Thursday, February 27, 2014

Back to work

 Just in case you thought we were all broke. This is the price tag for a TV.Not a car

A statue on the roadside near to Hillsboro. It is to Harry Ferguson the tractor man.
Inventor of the 3 point hitch and much more.

The best thing about going away is coming home again.
It was a good convention. Could you believe I paid £20 for one magic secret.
A card predicted found in a position in another deck deck Click here to see it.
Now there is a mystery and a half for sure !

I am in the process of renewing my taxi PSV licence, getting my tax clearance cert which is also linked to whether you have paid your household tax etc.
They say on the radio that Ireland is one of the easiest place to set up a business in Europe.
Do you know that you need 21 permits to set up a restaurant? and that no 2 permits can be found in the same agency..Red tape has us all buggered.  It is death by a thousand knife cuts, first aid kits, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, Hi Viz vest, torch note book pen.
What will come next? Flares, fog horns and defibrillators.
Where will it all end.

Anyhow on the work front today is a shopping day, so I was off with my list. Picking up people as well, there is no point in wasting fuel.
Coming back from Howth with the fish I picked up Lucy Meagher she is a sculptor have a look at her website here At present she is between studios and has take up a part time job to support herself.
Good luck with the work.
The other day I had a movie director who was doing research in our history, he has the makings of a movie and like a river of tar progress is slow. He had a fantastic speaking voice, it had a great ring to it.
I told him he should move in front of the camera.
A girl today going from Sallymount Ave to Lime St.
I knew both streets well but could not pull up either one in my mind..Sat Nav to the rescue.
Then as I approached Lime St. I explained that I must be becoming senile..Lime St. is engraved on my mind since a Phillopena girl asked me for it once....Then she directed me there.
I said how good her English was. "And sure why wouldn't it be good" she said.
Quick as a flash I said "I know who you are.!you're the Rose of Tralee."
You're right she said, and we got on like a house on fire from then on.
She was working for the tourist board back then. Though she has gone from Dublin now.
Her mother was from the Philippians and her father was Irish, her mother passed away just when she was doing her leaving cert. and instead of cracking up she decided to get the best results possible to make her mother in heaven happy..Which she did with flying colors.
So some people or streets you associate with them you should never forget.

A Radiographer, she could see right through me and a food stylist were also in the car.

Then I went down to the Stenna ferry a bit late, as most people were gone I started off to join the other ferry.
 Then came the cry "Taxi"
A young guy around 25 a traveler came running over pulling on his coat and shirt.
His story was that he had smoked his last joint in Holyhead,then when he walked past the drug sniffer dog he pounced on him resulting in a search down to his underpants.
On the way to Connelly station I got an insight into his wild life,some secrets must stay in the taxi.
But before we reached the train station he had to pop over to buy a bag of weed.

By the way Gene from "Cabs are for kissing"is plugging his book here
He told me that I was the first person to buy it

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