Monday, May 14, 2012

Crash Bang

This is the workshop of Noel Byrne in Walkinstown. The bay is empty, he is the agent for Metig taxi meters. We are due a review of rates, petrol is going up in price all the time, but business is falling as well.

I had a veryv polite lady in the car who runs her own chauffeur company click here, nice site.
I wish her luck.

Apart from everything else I have hit a bit of a setback !

I was in Crumlin village late on Sunday night when my back seat passenger suddenly opened the back door into traffic !
He struck a passing car and damaged the front wing,took off the mirror, damaged the drivers and passengers door.

"Sorry about that! The wind caught the door"

Now it comes back to MY insurance to pay for the damage to the other car and I must pay for the damage to my own car as well!

Thats a real Bummer that is.

Here is a must do for you all today.
Do it now.
Put the child lock on the door that opens into traffic.
If they are getting out that side at least you can open the door for them.

By the way there is a link on the R/H side of my blog "Save the yellow cab"
It is a radio show that is well worth listening to.
It ties in nicely with the other video.

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