Thursday, December 03, 2009

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Samaritans sticker

This campaign has the support of Samaritans, Aware and Suicide or Survive. All three organizations are delighted to be a part of this initiative.

Since the beginning of 2009 a number of taxi drivers were amongst people who have taken their own lives. The rate of suicide in Ireland has increased by 43% in the first 3 months of 2009*, there are more suicides than road deaths. We want to highlight to the general public and to other drivers that there is help available. Suicide is a choice from which there is no return. If we can help just one person to choose to make that call to any of the three participating organizations then we will have done what we set out to do.

This is a non political initiative by taxi drivers.

What is involved?

We will supply a pack containing 2 door magnets of approx 202×82 to affix to the back doors of taxis. Each will contain an advertisement for Aware and Samaritans. We will also include a pouch entitled ?Life’s little survival kit? from the charity Suicide or Survive. On Monday 30th November we ask that taxi drivers affix a door magnet to each of the rear passenger doors and hang the survival kit from the rear view mirror.

How can I help?

You can pick up a pack from SIPTU Taxi Branch office on Kilmore Road, Artane (above Domino?s Pizza). Packs will also be available from Samaritans, Marlborough Street and Suicide or Survive, Main Street, Arklow.
The cost of each pack is €33 which will go directly to each charity.
Packs will be available for taxi drivers from Wednesday 25th November.

Helpline numbers

Suicide or Survive LoCall 1890 577 577
Aware LoCall 1890 303 302
Samaritans CallSave 1850 60 90 90

*compared to the same period in 2008

Copied from Roys blog (So Lazy)

In the last few years I have lost 4 friends, their children and partners loved them so much and the miss them every day.
Taking your life is never a solution it just passes a much worse problem on to your loved ones.



Well Christmas is here and The Jews and the Muslims are getting ready to celebrate in their own way.
It is a time of year I do not like, I see the junkies the homeless and the unemployed who will never make ends meet, I get a bit depressed about it but I have a good family around me and I have the sense to know that Christmas as we see it now is just one big con job !
I let the pressure wash over me but I know that for very many people this Christmas will be the hardest in living memory for many people.

There is no "bonus" payment this Christmas,people with "safe" jobs are on a 3 day week.Taxi drivers here in Dublin are hitting the wall. It is like a pyramid scheme that has collapsed and all the unlucky ones have been caught with a taxi.

So folks support your taxi drivers, NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE. and have a great holiday
There is a new book out in Australia about taxi drivers go look here


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    John, Thanks. All is well. Denis.

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