Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weekend AGAIN

The fox who lives in my sons garden in London.

Diner special train journey from Heuston London

Another cruise liner arrives into Dublin

All these short weeks, Bank Holidays.
No wonder the banks are in trouble

The other day I had an enchanted morning, hardly empty for longer than 20 minutes.
Lady luck rode with me all morning, €120 by noon.
I hope she comes to you soon as well.
Without good luck you will make no money.

One pair of Germans gave me an address in Walkinstown which I did not know, but the Garmin sat nav found it.
While we were getting there the woman was on the phone.
She was ringing people "Hello this is **** we are in Dublin today, could we call over to meet you?"
Now, they were selling building materials, doors or windows.
First things first.
There is no demand for building materials at all now.
Builders merchants are going bankrupt by the minute, so you have the added problem that you will loose a lot of money if you advance them credit.

Better to think things through and get all your little ducks in a line before you set off.

I would have brought them to a company I use and have them talk with the lads there for a while.
When they arrived at their destination they told me that they were going to Cork today 254 kilometres, wait 2 hours and back to Dublin airport another 254 Kms.. How much would that cost ?
Off the top of my head I reckoned at €500 for time, fuel, food and tolls and 500+ Kms driving.
The guy said he was thinking of €300.
I told him he would get what he would pay for,
I checked with a few other drivers, it was near enough.
Then again I had contacts in Dublin who would have pointed them in the right direction.

A big nest is built slowly over time with small sticks, taking care as you go.

Oh well !

Then I picked up on East Wall going to Clondalkin, this lady's life is in helter skelter mode, a real roller coaster of emotions.

Sometimes when someone gets a chance to open up the emotions burst out like a tidal wave.
I will not go into details but it is more involved than the plot of a soap opera.

I really do hope that things back to normal son for her.

I went into Liffy Valley to get a hamburger as it was well past breakfast time.
Wow! Pitza hut is closed down, note on the door
"Contact administrator"

Rents in shopping centers are really high,if business dips down you get into trouble very quickly.
Rents in have got an "Upward only" clause.
If a lower rent was negotiated for say 3 years there would be less empty units around.

On the way back into town I got on to the taxi rank at Heuston.
One frequwnt fare is to Crumlin Childrens hospital.
The lady had a very sick child with an enlarged head and she was wearing a mask covering the lower part of her face. I would reckon there was a deformity too shocking to be seen, so she wore the mask to stop people gaping at her.
Her own car had blown a cylender head gasket a few weeks ago and a frend had sold her another car which she was getting today.

I send my best wishes and prayers to them.

It is hard to understand why sick people have to come to Dublin to be examined, they could arrange reagional clinics perhaps

But she did tell me that she went to a hospital in Cork a few weeks ago and it was filthy and run down,like something you would expect in India.

Too many people going round with clip boards counting the number of buttons on the doctors coats instead of doing proper work.

When I went to have coffee today I picked up 2 business men from Argentina,to the airport.
€21.20 so I asked for €21., he handed me €20 and we got out of the taxi while he looked for the other euro.
"Oh I have no coin,only notes"
Using my best Tango step I stood in his way and said that I had change.

He took out his notes and peeled off a €10 and he got €9 back.
That guy haad been staying in the Westbury hotel 4* and not by any means cheap.

The lady with the sick child insisted on a €2 tip much against my wishes.

I thought that this man was the CEO of Google, but its still good.
A lesson about compassion from Google.

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  1. John, there is no way I would drive someone 500Km! It's like getting married to the passenger1!

    Here in DC it's up to the driver to take a long trip like that. We can legally refuse the passenger.

    I hope business is picking up for you guys!