Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Happy Birthday dear Prius

           300,000 Kilometers a milestone with no big faults
                I bet he wishes he had chosen a smaller fiddle.
                     Man stands on woman !
A lost photo which is on the notice board in the cafe at the Kesh,
I bet someone would like it back.

Still hanging in there. The weather here is really very bad. One big weather front after another battering us.
At least it will take our minds off the other crap that is going on in the rest of the world.

Rugby was our saviour last weekend.
A guy with a bicycle waved me down on the Clontarf seafront on Sunday.
He was going to Teranure..On the way there he told me why his bike was so special.
He had ridded it from Ireland to Turkey a while back to raise funds for the building of a school in India.
From Turkey he flew to India and did a second leg across India.
Then He arrived at his destination...

When the funds arrived from Ireland he built a school and taught there for a year..

Applause please !!!!!!!

Now he is doing a masters and then he is going to teach for a year in Saudi Arabia to get funds and learn Arabic.
After that he is going to work in the United Nations...

Some people will tell you their life's story while others will hardly give you their destination.

Traffic was mental because of the rugby match, so I was forced to go across traffic rather than go with the flow to get there the quickest route. He panicked at one point as I cut across through Palmerstown sq., but then when we arrived he knew ehrer he was.
I don't know what was wrong but all the traffic going into town was stopped.
So I headed over towards Kimmage and I got a HailO job near to Kimmage Cross road.

Only problem was that I couldn't find the house.

So I rang my passinger..."I'll be out in a minute" I rang her back to get the location of the house but the lady didn't answer.
Often the HailO app can give you the wrong location and I was not featureing on the app eithaer.
So after 10 fruitless no awnser calls I cancelled the job..
A guy who was standing there jumped in and we were on the way when she called me baack..

Why she didn't awnser before is beyond me...

Mostly things woek fine, perhaps I will solve the mystery some day.

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