Friday, July 13, 2012

Mid July

My tiny grandsons hand holding my thumb.

What about our Summer, It has to be the governments fault at this stage.
Prayers are being held to bring good weather, lets hope they work.

I brought some people out to the airport to collect a hire car, they said they were going to arrivals, but I knew that the car hire depot is outside the perimeter fence. So I told them to save 3/4 of an hour I would go my way, if I was wrong I would nor restart the meter to bring them to te arrivals area. I was right so I headed back out.
On the way in a car had stopped in the middle of the road, no signals and he was still there when I came back out. I drove up on the footpath and told him to turn on his hazard lights.
He was roaring at his wife "Just stop talking and leave me alone". Then the man from the car hire company came and jumped into the car. He turned the key and straight away I knew what was wrong by the sound of the engine turning over.

What is the last thing you do before you bring a hire car back ?
That's right !
You fill it up with petrol.

Well not if it's a diesel car you don't.

With the amount of starting the clown from the car hire company was giving it it might be a new engine !

If you are filling up and you spot you have put in petrol.€10 worth will do no harm as long as you fill up to the top with diesel.
A diesel nozzle is too big to put into a petrol car, though I know a French lady that did just that, she said she was wondering how it was taking so long to fill up the car.

The difference between Genius and stupidity is that Genius has its limitations, stupidity knows no limits.

The HailO system is taking off, I don't know the numbers but over 600 taxis have signed up and it is the biggest transport app being downloaded at present.

Talking about science, you do know we are having a huge science week?
A huge Science convention is on in Dublin at present.
Irish people have been right at the cutting edge of science for many years, for such a small place we have turned out many giants of discovery.
Ernest Walton who split the atom
To show you how small the world is he is related to my daughter in law.
Then as we cross Broom Bridge in Cabra where William Rowan Hamilton had a eureka moment.

Anyhow thanks to our reduced corporate tax we are hosts to all the Major Internet companies.
I don't have to Google Google I know its in Barrow St.
eBay Blancherdstown, IBM, Intel, Facebook are all here. Intel you betchya.
The problem I have is that if these large multi national companies decides to go somewhere else they will leave a wasteland behind. A bit like the motor manufacturing leaving Detroit.

How apt that I posted an article about human trafficking at the time when 2 travellers have been sent to prison for enslaving homeless men.
Lured in with a promise of £150 a day they were locked up beaten and subjected to many months and years of mal treatment.
I must say a big word of thanks to the British police, it must have taken themh a lot of time watching and gathering evidence.
This kind of thing is so awful that people do not believe it is happening and blind it out of their minds.

It must have been the same when the Nazis started rounding up the Jews.
No one could believe that such evil could exist.

Something to cheer you up for the weekend,

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  1. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Hi John, Weather is very bad in Dublin. This is our so called Summer? It was so cold yesterday that I saw my local public representative, a local member of our government, and due to the cold,he had his hands in his OWN pocket. Makes a change, eh? Regards, Paddy.