Friday, March 15, 2013

Angels wings

the other day I went to Haddington Rd. to a coffee shop which is Argentine.
I wanted to congratulate them on the new Pope .
Well he is from there but the lady she is Mexican. But they are nice people.
What do you know ?
They are both away and the lady in charge is from Venezuela, so I took my coffee and headed for Coolock.
There was a special offer in Aldi.
On the Malahide Rd. before the turn I drained my coffee in one mouthfull and something suddenly got stuck in my throat.
I coughed violently and manged to stop the car.
Getting out I stumbled to the footpath.
Before I passed out the offending thing popped out.
It was a sliver of wood around 1 1/2 inches long.
Just like a fish bone.
It came from the wooden stirrer that so many cafes have now.

I don't know how something so Small can shut down my airwaves,
It was so close that I feel that the breeze I felt on my cheek must have been a passing Angel, perhaps it was her who dislodged it.
You never know the day or the hour .

Thank God I had clean underware


  1. I haven't visited in awhile so I am really glad to hear you survived that cup of coffee!! Drinking coffee can be hazardous to your health!
    Greetings from Texas!

  2. At least you managed to get out of your car.