Saturday, March 09, 2013

The French are here

Everyone needs a HailO 11 jobs taken and 1 missed.
All the jobs I would have missed without the HailO system.

The French are here for rugby, a win for us will be nice.
Lets hope my plan from last time works again.

Yesterday a small plane landed on the main runway with its front wheel not deployed.
The landing was OK as far as it went but it seemed to shut down the place for a few hours
Strange to report that the cargo was RATSfor use in medical experaments.
You would think that we could produce rats here without importing them.

A good landing is when you can walk away from the aeroplane
A great landing is when the plane can be used again.

I had to go to Aldi to get water barrells, it seems like rainwater is the new gold.
So I went straight there.before work.
There was an old guy with a flat tyre and he asked me where the jack should slot in.
I told him, and also advised him to loosten the nuts first and to check that his handbrake was on.
I was lucky I went in then as the last of the barrells were being brought into the store.
They were too big to carry around the store so I went back out to the car with them.

What do you know the jack had collapsed and the car was resting on the wheel.

So I lent him my car jack which was well oiled and he was back in business.
He was a very fit bloke for 70.

Aldi had a few trolley jacks for around €30 and some compressors with jump start which are handy for dodgey mornings.

A few years ago when I was in New York I saw this show on TV

But it is a must to see this one as well.

In general our TV is much better than the US version.
Far too many ads.

Got to go work to be done.

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