Saturday, December 05, 2009

Friday, Man what a Friday

Deal done Tracy comes back

Worst parking ever top of Abbey St. in the middle of the road !

On the rank at Heuston when she came over,her mobile phone in one hand and a fist full of after 8 chocolates in the other.
"Walkinstown mister then over to Rathgar".
Before we had gone 100 yards she had eaten 6 or 7 chocolates and then she passed out and was sleeping like someone being suffocated, she had her head forwards and air was gasping and whistling all around her throat, when she woke up for a second I asked if she would not be happier letting the seat back,

"No I'm fine, I'm Tracy by the way John"(looking at my ID)
Then she went back to sleep with her head leaning forward....

Some Snow White this one!

Grumpy (me)just turned on the radio and reflected on the way that Life as we know it is like a Brilliant cut diamond, you can turn it a fraction and you can see one thing, a fraction more it can show a new brilliance or an awful flaw..This girl Is a heroin addict, just out from the methadone clinic and off to buy Heroin with money she got from guys who picked her up on the street.
She had been working all night.
Taxi drivers know where working girls hide their money, she had plenty of that, as it turned out.
Arriving in Walkinstown a phone call was made to get instructions as to where the meeting would take place. As we waited she decided to pay me off, then as she took a few €50s I saw her dealer coming in the rear view mirror. I told her he was here and she got out leaving her mobile phone and her handbag in the car.
Back in the car the deal done it was off to Ranelagh...
She slept most of the way there, Terenure cross is very slow, still when we reached Ranelagh I couldn't waken her up again..A few good shakes, a thing I would never do with a normal female (He assaulted me!) She woke up and I said just give me €10, as it had cost €13 more to come from Walkinstown.

This kind of ting often shakes me to the core of my being, she was once a bright person with a future, she was very pretty once too.
But the hardness of her blue eyes was such that they would kill a mother or father..She is someones sister, daughter, lover and perhaps mother...Such a total waste of a life.
Her people and the ones who love her will be so happy when she dies.
The pain she is going through cannot be measured, I am sure everyone is suffering.

As with many people there is much suffering and pain at present.

If she was in a normal state she would have a story to tell about cruelty, abuse, homelessness and another few things which were all out of her control and all these things have brought her to this point in her life.

Such a different person From the Girl from Brazil who was in the car the day before she has a degree in photography, she exbhits her work as art around the world .....Her husband works in Google.
Or the girl I picked up during the week who is getting married over Christmas and off to Mexaico for the honeymoon.

Such is the other side of life.

A really good day and night work wise,plenty of rain, it was just like the old days.

I did get Bray and Stepaside and Lucan which put me ahead of the possie moneywise..

Around 3.30 I picked 4 people heading off to Monkstown,
"Borris you get into the front and direct the driver".
We chatted away and I told him that he really did look like Borris Johnston the Lord mayor of London.. But I am him he insisted, nice enough group of people, when Borris got out and what made me think it was him was that he insisted on shaking hands and he had an old Lndrover with GB plates parked at the house..I did hear that he drove a really old Landrover...the other people who went on to DunLaoighre were from New Zealand, they said he was the real Borris too...So he must be.

Even though I had the camera under the seat I would not like to intrude by taking a photo of him and putting it on the blog..I took a photo of the girl Tracy,but you could hardly recognise her from that distance.

Tracy lived in a street where I dropped my second fare at the start of that day.
A 90 year old lady,London born who will soon be off to spend Christmas with her daughter who lives in London.

My second last fare of the night was couple to the same area, she so drunk she had to be carried in from the car. I brought in her handbag and coat. Their Brazilian Au Pair was so embarrassed to see her mistress in such a state.."My God I never saw anyone as drunk as this in my life". The lady had on Gucci shoes and had a Gucci handbag as well.

I do get the feeling that there is a deep felt feeling of desperation in many people.

Listening to RTE our national radio station would not help your state of mind.

Borris told me something in conversation after I told him about our Samaritans promotion.
"A friend of mine mans the phones for the Samaritans and people who have taken an overdose often ring up just to have someone to talk to as the tablets take effect. Samaritans explain to them that if they tell him where they that they are duty bound to intervene, If they don't tell him where they are they stay on the line until the breathing stops."

Now there is a person who deserves a medal.

I was just correcting the spelling mistakes, on Saturday I picked up a guy who works for the Irish Samaritans and he assured that this happens all the time.

If you have debts or other problems seek help.
Just because you die the problems won't go away.

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