Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bye Bye July

The sand has arrived at Dublin Castle yard they are mixing and compacting the sand and start carving on Monday. It should be ready in a week.
Don't miss it this year!

Gotchya MICE

What a boat and with the Euromillions at €150 + million it could be yours.

Vodka clearly

A Morris Minor van. I am so old that I cn remember them as the norm.

Posative discrimination

I saw a Junkie in a highly excited state with a young 14 year old in tow,
"No he's not gone he's over here, he's got plenty of gear"
She was a very young looking kid.
If I were king bringing a minor or supplying a minor with drugs would be a crime punished by death.

There seems to be a big increase in the supply of heroin lately.
I cannot stop it, so I must let this plague pass over me and keep calm.
No matter how I look at that problem I see no future unless people can start to believe in a future and can have dreams, ambitions and goals to fulfill.

But it tragic and sad to see this disaster unfold before your eyes.

Onward and upwards.

I had a young girl in the taxi last week and when I took the money and gave her the change back she didn't budge. When I told here that we were HERE she said. "You never finished the story you were telling me". So I pulled in and finished it off.
A happy story.
She thanked me and said that she never felt better going to work in her life.

I suppose that is what life is about if you are giving a service.
Just try to give that extra bit of joy and value.

Dublin Port is busy at present. You know with air fares sky high for travel in a moments notice the ship is the way to go.
The cruise ship the Queen Elisabeth is coming in on the 8th I believe.

There is little work for taxis on those cruisers but they do bring thousands of sightseers to the city.

Mice are coming into loads of houses where I live, it must be the damp weather driving them from the gardens. My Sons cat is killing loads of them all the time, you see him strolling past with a mouses tail sticking out of his mouth, off to have a snack!

I would safely say that HailO the black cab app is saving my bacon at present.
Not that I am getting loads of jobs from the system, I am however getting credit card jobs.
There has to be more taxis on the system so that when the public call for a taxi one will be there. If there is low cover then the public will not use it.
A radio company will charge you between €90 to €120 per week for the privilege of using their system. Then they will demand that you give between 20% to 30% discount to customers.
Add to that you will be waiting 2 or 3 weeks for payment.

Getting HailO is a no brainer.
No weekly fee, they take 10% of every job they send you Plus 4% off credit card transactions.
Other companies take 10% for the credit card plus a monthly charge for the credit card machine.

A poor unfortunate Russian guy got into the taxi going to College Green to a solicitor number 16 I think. He was a big lad with a fold up bicycle. When we got to his destination we could not find the office, he added to our difficulties in 2 ways, one he wouldn't give me the firms name so I could call DQ and speak to them and he also refused to walk up the road and look for the number.
In the end I had to go, I still don't know why he wouldn't show me a letter which he must have had in his pocket.
But he had NO English and I had no Russian either.

For those of you who have ever put petrol in your diesel car.

Commercial break.


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