Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall, to rise again

Graduates in their gowns take photos.

Making a video om Dame St. Forget it lad,My son is much louder than you.

Clamped !

Gotchya too !

The lighthouse at Howth. How old?

Her it is again, click on it to enlarge the photo.

Time marches on and when it does change happens.

Schools are starting back, trees are turning and life goes on.

My old mate Joe met me the other day.
His grandson who was badly injured in Thyland has been returned to Ireland. He was in Beaumount hospital for a few days, then he was sent to the rehabillition unit in Roachestown Avenue.
His grandson has bad brain damage,plus all the injuries he sustained in his crash.
He will never be the same person again.
Joe wanted to know what kind of a place it was. Well it is heaven and hell together.
It is hell if you keep remembering who you once were and heaven because they will push you to the very limit to make you walk and talk again.
I saw those phisios shouting "One more step, now another, You are great" Then they would support the patient who would be bathed in sweat from the effort.
It is the toughest gigs you could imagine, working there.
Young kids in wheelchairs trying to learn the most basic skills.
The boys and girls who work there are cheerful, they often have to tell parents that they are upsetting their kids by crying, you must smile and be happy.
Many of their patients are from rugby injuries 15 to 20 year olds, the body is not able to take the knocks.Them motorbikes then car accidents then strokes.
My mate Frank went there when he had a stroke and I used to bring him home at weekends when I had a wheelchair taxi.

God help them all it is another world out there.

Another horrific crash near Kallarney on the Mallow rd.
4 Young people killed. 2 brothers and a girl of 15.
One lad survived.
Today the first funeral will take place in Killarney today.
Once again the area is numbed, but how to curb the wild streak which comes with youth is a problem everywhere.

What to do if you find your sterio has been taken

It will be a while before they do that again.


  1. Sad to say but southern drivers tend to have a bad reputation here up north. Due to there strange erratic and often dangerous driving!!

    My scariest moment was just outside Dundalk on a single lane carriage way, we where over taking a lorry when a idiot in a fiesta over took us by driving in the hard shoulder!!

    Had anything been coming the other way we where all dead!
    Love the blog keep up the good work

  2. Yes that was a bad crash in Killarney, makes you think of how lucky you are, I have a 16 yr old son myself, means the world to me he does, I have seen lots of bad driving in my time.

    John, Excellent pictures, its always nice to see the stuff you see, thanks again!

  3. ahhhh, graduates! I'm hoping to be one by the time October rolls around. Great photos! :)

  4. I think the light house in
    Howth is 1890 or in around that anyway has a date carved in stone above the door,I was only there the other day when it was sunny. But its definitly around 200 years old. I was wondering my self as i was walking the pier

  5. Sorry got me maths wrong there ha ha never was very good at counting

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