lie down.

    We will see how Lisbon will look after you in a few years when Irelands vote is reduced and the big 6 want to push something through.

    Lisbon had little to do with jobs, Europe is in recession too.

    It is not only taxi drivers who have had too much with this gouvernment with their high lifestyles and their low output.

    I will blow my horn to you as you picket the 4 courts, giving you more support than you gave me..