Sunday, January 29, 2012

Imagine if this was true

Wooden sheep in Smithfield

Pheonix park is 350 years in business

Garry Rhodes restaurant is closed. A hard town to do business in.

Everywhere in this modern world workers are being made redundant and "sub contractors" on a lower wage get their jobs.

A man comes home from work and when he steps from his car he smells gas.
He asked his wife and she says it came an hour ago and she thought it would go away.
So they ring the gas company.
45 minutes later the man from the gas company arrives.
"This is far too big for me, I'll have to call up reenforcements"
So 2 hours later trucks and vans with diggers pull up ito the street.
They had cut off the electricity to the houses as a perecaution, now it was getting late.

The people in the houses had been using candles to get around their houses in the dark.

The lady in the house next door went upstairs to go to bed, with her burning candle in her hand she opened the bedroom door.
The gas had been coming in through ducts and travelled up inside the walls of the house into the room and with the flame from the candle the gas exploded the cavity wall full of gas also exploded blowing the entire front wall out of the house.

She is critical in hospital with 97% of her body burned.

So a safety inspector called to the site of the explosion!

He looks around and calls up the first guy on the scene.

Would this be what is called a first class emergency?

Defenately said the man from the gas company.

The very first thing you must do for a first class emergency is evacuate the entire area.


It is incerdable, but you see no one was in charge.

So you might have a cruise ship worth millions, with thousands of people on board.
The captain decides that he will sail a bit closer to the shore to wave farewell to his pal,7 other people are on the bridge .
Well he has done this before and the local coastguard didn't make much of a fuss at that time.
But now his luck was not in today and he runs on to rocks.

The staff run around like headless chickens and it is said the that the "Abandon ship" was not sounded. Staff even told passingers that "all was OK" and that they could go back to their cabins.
Crew scramlbled past passingers to get into the lifeboats.
The captain "fell" ito a lifeboat by accident while hundreds remained on board.
It was a little hard to believe his story of a fall as he had his 3 laptops and 2 mobile phones with him at the time.

One hell of a lawsuit is on the horizon now.€297million from the Americans who were on board for a start.

One other example I had from a crane driver I had a few years ago at the height of the building boom.
You need to have a driving licence to drive a crane,you have to know your loads and tolerances to lift different weights. For example you can lift 20 tonnes and move it around close to the base of a tower crane. But as you move the same load out along the boom the leverage can pull the whole crane over, wind is another factor.
So he is there minding his own business one day when a foreign lad arrives in the cab of the crane. "The boss sent me up here to learn how to drive the crane"
So my man gos to the back of the crane and removes the fuses, knocks the boom out of gear and climbs down.
He went over to the gaffer and told him he was ringing health and safety to have the site closed down.
Un qualified personell on the crane.
The site was closed until an audit of safety was done, toe boards on scaffolding, safety helmets and boots had to be put on and a promise to behave themselves in future, then they could start work again.

Could you imagine that taxis could be rented from someone from the newspaper, then the person who rents the taxi allows 3 or 4 other people to drive this taxi except no one else is insured to drive except the one who rented the taxi.
The others have no PSV licence, some of them have no licence at all.
This practice is widespread here in Dublin.
People who have no insurance to drive a car,never mind drive a taxi.
People whose past has never been checked out, drivers who have not one clue of where the villages of Dublin are.
One girl told me last night that she was going to Palmerstown and fell asleep, she was coming to Glendalough Co.Wicklow when she woke up. Lucky for her it was her boyfriend was a detective on the phone and he rang her to see if she was OK.

Lucky for her they were able to get a police car out to her home and bring in the driver to test his geography..She didn't know what happned to him.

When the enforcers pull on to the rank at Heuston to inspect the taxis 3 or 4 cars pull off the rank.

My question to the "Enforcers" is this.

Why are the rogue taxis not pulled over?

What is the point of being legal if the illegal drivers are being allowed to ply for trade with complete immunity ?


  1. The enforcers SHOULD pull the taxis that drive away when they do a checkpoint, makes no sense to do this and allow these people just drive away

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