Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Missing person

A Garda got out of a van and approached the long queue of taxis who were waiting at Heuston station. He started giving out flyer's and as he worked his way past me a driver flipped and started giving out.
"Why the hell do you come here now looking for our help? we have been complaining about illegal drivers for years. You refuse to investigate them when you catch one. Now you are wondering if we can find a missing person?"
The Garda was not expecting to meet with this response but he defended himself as best he could.

Still tempers will be rising as you cannot fit the army of taxis that exist in Dublin on to the ranks which were in situ to cope with 2,500 taxis which were in Dublin. The taxi numbers have increased 10 fold where the ranks have increased by 20% on the old number of places.
One driver who gave out to a Garda in German.
Then he translated.
"You are like the Third Reich!
You forced us to put a yellow sticker on our cars !
You believe that it is like the Yellow Star the the Jews were forced to wear, this you believe gives you the right to persecute us !
We will not lie down to such persecution !"

The Garda put away his pen and walked away.

We all have a job to do, I hope she returns home safely, she has been missing since the 20th so things are looking very bad for her.

When you apply for a PSV licence your mobile number and your e mail should be put on a data base.
"Garda message...Port tunnel blocked going North"
All taxi drivers allerted straight away!
Easily done from a computer.
"Serious assault Blackhall Place 22.00 tonight, did anyone see anything? ring 123245"
Easy peasy. After all this is the age of instant communications.

look after yourselves

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  1. Our area is being flooded by taxis because of a relaxation of the laws. You cant tell the legitimate taxis from the unlicensed ones. You use to go by name recognition. Now there are just so many of them.