Tuesday, March 04, 2014

My favourate card trick

 Part of the Winter garden complex in Blackpool
 A Samori warrior stands guard.
 Phone boxes in Blackpool,you could imagine the scores of people waiting to ring home in the 60s

            Need a taxi? theres plenty in Dublin
 A bridge under construction. Built from both sides and it is rising.There would be very little tolerance to get this right. I would have started at one side,propped it up until I reached the other end.
The center section bolts into place..No room for error..

OK you saw it preformed, now find out how it is done....Its fantastic!

Just on the best laid plans...
I read in the Sunday Times of last week how a Mr. Tom Bower went to the Barkleys bank to inspect the family jewels  which they had put there for safe keeping. When he opened the box the jewels were gone.
The importance of the jewels was their link to their past as Jewish people on the run from Hitler in 1939. Coming from Prague to London....The jewels were yhe link to their past going back to 1740.
The bank ignored their protests and the manager said that they must have taken the jewels out of the box themselves. To sue the bank would cos to many thousands..Who could win?
But the banks asses would be well covered under the "Terms and conditions"
It would be the basis for a short film about honesty and betrayal. 

It made me think of the old guy here in Dublin who cannot fly. His white Rolls Royce is in a garage and he can't pay for the repairs, He has the cash but it's in a safety deposit box in London and he wants to take a taxi to London and back via the ferry to empty the cash from the box..He is in poor health and cannot fly, but my wife won't let me go on the adventure.
Perhaps she is right.

In London as Christmas approaches there is a fantastic magic convention called Ron's day.
its the International Magic Convention 15,15&16 Nov..Ron McMillans magic shop is is at  89 Clerkenwell Rd. A really interesting area of London. There is a 3D printing shop a few doors down, then on Leather Lane there is a heap of ethnic restaurants and stalls. Further down you have Hatton Garden the home of Jewelry in London.

Here is a clip of some of the action from last year.

On the taxi front I got a HailO job in the morning in to Earlsfort Terrace, and picked up straight away at the Conrad Hilton...An interesting guy from Liverpool.."What do you do for a living yourself?" brought a different awnser from the usual..  He is a poker player, his name is Dan Charlton he gave me his blog address 2+2.bonus.com  I couldn't find it but I did Google him and he came up quite a few times.
In one instance it was a £37,000 win !  Not a bad nights work.

Later I picked up a beautiful lady going to the Hilton in Leeson St. "are you sure it isn't the one in Earlasfort Tce?"  I looked at the address and it was the two trees Hilton AKA the Burlington..
I must say for a brand new hotel that the staff were a bit slow taking in the bags.

My taxi flashed up a  warning yesterday. A big red triangle with ad exclamation mark in the middle of it.. So when my fare was gone I pulled over and checked it out, nothing amiss, a bit low in oil thats all..
So then I drive home and put the Scan Gauge 2 on it
This video is not great but it is great value on Amazon., one time to use it as a diagnostic tool and it is paid for..
Not to mention no wasted day at the garage.

So let us celebrate Spring with some of the beautiful music from Portugal !

On the HailO news front, an e mail below


Hailo All Over Ireland
In 2012 we brought you Dublin. In 2013 we gave you Cork, Galway and Limerick. Today we are delighted to announce that Hailo is now live in 20 new towns and cities! We are officially nationwide!
Your First Taxi is Free!
To celebrate the launch we are offering all first time users of the app ��0 off your first journey booked by card. If you see your town on the map above, just enter your town name, followed by the number 14, into the credits section of the app.
So, for example, if you are stuck in Sligo, enter SLIGO14 for a lift home on us!
Keep the Credits Rolling
You also have the chance to win deadly daily prizes of ��0 credit every day this week for you and a friend. All you have to do is tweet and tell us where you're hailing from and who you're hailing with!
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Happy Hailing!

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